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If you are that human who is head over heels in love and cannot wait to share your new-found happiness with your friends, you need the right captions for announcing a new relationship.

In this blog, I have come up with 85 romantic captions for announcing your relationship. Curious to read them?

Relationship announcement instagram captions


85 Attractive Captions For Announcing A New Relationship

I am super-excited as you are to help you with these cute ways to announce a relationship. Come, let’s get started!


Struck in love


Reinvented to Li(o)ve


Nested for life


Wedding bells!


Going to be musing together for a lifetime!


Joining hands to make our lives grand!


Sitting by the sands, we vow to make our life plans together!


Forever going to dream as a team!


Proud to announce our lifelong love scheme with a beam!


Painting colours to our new love theme, as a team!


With the Sun as our witness, we have decided to make our life fun together!


Beating hearts, forging paths!


Holding hands, we just signed our life plans!


Packed my bags, getting into my life cab, I will not go back!


From cracking exams together, to becoming life pals, our bond is meant to last!


Together we see the road that is going to be our heavenly abode!


Dance, for going forward we will be holding hands!


Oh hello, she did not say no!


Hopping onto the boat, together we float!


Duo gang, about to explore life with a bang!


Looking for an address, to begin our adventure!


She agreed to be my zest; for sure, my life is going to be a fest!


All dressed up to let you know that she got my inner access!


Ok, so let me make some sense, together we plan to build our home fence!


Our love is intense, so we are working on our marriage expenses!


Beautiful Instagram Captions For Relationship Announcement!


The paths for life journey appeared dense, so together we commenced!


Building a lifetime tent, yes, we agreed to share the rent!


She is the prize that attracted my eyes, so together we plan to rise!


Guys, does our pair look appealing to your eyes?


We are planning to grow our life wise, taking each other’s advice!


She agreed to be my friend on whom my life depends on!


Our thoughts blend, so we are going to spend our time together till the end!


Everything started on a date, now we are so sure that we are soulmates!


She is the gate that changed my fate, happy to introduce my soulmate!


Worth the wait, I finally met someone who opened my inner gate!


Feeling elated, to have found someone so great!


Love is in the air, meet my pair!


We are going to share a lifetime of care!


Someone has arrived like a magical air, to vanquish my despair!


Someone is finally here to dry my tears and scare my fears!


It is a surprise to me that I am finally scared of someone’s glare!


Beware, she is my pair!


Hey, there! Found someone who cares!


Experience the feeling of love, you will find a beautiful reason to live!


Her affection is the inception of our beautiful connection!


Pretty in pink, she is the one who is going to ink my life as she thinks!


Am I imagining OR is she really happening to me?


She is such a flatterer, by the way, we are beginning our new life chapter!


Now all that matters to me is her laughter!


She is the key, who has come to save me from the Sea!


Super-Cool Insta Captions For Your Couple Announcement!


Welcome, my life’s momentum!


Let’s welcome someone who has come to fill my life’s well!


Got under her spell, all is finally well 🙂


For her, I fell, Guess she cast a spell, anyway how do we look together, please tell!


My happiness swells, my life propels, someone is here to finally dispel my woes and ensure all is well!


Connected, reflected, now our lives are well-cemented!


From being social, vocal, to accepting my proposal, our bond has grown to become personal!


Said hello, got to know, now going with the life flow!


When love sprouts, you need to shout!


Preparing life route, all set to mount!


Cheer for us aloud, we are going to fly above the clouds!


Love bells, my excitement swells!


She is the Music that has made my life fantastic!


Let the love ooze, we shall cruise!


She is the beautiful fruit, who has come to give my life a boost!


Launching life pursuit, aren’t we cute?


I admire her, while she drives my inner fire!


Finally someone to admire, aspire for, and drive together forever!


Starting to file, our beautiful life!


Thoughts alike, each others’ lifelong respite!


Together we hike, to inquire about life, till we expire!


She is the vibe, who has come to make my life divine!


All appears bright, with a life guide!


Hired to admire her eyes, till I am alive!


Someone to decorate my life finally, come on all, let’s celebrate!


Honey, my life found its company!


Someone to rattle and settle my life battle!


My insides she invades, I still can’t believe she agreed to stay here for many decades!


Life is well-laid, under her beautiful shade!


Boy, together we are going to churn joy!


Time to enjoy our joy!


O man, here is the woman, whose commands I am willing to abide by, for the rest of my life!


Someone has finally come to summon this Simon!


It is July, the sky looks bright, because I said ok to this guy!


Building life hopes, as a duo!



I hope you liked my relationship announcement Instagram captions. Please comment below that one caption that captured your heart the most and also, the one you chose to caption your couple picture! 


Wishing you a lifetime of a joyful relationship!