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Are you a person who loves movies about falling in love unexpectedly? Would you like to enjoy them with your bae?

Here are a bunch of lovable rom coms that I guarantee will make you fall in love with them. Go ahead and check them out!

Best movies with unexpected love stories


13 Adorable Movies About Falling In Love Unexpectedly You Will Love For Sure!

Love need not be in the cards when you are looking for it but what if it happens when you least expect it? Like romance popping out of nowhere?

Yes, you got it right. 

Call it Soul-soothing OR romantic , it is a true bliss watching such rom-com movies with your loved one especially in the comforts of your home. Time to relish some fabulous dose of love in the most beautiful and unexpected forms. 

Here is your LIST 🙂

1) The Wedding Date 
2) Meet Joe Black 
3) Pride & Prejudice (2005)
4) Dan In Real Life 
5) You’ve Got Mail
6) Before Sunrise
7) The Proposal 
8) Dirty Dancing
9) The Wedding Planner
10) One Small Hitch
11) Serendipity
12) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 
13) Me Before You

Now I will elaborate this list; are you ready?

1. Know How Communication Could Get Anyone Across The Ocean Of Love From The Wedding Date Directed By Clare Kilner!

What happens when Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) hires the smart Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulroney) to make her ex-fiance, Jeffrey (Jeremy Sheffiel) jealous in her half-sister Amy’s (Amy Adams) wedding?

In the sequence that follows suit, you will find some amazing chemistry blossoming between Nick and Kat while also leading to some shocking discoveries about Jefferey & Amy.

You will enjoy the whole movie while also learning how opening up in relationships could bring all the good to your life.


2. By Any Means Could Any Human Bond With Death – Watch Meet Joe Black Do That For You, All Thanks To Martin Brest!

Is it possible to fall in love with death?

“Yes”, says Martin Brest, the director of the film, who ropes in Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins), his daughter Susan Parrish (Claire Forlani), & Joe Black (Brad Pitt), who is death disguised as a human being to perform through his play – Sounds Fascinating, isn’t it?

Anyway, you will get to see death (Joe Black) being impressed by Bill & his ideas, as he arrives to take away the latter’s life; but on the condition of Bill guiding him to earth life, Joe lets Bill live for a while and the story progresses.

In between, how do you think Susan could fall for Joe?

Know more by watching this one-of-its-kind love movie that will keep you in rapture till the end! 

3. Pride & Prejudice By Joe Wright Offers You Love From The Depths Of Distaste!

Pride & Prejudice is a film adapted from Jane Austen’s 1813 novel showing love from a different angle altogether!

Mr. & Mrs. Bennet, who are badly yearning to get their five daughters married off to good suitable men, are time & again let down by their daughter Elizabeth who keeps turning down their marriage proposals.

Before we know further, tell me how fond are you of hate-turned love stories on screen?

If you’d love such type stories, you will love Elizabeth Bennet & Darcy ( played by Keira Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen ) who keep locking horns with one another over the course of the movie.

Directed by Joe Wright, the film unfold some intense drama keeping you hooked all along – Ready for some bash?


4. Dan In Real Life Directed By Peter Hedges Is One Of The Best Movies About Falling In Love Unexpectedly!

How would you deal when you learn that your new love interest is none other than your brother’s girlfriend?

In Dan In Real Life, watch Dan Burns(Steve Carell), a widower with three daughters, handle it as he happily gets married to Marie Diamond (Juliette Binoche), who is initially attracted to Dan’s brother, Mitch – A family story with a subtle plot you shouldn’t miss watching!

5. Looking For One Of The Captivating Movies About Falling In Love Unexpectedly – You’ve Got Mail Directed By Nora Ephron That Shows Love Originating In A Rivalry Will Be The Best Choice For You!

When two bookshop owners fear their businesses owing to their stores’ proximity to one another, wouldn’t their relationship turn rivalrous?

Well, that is obvious but what happens when the duo also happen to date anonymously?

Anyway, Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly (roles essayed by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan) have to discover their true identities one fine day, inevitable isn’t it?

Watch this beautiful love story unravel making you fall in love with the characters more and more!


6. Before Sunrise Directed By Richard Linklater Connects Two Souls From Different Parts Of The World!

What happens when two strangers Jesse and Celine (Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy) cross paths with one another on their train journey to Vienna?

Both have different destinations & stories entirely but that one evening they decide to spend with one another is going to change the course of their lives forever. How?

Watch Before Sunrise unfurl to a charming love story culminating in a way that will leave you surprised!

7. The Proposal Directed By Anne Fletcher Is A Display Of Bond That Blooms Out Of A Deal!

Margaret Tete (Sandra Bullock) is forced to convince her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Rodney Reynolds) to marry her just to retain her visa status in the US. 

Yes, even I found it ridiculous!

Anyway what starts as a mere deal to cement their careers in the book publishing industry turns feudal and chaotic but only to vitalise their relationship – One of the movies about falling in love unexpectedly that you will relish for sure!

| DID YOU KNOW? Couples who watched and discussed movies about relationships had lesser chances for divorce – An article in talks about this; for more insights check it out 🙂 |

8. The Wedding Planner, A Love Story That Will Inspire You!

Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez), a wedding planner, is accidentally saved from a speeding vehicle by Steve Edison(Mathew McConaughey), whom she is attracted to instantly.

But what if Edison turns out to be her client’s fiance?

A lady of ethics that she is, Mary gives up her love for Edison even though she is aware of Edison’s love for her – Isn’t that appreciable?

Watch this film spin out beautifully under the direction of Adam Shankman; who knows it could become your favorite off this list!

9. Do You Love Movies About Falling In Love Unexpectedly –  Dirty Dancing Directed By Emile Ardolino Shows A Relationship Blossoming Out Of Nowhere!

A family vacation for Frances Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey) sparks her romance with Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) , one of the dance instructors at the resort where she is put up.

But when her father, Dr.Houseman is against it, how would her love take shape?

Will it survive all the obstacles?

10. One Small Hitch Depicts A Bond That Grows In The Midst Of A High Voltage Drama!

An unexpected encounter in the airport with his childhood friend, Molly Mahoney (Aubrey Dollar) gives Josh Shiffman(Shane McRae) a chance to make up for his non-existent lover before his father, who is fighting the last days of his disease-stricken life.

But what begins as a mere drama becomes serious when Molly truly falls for Josh. How would it work for the duo?

Directed by John Burgess, this is a romantic comedy you should watch for sure!

11. Serendipity By Peter Chelsom Is A Love Tale You Would Have Never Imagined!

Do you believe in chance encounters and fate?

Sara Thomas(Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) feel connected to each other straight away during their first meeting but are actually engaged to two different people.

So they decide it is best to drop their names and contact details in a currency note and novel believing that they will get them back sometime in the future if nature truly favours their union. 

What follows is an interesting trial of searches and romantic dreams – Will Sara and Jonathan find one another?

12. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Coils Two People Working On Their Ridiculous Challenges!

At one end, there is Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) who decides to write an article on “How to lose a guy in 10 Days” for her magazine and there is Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey), an advertising executive who takes on the task of making a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. 

So when both unexpectedly choose one another for their challenges, what will follow?

Directed by Donald Petrie, this is one of the interesting movies about falling in love unexpectedly!

13. Are You Looking For An Emotional Love Story – Me Before You Directed By Thea Sharrock Is The One!

Louisa Clark(Emilia Clark) falls for William Traynor(Sam Claflin), a tetraplegic, whom she tends to after his unexpected road mishap.

But Will has other plans, he doesn’t want to spoil Lou’s life. What is he planning for?

Watch the movie if you are someone who could handle emotions, the film for most would leave you in tears!



How did you like these movie suggestions? Share your thoughts in comments below.

Happy Movie-Dating 🙂