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I know how hard it is to come up with the best poetry books for her. To leave your girl completely impressed.

Don’t worry yet, because this blog is written keeping you in mind. Here, I have come up with some wonderful poetry books to gift your girlfriend.

Love poems for her

Getting Straight To The List, Check Out These 20 Choicest Poetry Books For Her

There you go!

First Comes, “Rumi: The Book Of Love: Poems Of Ecstasy And Longing By Rumi, Translated By Coleman Bank”

Can she be easily swayed by some love overflowing and spiritually inclined verses?

If that be the case, you need to make your girl read this age-old work of Rumi’s poems. They are definitely nuggets of wisdom she will keep getting back to!

A Classic Poetry Adored By Everyone Alike, “The Sonnets By William Shakespeare”

Is she a literature-freak?

Then Shakespeare’s sonnets are what you should be giving your girl. From love to life, the book is galore of revelations she should get her hands on!

Here is, “Bright Star: The Complete Poems And Selected Letters By John Keats”, That Could Leave Her in Tears!

If your girl is someone who prefers reading emotional poems, Keat’s heartfelt letters and poems on love are what you must consider.

It is an amazing rendition from a dying man on the lines of his abundant love for his sweetheart!

It is All Love in “Felicity By Mary Oliver”

What does it mean to love another human?

Present Mary’s Felicity to your girlfriend, she is sure to enjoy it with all her heart!

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Love & Misadventure By Lang Leav” Should Give Your Girl Enough Strength To See Light In Difficulties

How about some verses on intense love and heartbreaks with tinges of hope for her?

Trust me, you can get your girlfriend surprised with this simple enchanting poetry from Lang Leav. 

This One, “Love Poem Collection: The Greatest Love Poems of All Time edited by George Chityil” Is Another Good Choice For a Gift To Your Girlfriend

Do you wish to impress your girl with some powerful love poems?

Here is a historical poetry collection from various renowned authors she will love thoroughly!

Here Is, “Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom For A Better Life by Cleo Wade” , A Poetic Adventure

Would she prefer to be immersed in some powerful , inspiring poetry?

In that case, Cleo Wade is right here to take your girl through one heck of a spiritual ride. 

How About “Love Her Wild by Atticus” ?

Gift your girl this Atticus’s love encompassing poems that she can easily relate with.

If possible read it with her, you guys will start appreciating the little joys that life offers you aplenty! 

Next On The Poetry List Is, “Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur”

A gush of feminine energy, love, travails through life is what Rupi rants in her debut book, Milk and Honey.

Indeed these are the poems your girl will resonate with. So make sure you present her this!

“The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace”, Is Chockablock with Women-Centric Poetry 

Looking for an empowering poetry collection for her?

Then you need to pick this one by Amanda Lovelace that is strewn with simple, relatable poems for women. Cautioning you beforehand,  this book cannot meet your expectations of 20th century writings!

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Make Your Girl Feel Empowered With I Needed A Viking By Alfa”

It’s okay to fall down as long as one is ready to get back up, feeling more powerful and determined.

Such Alfa’s emboldening verses are sure to be a gift worth reading. 

Maybe You Should Check Out “Love Poems to No One: Romantic Poetry by N.R. Hart”

Love is boundless. It cannot have a specific definition, isn’t it?

If your girl is someone who loves to explore love in its infinite ways , here is an inspiring poetry collection you should consider!

“Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers And Feelers By Melody Godfred” is a Slow Ride Your Girl Should Take For Sure

Is your girl lacking the confidence she needs?

In these demanding times, it is important for her to understand, connect, and love herself to face the complex world headon. Trust me, this empowering poetry coming from Melody is sure to leave her changed!

Did you know reading with your girlfriend is a great way to build your relationship?

“When You Ask Me Where I’m Going By Jasmine Kaur” Is A Powerful Poetic Collection For Women

What struggles does an immigrant woman go through raising her little daughter?

Jasmine is here to amaze and empower you with this poetic narration of a tale that is complete with trauma, love, fight, and to finally align with the strength within!

There You Go For Another Collection, “The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur”

This is another feminism magic by Rupi you must give your girl.

As always her play with the words is simple yet effective!

“The Complete Poetry by Maya Angelou”, Should Be A Poetry-Treat For Her

One of the most adored poetesses, Maya Angelou can leave your girl instantly enlightened.

Maya’s poems have an African American touch and they are predominantly about family, womanhood, and relationships. 

Here is another Fabulous Suggestion , “Phenomenal Woman: Four Poems Celebrating Women by Maya Angelou”

This is the most loved collection of poems from Maya Angelou by women.

A power packed short bunch, you should present your girlfriend to boost her morale in a flick!  

Give Your Girl More Power With, “To The Women: Words To Live By Donna Ashworth”

Sometimes all that a woman needs is a bunch of reminders to make her feel worthy and stronger.

This is why you need to give Donna’s poetic verses to your girl. It will rejuvenate her the most when she needs it!

One of The Best Poetry Books For Her, “Healing Is a Gift: Poems for Those Who Need to Grow By Alexandra Vasiliu”

Is your girl struggling to overcome her scars?

Don’t worry, with Alexandra’s poetic might, you could allow your girl to self heal easily!

Ending the List With A Motivating Book To Give Your Girl, “The Sun Will Rise And So Will We By Jennae Cecelia”

Looking for some motivational stuff to give her?

Here are some affirmative verses that could get your girl instantly uplifted and lively like ever!


With this, we are done with the blog. Tell me, how useful are these suggestions and were you able to choose at least one poetry book for your girlfriend?

In case you have some suggestions to add to this list, feel free to put them in the comments below. I would be glad to hear from you!