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Should a mama’s boy change after marriage – Has this question been reckoning your mind for a while now?

As a married woman, I could give you ample reasons why your partner shouldn’t be a mama’s boy after marriage. If you are keen to find out what they are, keep reading!

do you think a mama's boy should change after marriage

Should A Mama’s Boy Change After Marriage – 19 Well-Analysed Facts That Will Clear Your Doubt

Here I have come up with a list of 19 Solid Reasons why your partner shouldn’t be a mama’s boy. Read on and take charge of the situation if he is one!

1. You WILL NOT BE ABLE TO Share Your Concerns About Your MIL With Your Mama’s Boy Husband OPENLY

Say you have differences with your mother in law. 

They could be those clashing ideologies or anything that could impact your peace in the longer run.

In such a case, how would you manage if your partner is a mama’s boy?

How would he even make an effort to listen to your thoughts against his lovable mother?

That said, wouldn’t that factor deteriorate your relationship with your partner and tamper with your marriage eventually?

2. You WILL BE FORCED To Be Aware Of How You Behave With Your MIL When Your Mama’s Boy Husband Is Around

Considering that you have an abundance of differences with your mother in law, how would you deal with her?

Say there comes a situation that would prompt you to start an argument with her, with your partner in the vicinity. 

Do you not think your attitude and actions towards your MIL would offend your partner?

Would that not cause a friction in your relationship with your spouse? 

Now you yourself tell me, should a mama’s boy change after marriage or not?

3. WOULD YOU FEEL HAPPY When Your Partner Compares You With His Mother For Everything?

Say you cook your spouse his favorite pav bhaji (An Indian snack).

After taking a bite, if he says , “It is not like how my mother prepares. You should learn from her”, Wouldn’t you feel upset?

Similarly, if he takes his mother’s name for every small thing, wouldn’t you feel displeased with yourself?

Will that not strain your relationship both with your spouse and his mother?

Should such a situation even be allowed to happen in your life?

4. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL When Your Private Life With Your Partner Gets Disrupted?

Any married woman would expect her spouse to spend some quality time with her.

That said, would you like it if your partner makes his mother accompany you both wherever you go?

Even if it means a vacation or a movie you’d wanted to cherish with your partner, wouldn’t your mother in law’s presence hamper your privacy with your partner?

Eventually, would that not push you into a state of despair and lead your relationship in the wrong direction?

Do you think this would work for your marriage in the longer term?

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5. COULD YOU DIGEST IT If Your Partner Does Not Strive To Make Efforts For You?

Say your partner gets you a saree with his mother’s help.

Or that he does things for you under his mother’s guidance.

Wouldn’t that cause you a pang of dejection considering the level of attention every wife would expect off her spouse?

Does that not mean your spouse does not care to do things on his own for you? 

Do you not think this could cause a stir in your marriage?

So, you tell me now, Should a mama’s boy change after marriage? Yes Or No?

6. WOULD YOU APPRECIATE IT When Your Partner Always Makes His Mother His Priority?

Say you have an important meeting early in the morning and you have asked your spouse to drop you at the office.

Coincidentally, say your mother in law also asks your spouse to drop her at the temple.

In such a case, how would you feel if your partner gives preference to his mother and asks you to go by a cab?

Wouldn’t you feel hurt?

The problem with a mama’s boy is that he would make his mother a priority and everyone else comes later in his list, which includes his wife. 

Tell me, when such is the situation, Wouldn’t that act as a deterrent to your relationship with your partner?

7. WOULD YOU ENCOURAGE IT When Your Partner Always Follows His Mother’s Words No Matter What?

Say you plan to go for a night out with your partner.

But sadly your mother in law is against the idea.

In such a case, being a mama’s boy if your partner acts according to his mother’s instructions, wouldn’t that make you feel disconcerted?

Would that not in turn spoil your relationship with your partner?

8. HOW WOULD THAT FEEL FOR YOU When You Lack Your Personal Space With Your Partner?

Say your spouse goes to his mother once he returns from work

Or that he spends most of his time at home with his mother sharing things he never does with you.

Would that not spoil your personal space with your spouse?

Do you not think it could widen the gap in your marriage life?

Be honest and tell me now – Should a mama’s boy change after marriage or not?

9. DO YOU NOT THINK Your Partner’s Over-Attachment To His Mother Might Make Him Feel Helpless?

Say you go on a vacation with your partner.

In such a case, if your spouse keeps calling his mother every once in a while, would that not spoil your private time with him?

Being a mama’s boy, if he is emotionally disturbed without his mother around, how would you deal with him positively despite your feeling disheartened?

Would that not pose an alarm for your marriage life in the longer run?

should a mama's boy change after marriage

10. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR REACTION When Your Partner Puts you Down For His Mother?

Say you make a mistake or that you go wrong somewhere which your mother in law does not like.

In such a case, how would you feel if your partner insults you or does not hesitate to shout at you just because he thinks his mother is right?

Would you not feel offended or let down by your partner’s actions?

That said, do you not think your relationship could be put under a major threat in such cases?

11. HOW ABOUT YOUR INDEPENDENCE Which Becomes A Question Mark When Your Partner Involves His Mother In Everything?

Say you want to start a career afresh or complete your Phd.

And Of course, for a married woman, her spouse’s moral support would become inevitable. But a mama’s boy would direct you to his mother!

In such a case, if your mother in law is against your initiatives and does not provide you the approval, would that not impact your independence?

Or say that you want to visit your parents. Your spouse makes it harder for you by asking you to gain your mother in law’s approval. Wouldn’t that make things worse for you?

Do you not see how your partner’s over-reliance on his mother could curb your independence?

12. Should a Mama’s Boy Change After Marriage – If He Doesn’t, He Is Never Going To Be Independent Making Things Difficult For You

Say your partner takes his mother’s ideas and approval for every small thing.

How would that make you feel?

Doesn’t that mean your marriage life will be dominated by your mother in law?

As an adult, shouldn’t your partner be sensible enough to do things on his own? 

How would you deal with them all in the longer term?

13. IS IT OKAY For You If You Cannot Be Transparent With Your Partner?

When your spouse remains a mama’s boy even after marriage, how would you be able to discuss your apprehensions with him?

How would you make him understand that his attachment to his mother is disrupting his relationship with you?

Does that not mean you cannot be transparent with your partner?

Would that not push your marriage life into a danger zone?

Now tell me, Should a mama’s boy change after marriage or not?

14. WOULDN’T YOU FEEL BAD When You Cannot Retain Your Own Self Before Your Partner?

Considering that you have ample differences with your mother in law and having no space to share them with your spouse, would that not drive you to change yourself to be a different person before your partner?

Would that not impact you mentally?

How do you think you could let your marriage life strain like this in the longer run?

How do you think you could overcome such complexities?

15. WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR SANITY When Your Marriage Life Revolves Only Around Your MIL?

When right from things like eating to going out with your spouse has your mother in law’s mark in it, would that not affect your sanity and send your marriage life for a toss?

How would you handle such complications in your life?

16. HOW LONG COULD YOU STAND Your Partner Not Giving You The Place You Actually Deserve?

Say your partner expects his mother to cook for him. To choose clothes for him and to take care of his every other necessity.

In such a case, would that not challenge your role in his life?

Wouldn’t that make you feel unsettled and neglected as his wife?

Now tell me, Does it give you the answer to this question – Should a mama’s boy change after marriage or not?

17. WOULDN’T YOUR MARRIAGE LIFE Become Even Miserable When Your Mother in Law is Overpowering?

Say your mother in law is overbearing and she controls her son’s life.

Would that not push your marriage life into a storm?

Does it not mean that things will change between you and your partner?

How would you deal with such mentally-exhausting situations?

18. DO YOU NOT THINK You Will Have More Fights With A Mama’s Boy Husband?

When your partner is a mama’s boy, chances are high that you will feel the heat developing in your relationship considering the differences.

Would that not induce more frustration and fights between you both?

Do you see how negatively it could impact your relationship?

19. WHAT IF Your Partner Believes His Mother More Than You?

Say a huge fight broke out between you and your mother in law.

In such a scenario, even if you are right and blameless, chances are high that your mama’s boy husband will believe his mother more.

To make matters worse, what if your MIL recounts a tweaked and a fake tale to her son?

Would that not disrupt your dignity and make you question your relationship with your spouse?

How would you be able to handle such a messier situation?

is it important that a mama's boy should change after marriage

As you could gather from these 19 points, When your partner remains a mama’s boy even after his wedding, it will pose a huge threat to your relationship with him; Marriage is not a matter of a few days to forego and resist certain things. It is a lifetime process and you cannot afford to miss out the joys and happiness that comes with it. 

That said, shouldn’t your partner and his mother realise the injustice they are subjecting you to? Shouldn’t they make efforts to understand you, who has left your family to be with them for your lifetime? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!