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Are you looking for signs of a jealous husband?

If you have been sensing envy over your husband’s weird behaviour and talks lately, you could confirm it with the indications listed in this blog. Hurry up, what are you waiting for?

Subtle signs your partner is jealous

27 Signs Of A Jealous Husband – A Handy List To Every Wife Out There!

When a relationship as strong as a marriage is tainted with jealousy, how do you think it would take its course through the ebb and flow of life?

Be it the husband or the wife, when affected by jealousy, they would end up tattering their relationship mindlessly.

That is why, if you spot signs of envy in your spouse, you have to take stock of the situation right away.

The more you procrastinate your efforts to clear your relationship issues, the higher are the chances of your relationship meeting a despicable end. So better look out for the following signs of jealousy in your partner and act on priority!

1. Your Partner Doesn’t Like It When You Go Outing With Your Friends

Say you are someone who is sociable and loves to spend time with your friends.

That being the case, do you always face opposition from your spouse when you plan for a movie OR a mall-outing with your friends?

Does his face show blankness or disappointment when you inform him that you are going out with your friends?

Or does he pick a fight with you in such cases?

If yes, it is one of the evident signs of a jealous husband and you have got to work it out!

2. Your Partner Never Allows Others To Do Things For You

Let’s say your partner wants to do everything for you by himself.

He doesn’t like it when your well-wishers and family members do things for you.

Say your brother wishes to buy you a phone but your spouse doesn’t allow him to, just because he wants to get it for you; does it not look a little weird to you?

So whatever he does, he does only keeping you in mind. He never bothers to hurt your close ones through his mindless actions.

Be watchful – This is one of the signs of a jealous husband.

3. Your Partner Questions You A Lot

Let’s say you are a working woman and your work demands you to attend rotational shifts.

Assuming your spouse isn’t in favour of your work timings, he interrogates you every day as you return home from work; as though you have committed a huge mistake. Wouldn’t that piss you off in the long run?

What does this attitude of your spouse speak about if not jealousy?

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4. Your Partner Does Not Like It When You Return Home Late At Night

Considering you have a hectic day at the office and you return home around midnight by office cab.

This irks your spouse and he unreasonably creates a scene in front of your in-laws.

Don’t you think his behaviour is one of the signs of a jealous husband?. 

5. Your Partner Doesn’t Like It When You Don’t Spend Time With Him

Let’s say you are occupied throughout the day with domestic chores and your office work that you don’t have enough time for your spouse.

Frustrated, your partner keeps obstructing your activities and that means he is obviously envious – Don’t worry, that is CUTE jealousy!

6. Your Partner Grows Despondent When Your Male Friend Drops You Home

Say you go on a field-trip with your colleagues.

While returning, one of your male colleagues who lives nearby, drops you at home and this rattles your spouse.

He looks unhappy about it and ignores you. Such an attitude only points out your spouse’s jealousy and you have got to sort this out at any cost!

7. Your Partner Attempts To Prove His Love For You Is The Best In The World

Suppose your father is so close to you that he would dare to even move mountains for you.

So every time your father does something for you, your partner would concurrently compete with him trying to impress you the most.

This behaviour isn’t just a sign of jealousy but also immaturity – How could one even compare the love of a spouse with that of a father’s?

8. Your Partner Is Possessive Of You 

Say you are so fond of your sister that you share all your feelings with her.

Knowing this, if your partner expresses his disapproval and stops you from doing so, he is for sure painted with jealousy.

Of course, it is time for you to confront your partner’s insensitivity, for he should understand the relationship equation you share with your sister.

Also, this article from explains ways to deal with possessiveness in relationships, I am sure that it will help your partner overcome his emotional distress.

Signs your partner has unhealthy jealousy

9. Your Partner Keeps A Tab On Your Whereabouts In An Annoying Way

Consider you are out shopping with your friend; it takes a lot of time due to an unexpected rush in the shop.

Your spouse keeps calling you to check what you are up to, not out of concern but out of anger and doubt. 

Such instances should be taken seriously and handled carefully – Mistrust is a relationship’s foe!

10. Your Partner Wants To Control You According To His Needs

If you are someone who doesn’t like your independence affected by anyone for that matter, then obviously your spouse’s controlling behaviour would only annoy you. 

Say your spouse doesn’t want you to work but you are completely against his ideology.

Still if the former tries to impose his opinions on you, curbing your independence, you are for sure endowed with a jealous partner.

High time you take charge of the situation!

11. Your Partner Doesn’t Like It When You Make Your Own Decisions

When you make decisions on behalf of your husband for the family, it shouldn’t get the latter affected unless and until the situation is critical.

That said, when your spouse sends rock-blocks to your independent decision-making attitude, you are for sure posed with a jealous husband.

This could only get bitter in the long term, so do the needful quickly – Decision-making is not just the man’s job in a relationship!

12. Your Partner Stalks Your Social Media Handles

Does your spouse instantaneously like the posts you create in facebook and instagram?

Does he often comment and keeps a tab on your social media activities?

Beware, this could be a potential threat to your relationship in the long run, if his interference goes overboard. So better watch out for other jealousy factors as well!

13. Your Partner Tries To Unnecessarily Control Your Social Media Behaviour

Assuming you upload a decent display picture in your whatsapp which your spouse finds offending.

If he immediately initiates a scuffle with you like, 

“Why did you keep that picture as your profile picture?”

“You should remove that picture, NOW”,

All these are for sure indicators of jealousy. 

OR if he pointlessly stops you from texting your male friends and sets a lot of restrictions in your social media usage, it evidently shows his envy. 

Such controlling behavior if left unquestioned, could take a huge form in the future. So better wake up and take charge of your life!

14. Your Partner Is TOO Sensitive

Consider you have gone to your mother’s place for a week and you don’t talk to your spouse quite often. Of course, when women go to their maternal home, they obviously free themselves off all their marital responsibilities, isn’t it?

But, if your partner emotionally bursts out after this incident, he is being highly sensitive and jealous.

Don’t encourage such behaviour, it could become a major hurdle to your relationship in the future; Instead make him understand your situation clearly, will you?

15. Your Spouse Doesn’t Like It When You Chat With Your Best Friend For Hours Together

If chatting with your best friend for hours derives your husband’s dissent, it is not a thing to be encouraged.

Don’t you think every woman deserves her space?

Make him understand his immature form of jealousy and drive him to become a better individual!

16. Your Partner Checks On Your Mailbox Every Now And Then

Is your spouse often caught scanning through your private whatsapp messages?

Does he embarrass you with unnecessary questions after going through them?

If yes, it is one of the signs of a jealous husband. Please please please take charge of the situation immediately!

17. Your Partner Never Likes It When You Give Priority To Someone Else Over Him

Let’s say you plan to go out with your mother when your partner says he wants to spend time with you.

As you resist him, he gets pissed off and leaves you.

Such characteristics simply signal envy when done frequently for he should also understand the relationship you share with your mother. 

A mother-daughter relationship is always special; it needs to be nurtured and respected by every daughter’s husband!

18. Your Partner Cannot Stand It When You Are Impressed By Someone Better Than Him

Say your best friend sends a surprise cake for your anniversary in addition to the one already bought by your spouse.

You seem to be truly impressed by the cake presented by your friend more than the one ordered by your partner.

This irks your husband and that is quite evident from his face.

Don’t you think it is one of the signs of a jealous husband?

19. Your Partner Feels Insecure In His Relationship With You

Does your partner often ask you, “Will you leave me?”

Or does he go to any extent to keep you under his shadow always?

If yes, it is one of the signs of a jealous husband. Watch out for such crucial signs, they could wreak havoc to your relationship in the long run!

20. Your Partner Keeps Checking On Your Male Friends

Does your partner ask information about your male friends every now and then?

Is it more of an interrogation that tests your temperament?

If so, immediately confront him and work on putting an end to his envious attitude.

21. Your Partner Picks Fight With You When You Talk To Your Male Friend

Suppose you are talking to your childhood male best friend after a long time.

This infuriates your spouse that he ends up fighting with you.

Have this in mind, this is one of the important signs of your partner’s jealousy!

22. Your Partner Grows Angry When You Do Something For Someone You Never Did To Him

Suppose you prepare a delicious dinner for your brother when he visits you home.

Knowing this, your spouse argues with you because you have never done it to him before – Obviously his reaction points out his jealousy, don’t you think so?

23. Your Partner Tries To Accompany You Everywhere You Go

Does your spouse often restrain you from going out alone?

Does he try to accompany you wherever you go most of the time?

If yes, it could signal his envy – Better stay careful!

24. Your Spouse Stops You From Doing A Lot Of Things

Do you often face opposition from your husband over a lot of things?

Does he cramp your personal space more often?

If yes, it could signal jealousy and you have to make your stance clear to him!

25. Your Spouse Sports Erratic Behaviour Often

Do you think your spouse is inexpressive of his thoughts most of the time?

Does he remain silent when in fact he should not be?

Or does he often get angry at you for reasons unknown to you?

Remember, this could point out his jealousy. High time you sort this out with him!

26. Your Spouse Tries To Curb Your Aspirations & Career

Say you receive your dream job and you are on cloud nine.

On the contrary, hearing this if your spouse grows unhappy and right away asks you to leave the offer, it could be indicative of his jealousy.

27. Your Spouse Doesn’t Believe You Most Of The Time

It is possible for some of the men to not trust their wives owing to jealousy.

Possibly when you explain why you had returned late from office, he might not buy your reasons.

This is one of the signs of a bad marriage too, so better talk this out with him.

My husband is very jealous and controlling

Remember, jealousy is a weed that could ruin any relationship if allowed to flourish. So, if you ever spot any of these jealousy signs in your husband, better confront him and sort them out at the earliest. 

Also, if you have any thoughts to share on this, please feel free to share them in the comments section below!