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There are umpteen numbers of funny books for couples to read together.

Wit, romance, and humour, 3 overlooked sources of happiness in a relationship could be sought aplenty from some of the funniest books available in the market. Stay tuned as I enlist a good number of them in this blog 🙂

Humorous Books for couples to read together

27 Funny Books For Couples To Read Together Anywhere & Anytime!

In trying times like these especially, with covid-19 readily rattling your peace and joy, do you feel at times, I want to have some light-hearted moments with my partner; but where do I go for some fun-filled punches?”

How about a chilly fun-date with your better-half with books? 

Sounds interesting?

Then quickly, unwind yourself with a good dose of satire and humor in the form of books we have compiled JUST for you; and also to make your life & relationship count for positivity.

When a swift-vacation with your partner is just a book away, why even wait to grab one? 

There you go!

1. One More Thing by Bj Novak is a Great Satire Choice to Binge-Read with your Spouse

Who doesn’t love short-stories laced with wit and out-of-box narratives?

BJ Novak’s book is a collection of 50 such tales, which would just keep you hooked throughout as you get to catch glimpses of heaven, red t-shirts & love, and a lot more bound by collective creativity and rapture.

2. Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened by Allie Brosh is a Treat to Read with your Partner

A compilation of her blogs, Allie Brosh’s book accounts tales of her life, the associated adversities , & her dog that’s struck with depression.

If you would love for some humour with your partner to make your day light, this teenaged girl would take you through rounds of amusement & joy.

3. I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being a Woman by Nora Ephron is a LOL-book for Married Couples

Up for a woman’s account of her life?

Nora Ephron details quite extraordinarily the way she had traced through every stage of her life. With enough wit, she describes motherhood,  women’s career, and especially the tidbits of women’s stress with ageing, & menopause.

Reading this would for sure get you connected, but when done with your partner would totally expose him to a woman’s world with laughter, and a resultant understanding you could have never achieved otherwise.

4. Yes Please! by Amy Poehler is an Awesome Pick to Read with your Partner

Again one related to a woman & her way through life – A juicy mix of friendship, love, parenthood, & career. 

With her wise, witty, & hilarious touches, Amy Poehler shows you how to be tender with testing situations in life; of course the insightful takeaways from the book with fits of laughter, is a plus 🙂

5. Little Victories by Jason Gay is One of the Wise yet Witty Works to Wade through with your Partner

Do you ever show gratitude for all the little things that life gives you?

Being a cancer-survivor himself to a loss of a dear one to cancer has possibly made the author, Jason Gay a learned man & an epitome of gratitude; for with his beautiful revelations on family, children, effects of smart-phone on people, he takes his readers through a wise-ride getting them see even the smallest blessings of life.

Of course, with humor sprayed throughout, the book makes it a must-read for any couple across geographies. 

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6. Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart – A Fabulous & Perfect book for Couples 🙂

Miranda Hart’s talk to her 18-year old self in a chucklesome way elucidates the kind of amusements one goes through in life.

What might actually appear solemn on a practical ground, is after all a cover up, indicating that people are a laughing stock with their own inhibitions & pretentious dispositions, is what the author is trying to unravel through her 300+ pages comical book.

Worth a book to be read with your partner, with lots of relatable stuff & hearty laughs too 🙂

7. Seriously…I’m Kidding by Elle DeGeneres – One of the Best Choice books for Couples to Fight their Monotonous Living!

A walk through her stint as a judge of a tv-show & her journey through life, Elle DeGeneres amazes & amuses her readers with her power-packed punches.

With subtle wisdom as an add-on, the lady stand-up comedian rants her way through the book which gives one, refreshing moments to unwind & relax. It would be a good choice for a resort possibly with your partner whenever you guys are tuned into a state of boredom.

By the way, do you know reading together with your partner would keep you both tied together forever?

Ready for a humorous reading-bash then?

8. I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella – One of the best funny books for couples to read together!

Looking for an interesting romantic read with your partner?

Sophie Kinsella’s here to entertain you with her fast-moving, love-adorned book, with all the humour she could treat you with. A good read, capable of pulling you out of your stressful-racks instantly.

What funny books I could read with my partner

9. Looking for some Feel-good-dip in the gone-times with your Better-half; then The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson is JUST for you!

Are you a couple who are ever nostalgic of the past tides of time, the era which had greens of innocence unlike the current times with speckles of technological advancements abound?

If yes, Bill could be your new pal as he weaves a tale of his childhood set by his American backdrop in the 1950s. With his subtle hilarity, he aces it all facilitating an awesome read for all his readers; so what more testament are you waiting for? 

Make it your turn to give a fabulous review of the book jointly with your significant-other 🙂

10. How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids? by Jance Dunn could be the Best Choice if You guys are planning For Kids 🙂

Are you guys planning for a baby OR facing issues with one another post your child birth?

Of course embracing parenthood is not a simple decision. With it life changes drastically; so does your relationship-equations with your partner.

Don’t worry, either case, this book by Jance Dunn offers you genuine, common problems that come into existence post your child & ways to handle them all wisely & sanely along with the author’s generous touch of humour. 

Trust me, it’s worth a read! 

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11. Marriage Rules!: The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Marriage by Ryan O’Quinn – One Of The Best Funny Books For Couples To Read Together!

Regardless of how many years you are married for, this piece of work by Ryan O’Quinn comes fun-packed with loads of rules for you to cruise through your marriage effectively. Don’t miss reading it 🙂

12. An Awesome Romantic pick is The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare – Go & have some Fun!

There are so many funny books for couples to read together; and this fiction suggestion cannot be rated any less!

Who wouldn’t fall for an exciting story that starts with the bait of a relationship agreement?

Don’t worry, the story of the wounded war-hero, Duke & seamstress, Emma’s forging a bond for a mere-heir, unfolds to a perfect love-tale like you’d never imagined with perfect spots of humor.

Grab hold of the book now & get your partner beside you – I assure you, Tessa Dare is going to take you guys on a great romantic-ride 🙂

13. Feud, by Phyllis Bourne should be the Pick if You are Seeking some Feud-sparking Love & fun!

How about a short romantic & funny ride with Justice & Alex, the two representatives of two families feuding for generations altogether?

This is an engaging rider, where the author keeps you in loop throughout with his first-person narrative. A get-set-go book with your partner, without any doubt 🙂

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14. Josh And Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating By Christina Lauren is a Funny Book to go With your Partner!

Opposites attract is a very well-known adage… right?

This is exactly what the authors Christina Lauren depict with Josh & Hazel, the protagonists of the plot – From a mere encounter in college to forging friendship years later, there blossoms a love story that the two had no idea about.

Of course, Hazel’s eccentricity & Josh’s equanimity makes it a humour package for you to pick the book with your partner & get going on a romantic-sail. Are you game?

15. Can You Keep A Secret? By Sophie Kinsella is a Top-notch Fun & Stomach-Butterfly Generator for Partners 🙂

Have you ever caught yourself blurting out your little secrets out of panic to any stranger on a flight?

Well, exercising caution has to be taught well to Emma Corrigan, the leading character of the book; her dramatic encounter with her yet-to-be-introduced company’s CEO, Jack in an airplane, gets things jigsawed for her when she meets the same man unexpectedly in her office the next day.

What more – A funny embarrassing tale bedecked with romance & laugh-out-loud moments flows beautifully ahead; for Sophie Kinsella like always, sways her readers with her magically crafted work; especially these funny books for couples to read together!

Don’t think; Just GO and pick your copy now!

16. The Hating Game By Sally Thorne, is a Work-place Fun for Couples

This is yet another workplace-bound tale for you written by Sally Thorne.

Lucy and Joshua hate one another completely & try all sorts of plays to get the other into trouble. What seems like utter hatred for one another slowly metamorphoses into romance, a story, though cliched, would beat a chord with many.

With hilarity, you could also experience a punch of awe, so don’t give it a miss. Oh yes, rope in your partner too 🙂

17. Sweet Tea And Sympathy By Molly Harper, is a New form of Fun & Love to Relish 🙂

Margot loses her extravagant event-planning job in the city only to less settle for a temporary job offered by her unintroduced father’s relatives; that is when she gets to know how a frolicking rustic life feels like, her father she had never met, and also the love of her life.

Such a fun read brought about by Molly Harper; why not dabble the book and check for yourself?

18. When Dimple Met Rishi By Sandhya Menon is a Summer-Camp Humour & Love tale 🙂

How about pairing up an independent-minded Dimple and traditional Rishi who go on a date duly arranged by their parents in the grounds of a technical summer camp?

Come and get to experience the hilarious short romantic tale, where opposites don’t rub off without leaving a sparkle 🙂

19. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas is a Special dose for Sci-fi Couples!

Do you and your partner have a penchant for science-fiction alike?

Then this comedy sci-fi book by Douglas Adams would keep you entertained throughout with Arthur Dent and his intergalactic adventures – Ready for an earth-crashing delight?

20. If You are Looking for some Travel-based Fun, Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K Jerome (1889) is the ONE to go With 🙂

Boat rides are peace-inducers for sure, don’t you agree?

How about reading a tale of a boat journey that casts three men & a dog on a leisurely ride, who are trying to actually account the details of the travel but end up pumping in and out your belly with bursts of hilarity?

Do you think it could be an interesting read with your partner? Sorry, but this is no romance, just a chortle-dispenser 🙂

21. Looking for Some Family-drama – Grown Ups by Marian Keyes (2020) could be Your Best 🙂

Ok, so if you’d love to get into some high-voltage family spectacle, this work by Maria Keyes is just for you.

Centered around Johnny , his two brothers, their respective wives, & children, the plot exposes simple yet profound loopholes in a family in everyday living where people never make it a point to find an end to the chaos driving them deeply.

A lengthy yet a funny read – I am sure you would find it a lot relatable 🙂

22. Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie(2004) – One of the Best Romantic & Funny Books EVER 🙂

What if a mere bet played between Minerva and Calvin, the protagonist turns into a super-duper tale of sprouting true-love?

Tune into this facing-away forever to facing over and over romantic tale, led beautifully by the author, Jennifer Cruise 🙂

23. Carry On, Jeeves by P.G.Wodehouse is the Best one if You are Looking for some Humourous misadventures!

If you guys are looking for some sharp fictitious fun around a group of friends, this work by P.G.Wodehouse where, one, Jeeves is jumping in everytime to save his pals from their misadventures, could prove to be completely amazing.

Overall a strip of short stories with no romance but just pure wit & humour – Are you in?

24. In Love & Pajamas: A Collection of Comics about Being Yourself Together by Catana Chetwynd – One Of The Genuine Funny Books For Couples To Read Together!

Being yourself with your better-half is the most beautiful thing in the world – Especially when you are new to the relationship space.

Catana Chetwynd, with her comic, is here to show you how cute life could get with your partner when you are just being yourself even in your sweatpants –  If you are looking for the most relatable & humorous read with your partner, THIS is the one 🙂

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25. Stuck On You by Portia McIntosh is a New Humour in Town to Choose with your Partner!

How about an office romance with a series of guesses, romance, family gatherings, & Christmas celebrations?

Pick this sweet fiction by Portia McIntosh with your partner; you guys would enjoy it for sure 🙂

26. The Plus One Pact by Portia McIntosh: A Hilarious Romantic Comedy you won’t Be able to Put down 

Alert – Another fiction pick from Portia McIntosh!

Going about dating apps, meeting zillions yet not able to find her suitor, Cara bumps into Millsy, our hero, forming a pact to be one anothers’ partner for a limited period to avoid the single-code in family summer gatherings.

What develops as a mere agreement transforms into a cute, romantic & funny relationship for all to cherish – A must-read 🙂

27. Tongue-in-Cheek: The Funny Side of Life by Khyrunnisa A – Some Unputdownable Short Story Collections JUST for Couples 🙂

Want to taste some crunches of everyday living with some fun-powered short stories?

Khyrunnisa A’s book would do well for a stress-buster & heart-out-laughs with your better-half 🙂

So yes, this is it for the list. Just go and pick any of your choices. Of course, don’t forget to post your thoughts & suggestions in the comments section below 🙂

Happy Reading 🙂