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Are you looking for classics to read as a couple? 

Do you find yourself having some undue connection to romantic classics – Don’t worry, I have drawn this blog considering all the novels that could excite you as a couple. Come, let’s check them out!

Classic romance novels for couples

Looking For Classics To Read As A Couple – Here Are 15 Unputdownable Books Worth Your Time!

Classics are books that have stood the test of times, and exist in class even today.

Unlike contemporary novels, they leave a lasting impression on anyone, and since we are discussing couples here, I have carefully picked a select few in terms of romance, humour, racism and all flavours that make them loved the most.

With no further ado, here I am listing them down for your quick reference before I give you a complete idea of the same – Here you go!

1) Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
2) Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare 
3) Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
4) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
5) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
6) The Age of Innocence By Edith Wharton
7) A Room with a View By E. M. Forster
8) Emma By Jane Austen
9) Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
10) Villette by Charlotte Bronte
11) Persuasion by Jane Austen
12) Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore
13) Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer
14) The Princess Bride by William Goldman
15) The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery

1. Americanah By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Is A Classic Love Novel Set In The Grounds Of Discrimination!

How about love in the lands of racism & related struggles?

Read Ifemelu, & Obinze, the teenagers of Nigeria who leave to the US & UK respectively to have their futures saved from the military rule swallowing their home-country.

With racism rampant elsewhere, how would the duo get past their ordeal to reunite in love years later?

A one-in-a-thousand kind of love tale by Chimamanda you guys would prefer if you have an eye for racism and history in the backdrop of a classic romance.

2. You Could Try The Romantic-Classic, Romeo And Juliet By The Most-Loved Author William Shakespeare!

Who is out there denying to read William Shakespeare?

OK now when love sparks in the field of a blood-stained battle, how do you think it would survive? Or will it die a slow death?

I wonder if the concept of love-at-first-sight originated from this very play of the author. Could you read this extraordinary work and clarify my doubt?

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3. A True Classic That Everyone Adores – Great Expectations By Charles Dickens!

In times where one gives undue importance to their social status and wealth, when values are unfortunately becoming irrelevant, Charles Dickens, takes Pip, the protagonist of the story through a series of life lessons.

A novel that stands relevant and rigid across times, is one of the best classics to read as a couple!

4. Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen Is A School-Classic For Couples!

How about an age-old, eminent classic of times?

Jane Austen impresses her readers by bringing out issues of social construct, pride, and prejudice existing in the times of the 1800s.

Set in Mrs.Bennet’s family that comprise Jane & her four sisters, it is a tale of delicate characters and relationships with substantial love, hate, and twists – Are you ready for a read?

5. Jane Eyre By Charlotte Brontë Is A Must-Read If You Are Aspiring To Some Exciting Love Trails!

Jane’s difficult childhood later thrusts her into a world where she determinedly sticks to her morals and values.

Despite struggles and mysteries clogging her life, would her love for her employer, Mr.Rochester turn into reality?

Read this classic by Charlotte to sail through a love tale like you never had!

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6. The Age Of Innocence By Edith Wharton Is A Hit Classic For Partners!

What happens when Archer is struck in the grip of social limitations of the upper-class New York society?

Should he find the guts to break his engagement with May Welland, to tie the knot with Ellen, the latter’s estranged cousin whom he is uncontrollably in love with?

Edith has brought out a Pulitzer-prize winning novel for you to cherish – Just don’t miss reading this amazing classic with your better-half!

7. A Room With A View By E. M. Forster Is An Age-Old Novel For Couples With Speckles Of Social Stipulations!

How does the innocent Lucy manage to wade her way through 20th century England and its associated social constrictions?

When conventions get her married against her liberation and desires, how would Lucy go through it?

Set in the Victorian era, this novel by E.M. Forster is one of the classics to read as a couple exhibiting people’s struggles with the English society of the times.

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8. Emma By Jane Austen Is A Great Read For Couples With A Strong Woman Protagonist!

Jane Austen’s Emma is again a beautiful classic that portrays the strong-willed, innocent, yet a spoiled Emma throughout the course of the book.

How her match-making job gets her life through, is the essence of the whole plot – Grab hold of the book for a swaying read!

9. Mansfield Park Is Another Beautiful Classic By Jane Austen!

How would the morally rigid Fanny Price survive in her aunt’s place, at the posh Manfield’s park, where her parents drop her to salvage their financial sludge?

Though she finds peace, comfort, and love in Edmund, her cousin, in her new-found home, would she be able to cross hurdles of societal standards of the times?

And what about her desire towards Edmund? 

Read this precious classic of Jane Austen where you could taste the bitterness of 19th century society and Fanny’s life in those times!

10. Villette By Charlotte Bronte Is A Classic That Takes You In Search Of True Love!

Lucy Snowe fights a hard battle inside following her childhood trauma and betrayals.

But when she finds the courage to escape her poverty to land a boarding school job in France, how would she face it?

Would she gain confidence in life once again and find her true love – Read on the classic by Charlotte Bronte for more 🙂

11. Persuasion Is One The Best Classics To Read As A Couple By Jane Austen

Did you ever think life would give one a second chance at love?

Don’t worry, Jane Austen’s novel gives Anne Elliot one, where she unexpectedly encounters her ex-fiance Captain Frederick, years later.

How the story unfolds in a post-war scenario is what you will read in this wonderful work, a love classic you are sure to relish. Are you ready to get your hands stained?

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12. Lorna Doone By R.D. Blackmore Is One Of The Most Interesting Classics To Read As A Couple!

When two persons from two completely opposing backgrounds fall in love with each other, how would it work for them?

John Ridd, who doesn’t let his brutal past fuel his future gets attracted to Lorna Doone, one from the lineage responsible for his father’s death. Now, isn’t that a situation of wonder?

Read how beautifully R.D.Blackmore has put out the story – A rider through the rustic regions and freshness of 17th century England!

13. Looking For A Humorous Classic To Binge-Read With Your Partner – Read Lady Of Quality By Georgette Heyer!

What happens when Annis Wychwood, who seemingly brushes aside many prospective suitors, is impressed by the rude Oliver whom she encounters unexpectedly?

Georgette Heyer delivers a witty classic just for you to relish and want for more 🙂

14. The Princess Bride By William Goldman Is One Of The Compelling Classics To Read As A Couple!

William Goldman introduces Buttercup as a beautiful young lady duly in love with the farm boy Wesley.

Alas, situations vanish Wesley out of time and the reckless prince Humperdick makes a forceful entry into Buttercup’s life.

Now how would things take a turn in Buttercup’s life? Would Humperdick convince her to like him – A bitter fairytale you MUST try!

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15. The Blue Castle By L.M. Montgomery Will Give You A Classic Ray Of Hope – A Must-Read For Couples, I Would Say!

Do you know what most Indian adults go through even in these broad-minded times – Limitations and restrictions from their parents to lead a life of their choice; rings a bell to you?

Ok, Montgomery elucidates this well in this book revolving around Valancy, a 29-year old woman, controlled by her mother and aunt.

But when life decides to restart her journey, Valancy finds a new ray of hope gushing into her whereby she starts leading a life of her dreams.

A read you guys will completely find in sync with and enjoy too. Ready to explore?

I just hope you are able to discover some good classics to read from this list. In case you have any queries or book suggestions to make, you may feel free to post them in the comments section below.