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I understand your special day is so near and you are badly looking for some last minute anniversary gifts for her.

Worry not because this blog is a chockablock of amazing gift suggestions to get your lady awed this anniversary. 

Last minute anniversary ideas for her

Here are 23 Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For HER 

Trust me, you will pick the most suitable gift for your woman from here!

A Spa Appointment For her

It is no wonder, women are easily excited about a visit to a salon. That too if you are able to arrange for a spa session for your lady this anniversary, what more could she ask for?

Make her experience some rejuvenating moments this anniversary in her favourite salon.

How About A Monogrammed Bracelet?

If she has an eye for accessories , then a customised bracelet with her initials will be a good gift option for her.

Your partner will definitely feel happy the moment she sets her eyes on this gift!

A Filled Journal For The One Who Reads

Which partner doesn’t love it when her man plans to write a journal for her regularly?

Buy one, fill a few pages with your heart messages and get it delivered to her on your special day. There is nothing like it!

Did you know it is good for couples to read together?

If She Is A Snacks Lover..

In case your lady loves munching on a lot of delicacies, a snack hamper is something she will find welcoming.

Be it cookies/chocolates/dry fruits Or other fried snacks, just assort them all based on her taste preferences.

An Anniversary Card

I know this isn’t a huge surprise but when you are able to get a card and do a handwritten message for her, she is surely going to adore it.

Yes, your efforts count for her which is why you shouldn’t leave this option unexplored!

For Their Natural Love For Flowers

Obviously, women love flowers more and also their vibrance, fragrance, and aura generate undue positivity for them.

This is why you should be presenting your lady a bouquet /vase with flowers this year. Just ensure that you choose her most favourite flowers and also colours!

A Unique Gift, Go For A Magazine Subscription This Anniversary

In case your partner is a magazine freak, choose to get her a subscription for her favourite magazine.

Let your thoughtful gift encourage your partner to make reading a part of her routine. Amazing suggestion, isn’t it?

Doesn’t She Have an Amazon Kindle Yet?

For a book loving partner, amazon kindle is a must-have.

Especially if she is a frequent traveller, I highly insist that you get it for her this anniversary. She will be grateful to you forever!

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A Handbag Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Like wallets to men, handbags are for women. 

Since its use never goes outdated, you need to pick a spacious, less heavy handbag for your lady. She will thank you for it one day!

A Fitness Tracker For A Physically Active Partner

Is your lady getting into a healthy groove in the name of physical exercises like running/steps climbing/walking?

Here is an opportunity to encourage her with a smartwatch that will be so useful in her endeavour!

A Ring Is An Emotion

No matter what, when you adorn your lady’s hand with a ring, she will get emotional.

It might appear like a common suggestion, but no, it has got its own value!

A Surprise Gift basket

If your partner is crazy about beauty products and accessories , why not order a couple of nail paints, lipsticks, bands, and hair claws?

Put them all in one basket and give it to her. Her joy will know no bounds!

How About A Coffee/Tea Subscription?

Get a yearly subscription of her favourite beverage brew for this anniversary.

It is an amazing gift to make up for all the lost time!

Tees & Pyjamas For Everyday Use

If you think she has been wearing those same old tees and pyjamas for quite some time now, it’s time for their replacement.

Don’t think much and shop for the most comfortable clothes from your nearby store!

Flip Flops For Her

In case she loves wearing flip flops, why not get her a pair of them?

I am sure she will find them helpful!

Yoga Pants For A Yogi 

For a yoga person, soft stretchable yoga pants are a regular need.

If your lady is one, don’t hesitate to get her a couple of yoga pants this anniversary!

A Hair Care Kit Will Be A Sure Hit With HER

How much does your lady care for her hair?

This anniversary, impress her with the best hair care products that will enrich her hair all the more! 

Next In Line Is A Facepack Kit

If your partner has a skincare routine, then a facial kit will be a good gift option.

Just ensure that you choose the right brand she will appreciate!

A Full Length Gown She Will Drool Over

Women’s fad for dresses will never see a drop.

This is why, you need to completely get your special person awed this anniversary with a full length gown she could flaunt with you!

A Pack Of Novels She Will Cherish!

In case your partner is someone who is stuck with books all the time, you need to quickly visit a nearby bookstore to steal away some of her most-liked authors’ latest works.

This gift option is sure to leave her open-mouthed!

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A Customised Mobile Cover

If you think she will like a personalised phone cover with imprinted photos, get it done for her.

She can keep admiring some of your memorable photos together at the comfort of her hands. Great, isn’t it?

A Desktop Plaque

Another customised gift you could go for is a desktop plaque with your best captures.

She could adorn her worktable with it and also, it will keep reminding her of you!

If She Prefers To Contribute For Charitable Causes..

In case your lady loves giving donations to the needy, do it for her this anniversary.

She will feel blessed!


So, this is it for this blog. How did you like my gift suggestions?

In case you have some ideas of your own, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be glad to hear from you!