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Whether you did not find enough time OR you could not find the right gift this time, don’t worry ,there are a variety of last minute anniversary gifts for him.

And I am right here with a good number of gift options you could easily arrange for your husband at the last minute. 

Quick anniversary gifts for him

So Here Are 24 Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For HIM!

Shall we get started?

A Perfect Bike Jacket 

If your man is an ardent cyclist OR a biker, you need to get him a perfect jacket this anniversary.

It could get him SO overwhelmed that it doesn’t seem like a rushed gift after all!

Does He Have The Right Wallet?

Yes, a wallet is a necessity more than a stuff to flaunt.

If your man’s existing wallet is tattered, order online OR rush to a nearby store to get him a new one this anniversary!

A Duffel Bag For A Travel Man

If your partner is a wanderer, he obviously needs a handy bag for a hassle-free travel experience.

So why not amaze him with a duffel bag this time?

Airpods For A Splendid Hearing Experience Every Time

In case he is someone who roams around with headphones all the time, you need to introduce your partner to this small pair of bluetooth connected air dopes.

Trust me, he will love them!

Maybe A Portable Cooler

If your man is too much into adventure and treks a lot, you need to present him with a portable cooler that will keep his drinks cool all along.

This is definitely a useful last minute gift you should check out!

For Your Bookworm Partner

It comes as no surprise that bibliophiles could be easily impressed with books.

Find out his favourite bunch of authors and quickly shop some of their latest releases to get your partner swayed instantly!

In case you are interested, here are 17 Romantic Books to Gift Your Boyfriend!

A Good Pair Of Footwear

Has he been looking for crocs for a really long time? Or is he looking to get a pair of sandals?

When you know his foot size already, you should be getting him the best footwear ever!

Buy His Favourite Brand Tee-Shirt

Add to his wardrobe a brand new tee-shirt of his favourite colour.

You never know how much it gets used!

For A Flab-Toning Partner

In case your man hits the gym regularly but doesn’t have accessories at home, why not get him the right set of dumbbells?

This could be a last minute motivating gift for him!

A Memorable Pen

For a writer partner OR the one who aspires to achieve something big in life, a pen could symbolise confidence and encouragement.

Why not surprise your man with such a simple token of love?

That One Perfume That Could Bring A Sparkle To His Eyes

Every man prefers a particular perfume , so does your partner.

This anniversary, surprise him with his all-time favourite perfume!!

Sweatpants For A Runner

In case your man does run on a daily basis, sweatpants are obviously his everyday essential.

So why wait? Surprise him with the most soft, comfortable sweatpants ever!

A Gift Card Will Never Go Wrong

For a choosy partner whose interests are hard to crack, a gift card would be a better option.

With so many e-commerce platforms offering such gifting options, it should hardly take a few minutes to get this done!

How About Creating A Subscription To A Learning Platform?

If your man is a constant learner, get him a subscription to access the course platter in any of the education platforms available online.

I am sure this would be a last minute thoughtful gift for your partner!

His Most Favourite Cake

Bake a cake of his best-loved flavour OR order one online with a personalised message written across.

This should be a great gift option considered!

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A Bouquet Of Flowers Can Impact A Lot

Flowers represent love which is obviously why you should choose to send him flowers on this special day.

Who knows, it might touch his heart the most.

A Chocolate Basket

For a chocolate lover, anything and everything chocolate could be a huge treat.

If your man is one, shower him with a basket of his most-preferred chocolates and cookies this time. 

A Personalised Photo Frame

Definitely personalising a photo frame with one of your photos along with a carved message OR a poem for him is a good idea.

Just try it and let me know how you found it helpful!

Next Is A Personalised Wall Clock For HIM

If you have long been pondering over creating a wall clock exclusively with you and your partner in the backdrop, now is the time to do it.

This will turn out to be a gift not just for him but for you as well!

Start A Bucket List Of Goals For HIM

How about presenting him a notebook with a list of your relationship goals OR his life goals so that it will act as a foundation to live a life on his terms?

Yes, your man needs guidance and planning too. Get it organised for him.

Present Him With A Bluetooth Speaker

For a music lover, a bluetooth speaker makes for a great gift option.

Why not try it too?

Men’s Running Shoes

For a runner in him, encourage him more by presenting a pair of running shoes.

I am sure your man will like it.

How About A Watch?

In case your man is crazy about watches and collects a lot of them OR if you think he doesn’t have a proper wrist watch, now is the time to surprise him with one.

Trust me, he will appreciate your efforts and time!

Home Wear For HIS Comfort

Is it summer already? 

Gift him a set of soft cotton Pyjamas and tee-shirt. This could help him beat the heat in the best possible way!


I just hope you were able to pick a quick useful gift for your man from these suggestions.

In case you have any suggestions to make, please do share them in the comments below. I will be happy to hear from you!