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It is no wonder if you are struggling with romantic books to gift your boyfriend.

But once you read this blog, surprising your beau with the most-loved love novel will no longer be a task for you.

What book can I gift my boyfriend?

So Here I Have Compiled 17 Romantic Books To Gift Your Boyfriend

Shall we check them out one by one?

“Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen” Is The Very First Book That Comes To My Mind When I Think Romance

A classic novel cherished by everyone alike, Austen’s Pride & Prejudice is one you can blindly consider for a gift to make your boyfriend happy.

The tale between one of the Bennet sisters, Elizabeth and Darcy revolve around so many prejudices, yet destiny has a beautiful plan for them. What is it? Love?

Consider The Ever-Adorable Book, “PS, I Love You By Cecelia Ahern”

One of the most admired authors, Cecilia has a despairing story of an inundated heart to tell your sweetheart.

Though heart-wrenching, this is one of the lovable novels you must  think of gifting him!

“Message In A Bottle By Nicholas Sparks” Is A Poignant Story That Could Leave Your Boyfriend In Tears

What do you think happens when a man’s mourning letter reaches another mourning woman?

Could destiny brew love between them? Message in a Bottle is an intriguing tale you can present to your beau!

Out Of The World Love, That Is What “Twilight Saga By Stephenie Meyer” Is 

Isn’t it unnaturally interesting for a human to fall in love with a vampire?

This is why, Twilight Saga is a must-read for everyone in a relationship!

“Making Faces By Amy Harmon”, Is One Of The Kind War-Time Stories That Touches Everyone’s Heart

Fern is shy and secretly admires the bold, ever-charming Ambrose. But unexpected mishaps make Ambrose just the opposite of what he was.

Would Fern leave behind her timidness to connect with Ambrose?

Archer’s Voice By Mia Sheridan” Is A Heart Touching Tale

Archer cannot speak due to his traumatic past.But Bree, who is trying to break away from her problems,  can surely understand his language. 

Present this most-loved romance book to your boyfriend. He will definitely love it!

A Unique Love Is What “When Love Came Calling By Preeti Shenoy Is”

Another love story from Preeti, where the impulsive Puja encounters the timid Aarush who is visiting India for the first time.

What are their chances of finding love? If possible, present it to your boy and also read it together to know more!

Did you know reading together with your partner has so many benefits?

Gift “Vision In White By Nora Roberts”, A Love That Takes Shape Gradually

This is the first in the quartet series from Nora, which focuses primarily on the life of Mac, her wedding planning business with her three other female buddies, and her tribulations in life.

Enter Carter, the story takes a different turn. What starts off casually between Mac and Carter suddenly becomes more binding. Is love in the air?

“What The Wind Knows By Amy Harmon Is A Time-Travel Love

Anne visits Ireland, her beloved grandfather’s hometown. Swish and she is taken back in time only to be stuck under the circumstances of WWII along with her young grandfather and his guardian, Thomas.

Present this wonderful historical romance between Anne and Thomas to your man. It is definitely worth it!

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How About “Beach Read, By Emily Henry”, An Amazing Romance By The Beach?

January and Augustus, two writers handling their own life woes and writers’ block, happen to become neighbours by a beach.

With a novel writing challenge put in place between them, would they come to like each other?

You Want A Book All About Love? Here Is “100 Love Sonnets, By Pablo Neruda”

Is he a lover of poetry?

Here is a romantic rendition of poems from Pablo you should check out!

Intense Love Is How I Define “Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare”, You Shouldn’t Hesitate Picking This Up For Your Boyfriend

When love happens between two people from two warring sides, would it lead to a long-lasting journey?

Here is Romeo and Juliet’s sizzling love amidst all the battle around. Buy this for your boyfriend, you will not regret it!

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“95 Poems By E.E. Cummings” Is A Romantic Adventure Through Nature

How about some romantic poetry about nature? Would he prefer them?

Don’t worry, we have E.E.Cummings here mesmerising his readers with some magical versus enriched with gratitude for nature and its various benefits!

Is Your Boy A Poetry Person? “All The Words Are Yours By Tyler Knott Gregson” Is What You Must Consider For A Gift

Simple, Love-abundant, Absolutely-attractive is how you will end up praising Tyler’s romantic poems!

They are an adorable bunch of verses you should be surprising your boyfriend with. Trust me, he will love it!

Here is Explaining The Little Joys of life in “Walden by Henry David Thoreau”

Walden is in fact Thoreau’s journal of his romantic pursuit of seeking happiness with nature. How he lived by the Walden pond with minimal necessities forms the plot.

If only men live a simple life in sync with nature, how amazing life would become? If this is your man’s core ideology too, you need to make him read this work!

“A Walk In The Woods: The World’s Funniest Travel Writer Takes A Hike By Bill Bryson” Might Even Become His Favourite Gift

Is hiking your boy’s passion? Then you need to make him walk along with Bill and Stephen on their trip along the Appalachian trials.

It is again one-of-the-kind romance men share with nature.

Let Me End this book list With Another Nature Exploring Book, “Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey”

Edward accounts his exploration in the desert and the most poignant discovery of men’s disconnect with nature in todays’ world.

In case your boy is one who has an abundant love for nature, Desert Solitaire is what you should make him read.


With this, we are coming to the end of this book list. How did you like it?

And just in case you have a book to add to this list, please feel free to comment below. I would be happy to hear from you!