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Is distance impacting your relationship so much? Well, it could be fixed if you religiously follow some rules to make ldr work…

I would request you to take some time out to quickly go through these 15 rules for surviving a long distance relationship. You will not regret it, I promise!

rules for making a long distance relationship work

15 Golden rules to make ldr work!

Better late than never. Get a hang of these rules and enjoy a smooth long distance relationship like ever!

LDR RULE 01: Always video call whenever you feel like talking to your partner.

There is no match to the conversations you have looking into your partner’s eyes.

Research & studies suggests individuals who have periodic face to face interaction experienced greater satisfaction and commitment in their long-distance relationships.

So utilise the video calling option to get closer to your partner instantly.

LDR RULE 02: Discuss important affairs over a call, don’t text.

In relationships, text messaging should be done purely for leisurely talks.

This is because texting your way through important subjects will mostly lead to misinterpretations & misunderstandings.

So for significant discussions, always connect through a voice call/video call.

LDR RULE 03: Ask for his suggestions in all that you do.

He might not be around to take part in everything you do. 

But shouldn’t you at least feel his presence in your life? Let me tell you how.

For example, if you are shopping for clothes for yourself, video call and ask for his suggestions & choices.  

This might sound silly, but trust me,you guys will end up feeling wonderful!

LDR RULE 04: Make him an integral part of your decisions.

Are you planning to change your job OR relocate elsewhere? Discuss with your long-distance partner first.

This is a way of reminding him how important he is to you. 

LDR RULE 05: Never over-interfere in his activities.

When your bae shares his day to day happenings with you, feel grateful and acknowledge him heartfully.

Do not make it a habit to over-dictate what he should and shouldn’t do. It might end up enraging him! 

LDR RULE 06: Dedicate a special diary for your long-distance partner.

Life is painful when your partner isn’t by your side.

Nonetheless, you could handle all those void moments by journaling your feelings.

Shop a new diary and consider it as your partner. Write down in it all that you would speak to your partner if he were nearby.

Later when you guys catch up, gift it to him. Let him know how much you value him!

LDR RULE 07: Dedicate a few hours every weekend to read a book/watch a movie together virtually.

It is natural to feel like hanging out together with your partner.

Compensate for it by watching virtually your favourite movie together. Or by reading a book together every weekend.


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LDR RULE 08: Do something to make him feel special every now and then.

A partner should feel cared for in a relationship. Wondering what you should do to make your partner feel special?

Record a song/write a poem/shop a most-valuable gift for him and get him surprised.

This keeps the love overflowing in your long distance relationship!

LDR RULE 09: You pay his bills, and him, yours!

Hugs and roses make a relationship colourful while fulfilling your responsibilities towards one another make it more powerful.

Exchanges like, recharging each others’ phone bills, ordering one anothers’ groceries are ways to take charge of your LDR in the long term. Also, it will keep you both well-informed of one another.

LDR RULE 10: Having differences?Arrange for an in-person meeting at the earliest & get it sorted!

One small conflict unresolved with your partner will lead to a major clash.

This is why when you feel things are not going well with your bae, you must meet him immediately and get it fixed.

LDR RULE 11: Is there a change in his behaviour towards you? Get it addressed right away.

When your partner is not talking to you properly OR stops showing interest in you, it indicates a red flag.

Meet him and ask him to honestly express his thoughts on your relationship!

LDR RULE 12: Do you feel like losing your trust in him? Meet him and speak your heart.

It is easier to lose trust in your partner in a LDR.

So never leave your doubts to chance. Whatever you have in mind, confront and ask him.

For a pure heart & a trusting mind is essential for a LDR to thrive.

LDR RULE 13: Is he growing close to someone else? SHOW him how possessive you are about him!

It is natural to feel jealous when your partner is spending more time with someone else in his life.

But if this starts eating your mind, you should express your feelings to him.

This way you will also understand the kind of relationship he shares with the other person.

LDR RULE 14:  Missing him too much lately? Work out ways to get back together!

If you are missing your partner so much and feel it is high time to get back together, discuss a way out.

I am sure it will have a calming effect on you!

LDR RULE 15: Last one in the list, plan your time wisely.

It is normal to feel low quite often when your partner isn’t by your side. 

Before it takes a toll on your mental health and relationship, plan and involve yourself in learning activities.

Constant good engagement will save you from unnecessary thoughts about your partner & help keep your relationship healthy. 

Follow these 15 significant rules if you wish to survive your long distance relationship.

Also, if you found this blog helpful, don’t forget to post your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for reading 🙂