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If distance is posing a major challenge to your relationship, you have to go through this list of books for long distance couples to read together.

Read these books together with your partner and learn tips and tricks to manage your long-distance relationship effectively.

books for long distance couples to read together

30 Relationship-Saving Books For Long Distance Couples To Read Together!

Disconnection OR communication-gap OR bitterness, you are sure to get them all resolved once you guys take help from these books. Trust me, there could be no better alternative to nurture long-distance relationships.


Understand Your Long-Distance Partner Better With “The Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman”

Of course, understanding a partner who is staying miles away from you is difficult; but, it’s not impossible. 

Make use of Gary’s book to analyse and track down the kind of love you and your partner desire from the 5 love languages expounded in the book.

Especially if you are a couple distanced after a brief period of togetherness, this book could prove to be aiding your relationship in the long run.


If You Guys Have A Taste For Relationship Fictions, Read The Geography Of You And Me By Jennifer Smith”

Lucy & Owen’s brief meeting in their apartment elevator leads them to uncovering the unlimited boundaries of their hearts.

A physical separation could have been inevitable but never the strings of their bond. Come and sink in the depths of their long-distance relationship coiled so beautifully by Jennifer Smith.



“Americanah By Chimamanda Agozi Adichie” Reinstates The Fact That Distance Is Indeed A Stumbling-block in Relationships!

A close relationship that brews between Ifemelu and Obinze at school soon faces separation under some dark circumstances of military invasion in their country.

The same fate that puts the duo poles apart, brings them back together a decade later.

A long distance love story by Chimamanda with bitter-speckles you shouldn’t miss in history!


“The Far Pavilions By M.M. Kaye” Portrays A Strong Long-Distance Relationship

Ashton, an English, raised as a Hindu, senses a heart connection with an Indian princess.

But when their origins are completely opposites, wouldn’t that invite more conflicts?

M.M.Kaye’s work is an embodiment of courage & strength. Just go for it if you want to build more strength in your long-distance relationship.


“10,000 Miles For Love By Milena Nguyen” , The Go-To-Guide For Long-Distance Partners!

Committing to a long-distance relationship(LDR) isn’t an easy path. With her experience & guidance, Milena Nguyen shows you why and how it is important to understand & love yourself before you tend to your relationship.

With a series of guidelines & instances from her own life, a lengthy LDR that she had once been through, the author gives you all necessary tips to maintain happiness & sustain your relationship in the long run.


“401 Great Discussion Questions For Couples In Long Distance Relationships By Lisa Mckay” 

Wondering what to talk about with your long-distance partner?

Don’t worry. This book by Lisa Mckay gives you a chunk of mind-blowing topics to talk with your long-distance partner. With loads of fun, memories, & happiness to share, these 401 conversation-starters will keep you guys rolling throughout 🙂


Long Division: A Novel By Jane Berentson” Is A Must-Read For Military Couples!

What exactly runs through a woman’s mind when she has her soldier-partner packed off for his Mission-Country?

Understand, laugh & relate from the shoes of Annie Harper, the young protagonist of the story, how she devotes & pulls herself back to sanity with her writing & other activities in the absence of her better-half.


“Staying For Good By Catherine Bybee” , A Chilling Romantic Read When Your Partner Is Sitting Miles Away From You!

How about a second-chance for a long-lost romance?

Zoe and Luke, love-doves at high school, see their relationship getting back on track when the town-escaper Zoe returns to meet her friends as a successful chef eleven years later.

A brewing romance under the heels of peril from their very close-ones, would get you guys wanting for more. Indeed Catherine is a treat to read 🙂


“Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows End) By Cecelia Ahern” Is A Love Story You Shouldn’t Miss Reading With Your Long-Distance Partner!

Is it possible for a couple to remain blindfolded of the love they have for one another, like for ages?

Meet Alex & Rosie, two childhood besties, who have it all strong between them and their bond that stands undisrupted against tides of times. 

A tale narrated with emails & postcards, depicts the feelings of a typical long-distance relationship; another classic from the most-adored author, Cecelia Ahern 🙂


Read “Not Quite Perfect By Catherine Bybee”, An Imperfect Long-Distance Love Tale!

What happens when the independent Mary meets Glen, the handsome & flirtatious hunk?

When perilous situations surround Mary, would Glen give his helping hand to the former? Would the duo get into a relationship-lock? Sure, a fiction you shouldn’t miss!


“Once Upon An Ever After By Angela Blount”, Is An Adventurous Long-Distance Love Story!

A sequel to her first book, “Once Upon a Road Trip”, this work takes one through Angela’s encounter with her online charm whom she meets during an adventurous gathering of her facebook friends.

How the long-distance relationship between Angela & Vincent shape up and succeed is the crux of the story, something you shouldn’t miss!


Build Better Communication & Listening Skills With Your Long-Distance Partner With “I Hear You By Michael Sorensen”

Any relationship for that matter requires skillful communication to keep thriving. Isn’t it?

In this book, Michael Sorensen elucidates the importance of one’s observational & communication skills in relationships and ways to sharpen them to keep the bond smooth and sailing. 

books to read together if you are in a long-distance relationship


“Mindful Relationship Habits: 25 Practices for Couples to Enhance Intimacy, Nurture Closeness, and Grow a Deeper Connection by S.J Scott and Barrie Davenport”

Most couples fail to exercise mindfulness in their ties which is downright crucial for any relationship.

Learn & accord these 25 mindful tips suggested by S.J. Scott & Barrie Davenport to your long-distance relationship; this wouldn’t be just strengthening the bond you share with your partner but also your attributes as an individual 🙂



“Unlocking One Another: 30 Days To Improving Your Relationship Communication by Simeon Lindstrom”

If you fantasise love as magic, Simeon Lindstorm proves you wrong with his concept that LOVE IS A VERB. Meaning, actions & efforts are the tools to strengthening a relationship.

He also details his point with a structure that talks about building the right kind of communication to bond the best.

In addition, he also offers a 30-day challenge which will benefit your relationship immensely. Take it slow with your partner, but JUST DO IT for distance isn’t a matter after all!


“The House That Love Built: What It Means To Love One Another by Simeon Lindstrom”

You have got to build a strong base for your love especially in a long-distance relationship where the stakes are really high, isn’t it?

But how do you go about it? Worry not, Simon is here to help you with his valuable insights.


“The Real Thing: Lessons on Love and Life from a Wedding Reporter’s Notebook by Ellen McCarthy”

Would you like some insights on love & life delivered with a dash of fun?

The Real Thing by Ellen McCarthy is the best choice to go for the author delivers humorous doses of anecdotes and counsel, having been a wedding reporter herself for the well-acclaimed Washington Post. 

This book has got nothing to do with maintaining your long-distance relationship, rather it is a guide book with story highlights that would get you a clear picture of what romance and life is!



“When Sorry Isn’t Enough: Making Things Right with Those You Love by Gary Chapman & Jennifer Thomas”

How do you cool down and solidify your relationship despite persisting conflicts and problems with your partner?

In the prick of the moment, You might feel, “I am done with him”, OR your partner would think, “I am done with her”, but would that do any good to your relationship?

Gary Chapman once again amazes his couple-readers with his invaluable advice on handling straining situations and how to tend heartfelt apologies to your partner in such cases. A must read for every couple!


“A Guide On How To Stop Arguing: Protect Quality Time, Prevent Bickering, Preserve Love, Enjoy Life By Cj Kruse” Is A Must-Read For Long-Distance Couples!

Wouldn’t constant arguing with your partner result in undue differences and strain your bond?

This is where, CJ Kruse comes in to save many relationships from the so-called argument-crisis. Especially in a long-distance relationship when your heated-discussions are mostly on the phone, you guys have to find a way out of the even greater hiccups you would be facing. 

Trust me, this book could save your relationship in many ways!


“Long Distance Relationships: Online Relationships To Military Relationships, Surviving Love From Afar By Sam Lawrence And Ben Jackson”

How about a personal guide to keep your long-distance relationship secure and happy?

Buy this book authored by Sam Lawrence & Ben Jackson who gives you all sorts of insights & tips you would need to have a stable LDR.


For A Touching Long-Distance Love Story, Read “Love Me When I’m Gone by Robert Patrick Lewis”

How about an interesting love in the lands of patriotism and action?

Read this tale of Rob & Cindy who strive to keep their fierce bond intact while Rob is preoccupied in his military activities. A great resort for those looking for books for long distance couples to read together 🙂


“Separated By Duty, United In Love (revised): Guide to Long Distance Relationships for Military Couples by Shellie Vandevoorde”

In case your spouse is tied to the military, how do you guys plan and manage things with one another?

Don’t worry right from preparing oneself mentally to handling finances & children, Shellie Vandevoorde addresses all that concerns a military couple & ways to cope with them practically. A worthy read without any doubt!


“Communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict by Jonathan Robinson”

Sharpening your communication is essential to preserving your loving relationship with your lovable partner.

With absolute practicality the author disburses tips and skills one needs to maintain a healthy communication, something that nullifies the heat of several conflicts emerging on a day to day basis in the life of almost every couple.

Especially when you are in a LDR, it is too crucial for you to handle your relationship with effective communication. So do check this one out.


Build A Happy Relationship With Your Long-Distance Partner With“Reconnect To Love By Yong Kang Chan”

Do you often feel disconnected and lonely in your long-distance relationship?

Don’t worry, Yong Kang has it for you to know what self-love means, what it is like to connect to the deeper bliss within yourself to beat with the challenges in your LDR.

The moment you take his tips and start implementing them, you will also see your ego dissolve and your relationship more enhanced & wise. JUST don’t miss it!


“Love Me, Don’t Leave Me by Michelle Skeen” Offers Constructive Counsel on Handling Your Personal Flaws From Hampering your Relationship!

If you are someone who is fearing abandonment in your long-distance relationship due to your childhood traumatic experiences, it’s time for you to reset your mindset.

Michelle Skeen makes it easy for you with her case studies and examples; understanding your problem, getting to the root of it & resolving forms the premise of this book; trust me, it’s worth the read!

books to read with your partner in a LDR


“The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work by John Gottman” Will Help You Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship On Track!

In case you are married, you could take help from John Gottman’s seven marriage principles to keep your long-distance relationship sailing.

Marriage is all about making efforts for one another; so taking tips from this insightful book would be ideal to build a hard-core bond with your partner.

Though it doesn’t cover any specifics to long-distance relationships, you could well benefit from it without any doubt.


“The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy, Ian Mcmahan” 

If you are someone who overthinks your relationship because of distance, you should turn to this book for help.

Let Joseph help you tune your conscious and subconscious mind positively, leaving a major impact on your thought-process & hence your relationship.


When In Distance, You Should Understand The Traits Of Your Partner Better With “Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus By John Gray”

Irrespective of your past relationship experiences, it would only be ideal if you work on becoming aware of the basic characteristics of the opposite gender to understand your partner better; especially if you are just starting on a relationship with no solid in-person meetings (LDR), John Gray’s work would help you understand your partner’s mindset easily.

Of course, the book cannot divulge any specifics to your partner, but it could in ways help you in getting along with him better. Read it and make sure that your bond gets all the more understanding and special. Good luck 🙂


“Ultimate Journeys For Two: Extraordinary Destinations On Every Continent By Anne Howard & Mike Howard” Is For Travel-Freak Couples!

If travel is a cup of pie for both you and your partner, why not create memorable moments together whenever you guys get to catch up with one another?

This book by Anne Howard & Mike Howard offers exemplary, innumerable , & cost-effective travel destinations for couples.

Remember, meetups at times, at exotic locations could get your relationship closer, stronger and happier & that is why you should be reading this book 🙂


If You Love Poetry, Enjoy Crunches Of Creative Relationship Descriptions With “A Little Book Of Happiness By Ruskin Bond” 

Sometimes when separation in your relationship upsets you, you would need a good dose of energy to distract and boost your happiness. 

Don’t worry, this anthology work of quotes by Ruskin Bond offers all the joy that you seek for. With amazing verses and quotes, this book by Ruskin Bond is sure to grip the hearts of all poetry-loving couples! 


Read “Me Without You By Lisa Swerling” For Insights On Beating Distance In Your Relationship!

If you are someone who is distanced from your partner owing to professional OR other undue reasons, it is natural to feel dejected.

Lisa Swerling, with some mirifical illustrations helps you unwind and relax in the absence of your partner. If you badly need help handling distance in your relationship, you MUST read this book.



How did you find these book suggestions for long-distance relationship couples? COMMENT BELOW, I would be happy to hear from you!