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Should you talk everyday in a long distance relationship? 

Indeed, it is a good practice to connect with your LDR partner everyday. Let me tell you why.

Should you talk everyday in a long distance relationship?

Four important reasons to connect with your long distance partner daily –

Staying in touch

A few minutes of daily conversation with your long distance partner I tell you, is damn refreshing.

I strongly feel you should do this to at least feel his presence in your life everyday.

There is someone special to rely on always

It is natural to feel lonely at the end of the day especially when you are stressed out.

In such moments, when you realise that you have got someone to share your love with, shouldn’t you immediately call him up?

Assuring a sense of security in your relationship

While in distance, it is natural to feel disconnected from your partner.

To bridge such voidness & insecurity arising out of it, you guys should catch up everyday. 

Updating each other on important affairs if any

Somedays/everyday you might have something exciting/frustrating occupying your head.

Joy OR sorrow, why not share it with your partner?

should couples talk in LDR daily

Concluding : Talk everyday but avoid dragging conversations

No unnecessary discussions.

Share crisp and valuable conversations with him. 

Stretch them & you might end up straining your relationship. So careful 🙂


Hope you found this blogpost useful. Comment your thoughts below.