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Do you want to know the signs of a happy marriage?

Do you want to find out if you are in sync with your partner, despite all those differences that pop up between you two?

How stable do you think your marriage is? Read on to find out!

do you want to know the signs of a happy marriage

39 Obvious Signs of a Happy Marriage 

Here I have come up with a list of 39 Signs that tell you if you are in a happy marriage. Read on to find out!

1. Your Partner Understands You Like No Other – One of the Strong Signs of a Happy Marriage 

Say you have a bad day at work.

And you absolutely do not have the right mindset in dealing with your domestic responsibilities. Imagine, you have your children and in-laws at home to take care of too! 

In such times when you are actually struggling to draw up energy, does your partner dive in to save you?

If Yes, remember, this is one of the signs of a happy marriage. Congratulations.

2. Your Partner Handles your Mood Swings Well

As a woman, I am sure, you are bound to experience a whole lot of mood swings and hormonal imbalances.

It is even possible that you would lose your mind at times and shout your lungs out for no reason at all.

In such a case, does your partner understand your strange, annoying and erratic behaviour?

If yes, does he handle you appropriately without aggravating your problems further?

Do you think you are blessed about him understanding you well on that front?

If Yes, Congratulations, you are in a happy marriage!

3. Your Partner ACCOMMODATES TIME for You No Matter What

Say your partner has numerous responsibilities at his work and he hardly has time for you or your family.

Despite all the setbacks, does he take you to a restaurant or one of your happy places where you would love spending your time in?

Or at least does he make that effort to drop you at your workplace?

If Yes, Cheers! You are leading a Fantastic Marriage!

4. Your Partner Plans Surprise Vacations

Does your partner come up with surprise flight tickets and itineraries to satiate your adventures despite his cramped schedule?

Does he make that effort to spend his time with YOU EXCLUSIVELY?

If yes, you are good to go! You are definitely happy in your relationship!

5. Your Partner Understands Your Needs Well

Say your sandals are worn out. Or that your laptop has lost its battery.

Does your partner make his own efforts in replacing them without your involvement?

If yes, it is one of the signs of a happy marriage. Pat on your Back!

6. Your Partner Takes That Extra Care When You are Not Keeping Well

Say you suffer from a headache or cold.

Does your partner immediately take you to a doctor Or fetches you all sorts of home remedies in the form of herbal tea or steaming to keep you comfortable?

If yes, that’s awesome! Your Marriage is going on the right track!

7. You Are Able to Remain Your Own Self in Front of Your Partner

Do you think you are able to express yourself well to your partner without any fear?

Are you able to bring out your crazy self for him to see without any inhibitions?

If Yes, feel happy! You are in a stable relationship!

8. Your Partner is Transparent and Honest

Is your Partner honest and open about his inhibitions and differences that he might have with you?

Does he talk about his stand on things even if it is something that concerns you or your family?

If yes, kudos to you! You give your partner enough space for him to open up and you are for sure in a Happy Marriage!

9. Your Partner Gives You the Space to Remain Transparent and Honest

In Marriages, differences within the family are a common phenomena.

That said, does your partner give you enough space to discuss things concerning his parents or family?

Are you able to share things with him without any inhibitions and fear?

If yes, it is one of the signs of a happy marriage. Keep it Going!

10. Your Partner Shares his Workplace Instances With You

Do you see your partner sharing things about his workplace OR colleagues with you?

Does he make that effort to share them all with you during his free time?

If yes, your marriage is smooth and creamy! Nice Going!

11. Your Partner is Supportive of Your Family

Does your partner encourage you to be supportive of your family?

Does he maintain a good relationship with your parents? 

Does he treat your parents as his own?

Does he assume the responsibility of a Son In Law?

If yes, you are in the right relationship! Good Going!

12. Your Partner is Not Nosy About Your Professional Life

Say your Job demands most of your time or that you work in shifts.

In such a case, does your partner try to restrict you from pursuing it further?

If your answer is an OUTRIGHT NO, then congrats to you! You’re in a Super Happy Marriage!

13. Your Partner Does Not Doubt Over Your Opposite Gender Friendships

Say you have a male best friend who is more like a family to you.

If your Partner welcomes that person and treats him well without any complaints, then you’re definitely in a happy marriage.

TRUST is the main pillar of every Marriage. As long as it remains static, you are good to go!

what are the signs of a happy marriage

14. Your Partner Treats Your Friends As His Own

Does your partner encourage you to have your friends home for dinner or lunch without any objections from his end?

Does he treat them as his own guests?

If yes, You’re are blessed with a Fantastic Marriage!

15. Your Partner Helps You With Domestic Responsibilities

Does your partner help you with chopping vegetables or cooking?

Does he help you with sweeping the floor and washing the dishes?

Does he assume your responsibilities as his?

If yes, stay happy! Your marriage life is indeed joyful!

16. Your Partner Discusses Home Management with You

Does your partner ask your opinion on opening an RD or stock investments?

Does he discuss Electricity payment or Children Fees Payment or House Rent Payment with you?

Does he plan a budget for home management with you?

If yes, fantastic! Your marriage is thriving and content!

17. Your Partner is Flexible Considering your Work Schedule

Does your partner pick your child from school considering your work timings in mind?

Does he make that effort to cook for you when you turn up late from work?

Does he adjust his schedule keeping you in mind?

If yes, good going! You are happy in your marriage!

18. Your Partner Is Quick to Apologise

Say, you pick up a huge fight with your partner.

In that case, does he come forward to apologize to you leaving behind all his ego and differences?

Does he make efforts to sort things out between you two?

Does he make amends to keep dissent and despair out of bounds in your relationship?

If yes, you are sure shot in a happy marriage! Cheers!

19. Your Partner Does Not Drag Past Tales Into The Moment

As you know, skirmishes are quite a common thing in relationships.

That said, when arguments and discussions tend to heat up between you two, does your partner make efforts to not bring up bitter instances from past for comparison?

Does he ensure to not hurt you with those piercing memories and situations of the GONE?

If yes, great news! Your marriage is well-structured and content!

20. Your Partner Understands and Supports your Equation with His Parents

Do you find your partner intervening just in time to save you from a lot of hassles that you might be facing with your in-laws?

In such times, Does he make that effort to stand supportive of you?

If yes, nice going! You’re in a Happy Marriage!

21. Your Partner Supports Your Career/Education

Say you are preparing for bank exams or probably entrance exams to pursue your MBA.

In such cases, is your partner supportive of your dreams? Does he encourage you to live your dreams?

Does he take care of your education or exam expenses?

If yes, congrats! Your marriage is rock-solid and happy!

22. Your Partner is Appreciative and Reciprocative of Your Work

Say you are a person who strains too much for the well-being of your family. Or that you make a lot of compromises for your in-laws.

In such a case, is your partner appreciative of your gestures? Does he make efforts to acknowledge them?

If yes, be happy! Your relationship is content and strong!

23. Your Partner Respects your Time and Space

Say you are working from home and it is a hectic day.

In such cases, when your partner is home as well and he ensures not to disturb you in any way, then you’re for sure in a Happy Marriage!

God Bless!

24. Your Partner is Understanding and Helpful when You are Menstruating

When in your Periods, does your partner understand your struggles and pain and help you out with domestic responsibilities?

Does he go that extra mile to provide you comfort in every possible way?

If yes, good for you and your compatible marriage!

25. Your Partner Compromises His Likings Just for You

Say your Partner loves Eggs and you are NOT!

In such cases, does he give up on his liking just to keep you happy?

If yes, best wishes to you! Your relationship is sincere and stable!

signs of a happy marriage

26. Your Partner Seeks Your Word and Consent Before Making Decisions

Say you are planning to buy a new house.

In such a case, does your partner take your opinion, views, and consent before finalizing on the agreement?

If yes, here’s to your Happy Marriage!

27. Your Partner Does not Mind You Taking Decisions in His Absence

Does your partner allow you to take decisions in his absence without any complaints?

Does he allow you to handle situations independently?

If YES, stay joyful! It is one of the Signs of a happy marriage. 

28. Your Partner Assumes Equal Responsibility in Bringing Up Your Children

Does your partner take up equal responsibility in taking care of your children?

Does he make every effort as you do in raising your children?

Does he drop them off at school and attend their Parent Teachers Meetings?

Does he Put them to sleep and give you ample space to look after your work?

If your answer is YES to these questions, then you are definitely in a happy marriage! Great!

29. Your Partner Does Not Force Himself on You

There would be times where you might not be in the right mindset for a Physical Relationship with Your Partner.

In such cases, does your partner understand you well and ensure not to force you into it?

If yes, great going! Your marriage is healthy and happy!

30. Your Partner Respects Your Decision to Have a Baby

Baby Planning is something significant that concerns both you and your partner.

That said, does your partner accept and support your decision on that front?

If yes, good going! You’re in a Happy Marriage!

31. Your Partner Does not Give Up On You No Matter What

Say there is a huge fight breaking out between you and your partner.

In such cases, does your partner make every possible thing to get you back on track however severe the problem is?

Does he ensure to stay persistent in patching up with you by all means possible?

If yes, give yourself a treat! You are content in your marriage!

32. Your Partner Ignores Negative Influences that Pose a Threat to Your Relationship

Say there are outsiders who are trying to manipulate your partner against you.

In such cases, does your partner ignore them all and place all his confidence in you?

Does he ensure not to create trust issues with your relationship?

If yes, cheers! This is one of the crucial signs of a happy marriage!

33. Your Partner Stands By You During Times of Distress

Say you lost your Job Or a loved one.

In such a case, does your partner give a shoulder for you to cry on and vent out your emotions?

Does he ensure to provide you comfort by all possible means?

If yes, be grateful! You’re indeed in a Happy Marriage!

34. Your Partner Accepts You the Way You Are

Does your Partner appreciate your physical appearance however obese or ugly that you look?

Does your Partner accept the person that you are without any complaints?

If yes, stay happy! Your marriage is sailing along the right waters!

35. Your Partner Takes Care of Every Little Thing About You

Say you have Sinus and you are taking medicines for it.

In such a case, does your partner ensure to check on you if you’re following the medication regularly? 

Consider this case as well. Say that you use public transport to commute to your workplace.

In that case, does your partner make that call to check on you if you have reached safely or not?

If your answer to these questions is YES, kudos to you! You’re of course leading a Happy marriage!

36. Your Partner Does Not Allow His Parents to Interfere In your Relationship

Say you have those nosy in-laws who keep crawling into your private space every now and then.

In such a case, does your partner ensure to draw that boundary firm for his parents to see?

If yes, remain calm. Your relationship is for sure stable and happy!

37. Your Partner Does not Make Your Relationship Public

Taking your relationship for the outside world to see, is definitely hazardous to its well-being.

That said, does your partner respect your relationship’s personal space and ensure to keep it only between you two?

If yes, good going! You’re in a Happy Marriage!

38. Your Partner Substitutes Your Weakness

Say you are a clumsy person and fumble with your responsibilities.

In such a case, does your partner substitute your weakness with his patience and determination?

If yes, be joyful! It is one of the strong signs of a happy marriage.

39. Your Partner Remembers your Special Days No Matter What

Whether your partner is away on business or with you, does he ensure to make every tiny step to make your special days like your birthday or anniversary memorable?

If your answer is YES, then give a wide smile! You are indeed gifted with a happy marriage!

Marriage is not Just One’s Responsibility. That said, if you find your relationship bubbling with happiness and overflowing with support for one another, give yourself a pat on your back. You are blessed with a Happy Marriage!