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Wondering, “How can I surprise my husband on our anniversary?”

Don’t worry, this is a confusion most wives deal with almost year after year. To help you with it, in this blog post , I am suggesting you all possible & simple ways to impress your partner this anniversary.

Ideas for surprising your husband on wedding anniversary

How Can I Surprise My Husband On Our Anniversary – 22 Ideas To Plan Your Day Better!

Let’s get started –

Do That One Thing He Has Been Asking You For A Long Time!

Say your hubby has for a long time been asking you to compete in a music audition but you resist it because of your insecurities.

Now let’s say you are convinced to go about it and decide to announce it to your hubby. Oh wait, Why not do it on your anniversary?

What better time to surprise him than on this memorable day?!

Cook His Favourite Meal

There is nothing like preparing your husband’s favourites on your marriage day.

It will not only get him pleasantly surprised but he will also start appreciating all little things in your relationship!

Set Up A Meeting With Your Husband’s Long Lost Childhood Friend

How about getting him delighted by setting a meeting with his old friend?

Why not do it for your partner this wedding day provided he had been cribbing to you about this childhood friend for quite a long time now?!

Gift Him That Essential Stuff He Has Been Looking To Shop For A Long Time 

In case your husband has long been looking to change his laptop/mobile/cricket bat/work table OR any other useful item, get it replaced for him based on your budget.

You never know how much of a help you are doing for him!

Get Him Enrolled In A Course He Had Long Been Yearning To Study

Not many who aspire to study further pursue it after their marriage.

But in case your husband is one who genuinely wishes to go a level up in his career by pursuing a course, don’t think, just get him enrolled in it. Trust me, it is a great way to surprise your husband on your anniversary!

Write A Diary For HIM

If you are someone who has a way with words, you need to do some in-depth writing for your better-half for your special day.

Be it a poetry OR  a love letter OR a diary , give it your best by infusing all love you have for him. Sometimes, your pen could do what you cannot do with your mouth!

You Could Make Your Kids Do Something Special For Their Father

There is no denying the fact that you are special to your husband. But your kids are a notch more special to him, aren’t they?

This is why you need to blow your husband’s heart in a flick with your children’s amazing drawings OR messages for him.

Make them write their thoughts on colourful sticky notes that could make your day more vibrant. 

Get HIM Do Things He Is Passionate About 

If your husband wishes to get more fit but he is yet to get started, now is the time to get him signed up for gym OR yoga classes.

This indeed would surprise him in an encouraging way!

Get Him His Favourite Author Book & Read Together

Are you that couple who loves reading books together?

Then think no further and get your husband that poetry collection OR fiction OR non fiction of his favourite author.

In fact, you both could try reading together on your anniversary night right after that romantic dinner!


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Take Him On A Long Drive And Create Some Awesome Time Together

There is nothing refreshing like getting away from your monotonous life in a swish, and go on a breezy drive.

Truly a better surprise for your husband on your wedding day.

Bake A Cake OR Pizza With That Special Message

If you are good at baking, do prepare your hubby’s favourite cake OR pizza with love.

Write your anniversary wishes atop and get him swayed instantly!

Invite His Closest Friends And Family For A Get Together

In case your partner is a person who loves chatting away his time with his dearest people, you should arrange one on your marriage day.

It is a beautiful way to impress your husband!

Get Started With Affirmations This Anniversary

Relationship vows need to taken time and again to strengthen it. Why not get started on this habit this wedding day?

“Let’s fight only to cuddle each other later”

“Let’s keep our hearts open to one another”

Affirmations like these could add some extra dose of love to your marriage and make it more sweet!


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Decorate Your Home 

Home is where you guys live together which means you need to make it more conducive for an anniversary celebration.

Adorn the walls with colourful ribbons, toss heart-shaped helium balloons all around, and arrange for proper lighting and scented candles. It just could work wonders on your special day!

Sing And Dance Together, It Adds A Romantic Touch To Your Anniversary Night

Get the speakers ready with his favourite pop songs to dance through the night.

It is a great stress-buster and could iron out all differences you might have in your relationship!

Spend Some Quality Time Together

How about planning a candle light dinner in his most favourite restaurant? OR would he prefer to relax by a beach?

If you could portion out some time to hold hands and talk out your hearts, please do it!

Get Him Amazed With A Romantic Getaway

Is your partner a travel-freak?

In that case, if you have budget for a travel plan, choose a destination he has been raring to go and execute it right away!

Surprise Him With A Video, With Messages From His Loved Ones

Though a trend , creating a collated video with messages from your partner’s dear ones could get him in tears.

Trust me, this is a wonderful way to surprise your hubby man!

How About Making Him Go On A Treasure Hunt For Gifts?

If your husband loves being loaded with gifts, then you should get a bunch of his liking, track places & prepare clues to set up for a treasure hunt.

Let him go hunting for his gifts. It will be complete fun!

Get Started On A Good Habit Together

Let’s say your partner has long been asking you out for a regular walk in a nearby park but you have somehow been procrastinating. 

Never mind in that case, now is the time leave behind all your lethargy, get on your jogging shoes and surprise him right on your anniversary morning. He will freeze in shock!

Give Your Relationship A New Start 

Maybe you have not shared all that you have in your heart with your husband. It could be about him, your relationship progress OR even something related to your career. 

Share everything you have always wanted to tell him & start your relationship afresh once again on your anniversary day.

Also, this positive approach of yours towards him will get him surprised.

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Make That Important Decision You Guys Have Been Discussing For A Long Time

Decision making is mostly the cause of bickering in most relationships.

This anniversary, put an end to all arguments & take that final call on a decision you guys have long been delaying to make.

This will leave you both astonished at your own confidence!


If you liked my ideas to surprise your husband this anniversary, don’t forget to post your thoughts in the comments below. I would be glad to hear from you. Happy Wedding Anniversary!