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Are you looking for some daily affirmations for married couples? 

Do you intend to keep your marriage life within your ambit and wish to maintain its health at any cost? Don’t worry, practising certain affirmations every day will help you achieve your goal swiftly.

If you’d like to know them, keep reading!

Positive marriage affirmations for couples to use daily

71 Daily Affirmations For Married Couples That Could Strengthen & Brighten Your Relationship For Sure!

Affirmations are a way of reinforcing positive beliefs in your life; Affirmations for married couples deal with placing faith in one’s married life.

When practiced on a day to day basis, affirmations transform your life with positivity and improve the scope of your relationship with your spouse.

Especially during difficult times, these affirmations will come handy to alleviate your problems.

That is why in this blog, I have brought out 71 Affirmations just for you and for the benefit of your marriage life. Don’t miss reading them!

1. I Am Happy With My Partner

Every moment you spend with your partner should give you joy and happiness irrespective of the circumstances. Practicing this affirmation will do just that and give your relationship the necessary boost!

2. I Love My Partner From The Bottom Of My Heart

Marriage without love is like a marriage without life. Unleash all the love you have for your partner with this single affirmation!

3. My Partner Is A Part Of Me

Every move in your life should involve your partner no matter what; Remember you both breathe for one another!

4. I Don’t Judge My Partner Based On Situations

Unexpected and difficult times test the faith you have on your partner. Never become a victim of them by judging your partner!

5. I Open Up My Heart’s Feelings To My Partner Always – One Of The Important Daily Affirmations For Married Couples

Essence of every relationship lies in how transparent you are about your feelings with your partner. That’s how understanding is established in every relationship.

This article from talks about opening up to your partner when you feel your relationship is not heading in the right direction.

Marriage and couples affirmations

6. I Understand My Partner Like None

You should be able to understand every move your partner makes, what he is going through, and his requirements without him telling you that. 

7. I Trust My Partner Heart-Fully

No relationship evolves without trust. When you take your marriage through, without questioning the trust you have on your partner, you are going on the right track. If not, assert this affirmation every day to achieve it!

8. My Partner Is My Strength

No relationship could take its course consistently, if either of the involved parties are energy-drainers seemingly. Remember, your partner should be your source of energy all the time.

9. My Partner Supports Me Like None

In a world of differences, if there is one person who supports you, it should definitely be your partner. Be it your career OR any aspiration for that matter, your spouse should provide all his support to you.

10. My Partner Understands Me Like No Other

Just like how you gather your partner’s feelings from his moves, he should also be able to understand your heart. That’s how a happy marriage works!

11. I Capture My Partner’s Thoughts From His Eyes

From a bat of your partner’s eyelids, you should be able to grasp what he is thinking! Don’t worry, it might take years but still is doable!

12. I Compare My Partner To No Other – One Of The Significant Daily Affirmations For Married Couples

There is no person in this world you should compare your partner with. He is unique the way he is!

13. My Partner Is Always Special To Me

There is a sweeter side to your partner that only you know of. Doesn’t that mean he is special to you?

14. My Partner Is Kind And Polite

Your partner is a well-behaved gentle-man. He doesn’t take you for granted!

15. My Partner Is Unprejudiced

In a society rooted in chauvinism, your partner stands out. Never does he see or treat you as a different gender altogether!

16. My Partner Is My Family

Marriage is about building family with an unknown person from a completely different background. Yet you should never see your partner differently. He is your family after all!

17. My Partner’s Family Is My Family Too

When your partner could become your family, his parents, who had given life to him, should obviously become your family too!

This is one of the daily affirmations for married couples that will clear unnecessary differences that could exist between you and your partner owing to his family.

18. My Parents Are My Partner’s Family Too

Women separate from their parents after marriage; That doesn’t mean that their family is not theirs anymore. 

In fact, your family, your parents become your partner’s family as well!

19. I Think Twice Before Fighting With My Spouse

Reaction being the norm of the present millennium, you have to think a lot before brawling with your partner. Who knows, it is possible that you would have mistaken your partner for reasons unknown.

20. I Don’t Hurt My Partner With My Words

No weapon could be as sharp as one’s words unless used appropriately. That said, fighting and arguing with your partner does not mean you could talk as you desire; Practicing composure is important in marriage! 

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21. I Give My Partner All The Love Of This Universe

Being that special person, doesn’t your partner deserve all the love of your heart? This is one of the important daily affirmations for married couples

22. I Don’t Develop Grudge Against My Partner

Learn to let go of your partner’s little flaws. Who doesn’t make mistakes in life? Only holding on to them will aggravate the negativity of your relationship.

23. I Forgive My Partner For His Mistakes Without Allowing My Ego To Creep In

When your partner is genuinely apologetic, it is only right if you forgive him immediately. Saving your self-esteem is significant but not at the cost of burning out your relationship.

24. I Apologize To My Partner For My Mistakes

Ability to accept one’s mistakes is a great quality. When you apologize to your partner for your mistakes, you make your relationship even stronger!

25. I Don’t Take My Partner For Granted

Just because he is your partner, you cannot play with his feelings. That is why, you should never take your partner for granted!

26. I Respect My Partner For The Person He Is

Every human being deserves to be respected. So is your partner!

27. I Respect My Partner’s Space

Having access to one’s personal space is the right of every individual. Respect your partners’ space as well!

28. I Respect My Partner’s Views On Things

Respect your partner’s take on subjects, don’t neglect them!

29. I Am Supportive Of My Partner

You should understand your partner’s requirements and ambitions. Only then could you stay supportive of his endeavours!

30. My Partner’s Shoulders Are The Best Poles I Lean On To

The bliss you experience when you cling on to your partner’s arms is inexplicable – Value it!

31. My Partner Is My Guide

Allow your partner to counsel, offer suggestions, and guide you in your life. He is your well-wisher too!

32. I See My Partner Next To My Parents

The place next to your parents should always be your partner’s.

33. I Feel So Happy Around My Partner

Just the mere presence of your partner around you, should give you enough happiness!

34. I Don’t Lie To My Partner

No matter what the situation is, it is always better to not lie to your partner!

35. I Strive Hard To Make My Partner Smile

The gleaming teeth and the smiling eyes of your partner never fails to boost your well-being – Don’t allow it to die down.

36. I Root For My Partner’s Success On All His Undertakings

Nothing could match the moral support you could offer your partner on his expeditions – Never fail him!

37. I Feel Secure Under My Partner’s Wings

Like how you’d been safe under your parents shelter, you should feel secure under your partners’ wings too!

38. I Don’t Manipulate My Partner 

It is a bad idea to manipulate your partner negatively when you should actually be his guiding light – Think twice and act wise!

39. I Don’t Let My Partner Take Me For Granted

Be it what, I clearly express to my partner to consider my thoughts and ideas before making certain decisions. Obviously, he cannot be allowed to make his decisions for me everytime, isn’t it?

40. My Partner Fulfills All My Wishes

If your partner cannot fulfill your needs and wishes, who will?

41. I Don’t Have Any Expectations From My Partner

When expectations are a major source of disappointments for many, why should you even paint your relationship with it?

42. My Partner Could Make His Own Decisions

Under certain circumstances, your partner might make his own decisions keeping the well-being of the family in his mind – Never let it bother you!

43. My Partner Encourages My Financial Independence

It is only good if your partner encourages your financial independence. Feel happy about it!

44. I Don’t Allow Anyone To Interfere In My Relationship With My Partner

It is never advisable to allow third-parties to take control of your marriage life. Problems if any, should be sorted out between yourselves!

45. I Accept My Partner The Way He Is

No matter how your partner is – Angry, annoying, or reserved, embrace him as he is. 

46. My Partner Is The Biggest Blessing Of My Life

When your partner could be so understanding enough, should you not count it as the biggest blessing of your life?

47. My Partner Is The Most Compatible Person For Me

No one in this entire world could put up with all your craziness and crankiness except your partner. Does it not show your amazing compatibility figures?

48. I Don’t Blame My Partner Unnecessarily

For every situation that goes haywire, if you blame your partner, would that be fair? Don’t blame your partner unnecessarily and impair your relationship!

49. I Don’t Complain My Partner Unnecessarily 

Finding fault with everything that your partner does will only make you a complaint-box in the lovely eyes of your lovable partner – Better avoid that!

50. I Stand Up For My Partner All The Time

Whenever you feel your partner is mocked at or insulted by anyone, you should stand up for him. Remember, he is your spouse!

51. I Never Put Down My Partner Before Anybody – One Of The Important Daily Affirmations For Married Couples

Looking down at OR disparaging your partner in front of many people is categorically wrong. Try to be mindful of how you behave with your partner in others’ presence!

52. I Am Proud Of My Partner

If you are not proud of your partner, then who will?

53. I Make My Partner Understand His Mistakes

As a responsible partner, shouldn’t you correct your partner whenever he goes wrong in his approaches?

54. I Let My Partner Take Decisions For Me Under Difficult Circumstances

Times when you are not able to make a concrete decision for yourself, if your partner lends his hand for your help, accept it gracefully!

55. I Spend Quality Time With My Partner

Nothing could improve your marriage like spending some quality moments with your partner everyday!

56. I Don’t Argue With My Partner In Front Of My Children

It is never a good move to argue and fight with your partner in front of your children. Would you like to inspire your child with your bad parenting skills?

57. I Stay Mindful With My Partner

From understanding your partner’s anger to his decisions, you should know how to tackle him based on situations.

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58. I Listen To My Partner, His Thoughts And Opinions

It is important to listen out to your partner when he expresses his ideas and opinions on things – Make him feel heard!

59. I Admit My Flaws To My Partner

When your partner points out your flaws, be open and admit your short-comings. As long as your partner’s concerns are genuine, it will only aid your relationship growth!

60. I Share Common Interests With My Partner

When you share a couple of common goals and interests with your partner, your relationship will stand out from the rest.

61. I Never Quote Bitter Instances From The Past To My Partner

Pointing out bitter instances from the past while quarreling with your partner will only make your marriage sour in the long run. So never do that!

62. I Advice My Partner The Right Things

Always ensure to give your partner the right advice at the right times – You are his better half after all!

63. I Consider My Partner’s Ideas Before Making Decisions

Every independent decision in your life should involve your partner’s inputs no matter what. 

64. I Don’t Control My Partner

Setting conditions and restrictions in a relationship will only shake its foundation. Never do that!

65. I Pair With My Partner To Make Important Decisions For The Family

There could be nothing interesting like teaming up with your partner to make family-related discussions and decisions. Be glad to do it!

66. I Don’t Talk Ill Of My Partner With Anyone

You might have a thousand differences with your partner. But that shouldn’t drive you to bad-mouth him to outsiders – Ensure you never do that!

67. I Take Care Of My Partner Like No Other

The extra attention and care that you could give your partner is exceptional and could never be given by any other; Just take care of your special person, it is your lovely responsibility!

68. I Stay Silent When My Partner Loses His Cool

When tension between you and your partner escalates, ensure that you don’t lose your cool and handle the situation delicately!

69. I Respect The Relationship My Partner Shares With His Parents

Differences are bound to exist in your relationship with your in-laws. Never let that affect the relationship your partner shares with the latter!

70. I Thank God Everyday For Bestowing The Best Gift Of My Life, My Partner

Your partner, the most special person in your life is undoubtedly your blessing. Thank god for endowing you with such a beautiful soul in your life. Won’t you?

71. I Share My Apprehensions With My Partner

Being your partner’s better-half, you should share your fear and apprehensions with him rid of any hesitation. That’s how your relationship would grow!

Marriage affirmations ideas

Trust me, in many ways, practicing these daily affirmations in your everyday life would not only make you count the blessings of your marriage life but also would improve the relationship you share with your better-half.

Do try them and share how you liked the affirmations and your experiences with them if any, in the comments section below!