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Okay so you must be wondering, what do you put in a journal for your boyfriend, but not anymore.

For this blog is so full of journaling ideas you could leverage to get your boy impressed in a flick. 

How do I start a journal for my boyfriend?


So What Do You Put In A Journal For Your Boyfriend, Here Are 25 Suggestions!

Come, let me guide you!

To Start With, Why Not Put Your Special Date Events Together?

Some dates are definitely special and are worth recording.

Collate those close-to-your-heart moments with your boyfriend and put them all in your journal. He will love them.

Things You Enjoy Doing Together

What are the activities you guys love to team up for together?

It could be singing/dancing/cooking. Be it anything, just get a list of it done so that you guys know how to get yourselves cheered up whenever required.

A Humorous Day Together

Every relationship will have an unforgettable funny story to it.

If you guys have one too that you cannot get your mind off of without laughing, just get it written in your journal. Let your boy have a good laugh too!

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Some Of Your Stories He Will Find Significant

In case you have some past instances crucial to share with your boy, here is a chance to let him know through one of your journal entries.

Trust me, this will help generate a better understanding in your relationship in the long-run.

Let Him Know Your Desires , Goals, Vision, And Aspirations

If you are highly ambitious about certain things in your life, it is important that your boyfriend knows about them too.

Dedicate an entry exclusively for this purpose so that he understands and starts supporting your vision too!

Ask Him To Write Down His Goals

Leave a page empty to get him to fill it with his dreams and aspirations if any.

Suppose you know them already , enlist them for him so that he is motivated time and again to work closer to his goals!

Set Challenges For Him

In case your boyfriend is an aspirer and you wish to help him achieve his aspirations, get a list of challenges created for him that could get him a step closer to his dream.

Believe me, this is one of the major life-changing journal ideas you could use to tug at your boyfriends’ heartstrings in a go.

Put Down All The Moments You Enjoyed The Most Together

Certain moments are celebratory in the company of your boyfriend that are meant to be remembered forever.

This is why you need to think about them more accurately and pen down in your journal because it’s supposed to be a pleasant reminder to your boyfriend.

A Glimpse Of Your First Meeting Your Boyfriend

Capture those very few moments you were around your boyfriend for the first time and your mindstate in that time in a small write up.

It will be the most-loved entry in the journal by your boyfriend.

A Couple Of Letters Straight From Your Heart

Your boy will definitely appreciate it if you are able to paint your thoughts and emotions in the form of letters for him.

Since these are really really personal to you two, it must be one of the special entries of your journal.

Write Down Those Relationship Tips You Must Have Learnt

It is easier to forge a relationship with another but to nourish and grow it together is the most arduous thing.

This is why you need to list down those relationship insights you must have heard/read/learnt from elsewhere in your journal. This should be done to keep you guys reminded of your precious bond together. 

Create His Habit Tracer

If you think your boyfriend needs control over his physical/eating OR any other habits, write them down in the journal.

This way the journal will keep monitoring him whenever needed.

Surprise Him With His Favourite Dish Recipes

In case you are already an expert in preparing his favourite dishes, here is your chance to get the recipes written for him in your journal.

Now he could prepare them all by himself whenever he craves them!

List Of Movies To Watch Together

Suppose you have a good number of films you wish to watch with him together, list them down in the journal.

You never know when it comes to your rescue!

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List Down The Books To Read Together In Case You Guys Are Bibliophiles

Is it funny/romantic books you love reading together?

Whatever, collate a bunch of them to get you guys engaged the next time you decide to read together.

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Gratitude Journal

What are those little things you feel grateful for in regards to your boyfriend?

It could be the good association you share with him OR the way he motivates you to work towards your goal, Or the way he cares for you.

Pen them all down in the journal to let him know how thankful you are for his presence in your life.

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Write All Things You Like About Him

Prepare a list of characteristics you love about your boyfriend.

Let him experience the bliss of being recognised and appreciated for his efforts in your relationship.

Display All Your Beautiful Pictures Together

Why not make a collage with some of your heartwarming pictures together?

This gives your boy such a breezy feeling you never know of!

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Let Him Know His Strengths

Wouldn’t you love it when someone tells you what your strengths are?

Do it for your boyfriend, He will find it refreshing!

Point Out Your Relationship Issues

What kind of hiccups do you face in your relationship often?

Put them down in your journal so that you guys learn how to fix your problems easily!

How About Doing Some Poetry For him?

In case you love writing poems, create verses that better describe your boy and your relationship with him.

This is such an amazing way to connect with your boy!

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Enlist Your Dreams Together

Do you guys have a far-sighted vision about your relationship and life together?

If yes, write them down in the journal so that he is reminded of the significance of your association in the long-term.

Some Quotes And Illustrations Describing Your Relationship

It is absolutely common to come across certain life/love quotes and illustrations that resonate with your relationship.

Feel free to pen them down in the journal for your boyfriend. He will understand what it means!

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Start A Travel Bucketlist 

In case you both are travel-freaks, you need to come up with a list of places you love to visit together.

Trust me, it will find its use sooner or later!

Some Mementos You Must Have Saved

Be it a ticket to your favourite movie OR your favourite chocolate wrapper, collect and stick them on the journal.

Your boy will be impressed for sure!


Journal writing for your boyfriend is sure an experience for you while a gift/surprise for your boy.

Since this is a meaningful way to enrich your bond , you must not miss doing it. 

Anyway, if you liked my journal suggestions OR you think you have some ideas to add to the above list, post them in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you!