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Is gratitude important in a relationship – Has this question been reckoning your mind lately?

Whenever your partner makes an effort for you, be it helping you out with something OR standing supportive of you in times of crisis, would it not be fair enough of you to stay grateful and reciprocate his gestures? Is it not something basic to do?

Come, let me elaborate you more on this!

gratitude and the nurturing relationships

Is Gratitude Important In A Relationship – A Full-Fledged Analysis Just For You!

Generosity to show gratitude is limited in today’s world where most of you are self-centered and too absorbed in your own activities. 

This obviously says more about your stance on life, where your focus is more on competing against one another instead of binding with one another. Sadly, the case is no different in a family environment too.

Tell me, do you value your relationships around?

Do you let your partner know that you are grateful for the latter’s good deeds?

Are you at least aware of the fact that gratitude forms the basis of morality?

Remember, when gratitude is made a part of your soul, you unknowingly beautify your relationship with your partner. Are you wondering how?

Come, let me tell you why practicing gratitude is important in a relationship!

What Is Gratitude In A Relationship?

Gratitude in a relationship is acknowledging your partner’s gestures, help, words OR any action for that matter, that would have benefitted you completely.

It is your ability to show kindness in return and embellish your bonding with your partner.

When practiced graciously, gratitude will keep running things smooth and stable in your relationship.

Contrarily, if gratitude happens to be a one-sided approach, it will only backfire your efforts. Clearly, only if both the parties involved in a relationship exercise gratitude sincerely, would they leave a splash of positivity to their relationship. Do I make sense here?

The effects of gratitude in relationships

Why Should You Learn To Express Your Gratitude Instinctively To Your Partner?

It is good when you learn to be grateful naturally and instantaneously. Meaning, you should express your gratitude to your partner then and there.

Say your partner orders food from a restaurant since you are feeling worn out.

In such a case, if you acknowledge your partner’s gesture a week later, do you think it will have an impact as much as it would have in the moment?

Remember, situations and times play a key role in making gratitude worth it! 

How to use gratitude to strengthen your relationship

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4 Effective Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Partner

You could show your gratitude to your partner in the following ways –

1. Saying  “Thank You” To Your Partner Wherever Required

Let’s say your spouse replaces your broken watch. Doesn’t he deserve a small “thank you”?

This article from talks about the importance of saying “thank you” in life.

Significance of gratitude in a relationship

2. Acknowledging Your Partner’s Gesture Specifically

When your partner takes you out for a drive sensing your depression, shouldn’t you say, “Glad that you understood my mood and took me out for a drive. I am feeling a lot better now. Thank you so much”

Is it not a good way of nurturing your relationship as well?

3. Appreciating Your Partner For His Work

Say your partner gets you a laptop table to ease the neck strain you experience while working; The highlight is he does it for you by merely noticing your pain. Isn’t that a gesture worth your appreciation?

4. Doing Something In Return To Your Partner’s Kind Gesture

Say your partner presents you a gold ring for your anniversary. Over-awed, you surprise him back with his favorite ice creams. By doing so, you are indirectly showing him your gratitude. Isn’t that an amazing thing to do?

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More Examples From Your Daily Life Where You Could Show Gratitude To Your Partner!

Is gratitude important in a relationship?

A number of situations arise in your everyday life where your partner surprises you by his kind gestures & actions. Here are some from my end. 

Hope they will make you understand the importance of practicing gratitude in your relationship better!

When Your Spouse Does Something For Your Special Day – Be It A Birthday OR Anniversary

Assume your spouse plans a surprise vacation for your birthday to Manali which is your dream destination. Wouldn’t that get you on a high? 

In that case, shouldn’t you tell your spouse, “How thoughtful of you to have chosen the exact place I have been pining to go for long? Thank you so much, this is the best surprise of my life”.

If you find this formal, you could convey your gratitude informally as well – But just do it!

When Your Spouse Helps You Out With Domestic Responsibilities

Say both you and your spouse are working people and live in a nuclear set-up.

You guys make a deal to prepare food according to each one’s schedule, beneficial to both of you.

In this case, shouldn’t both of you be grateful to each other?

When Your Spouse Encourages Your Career & Financial Independence

Say you are an aspiring entrepreneur. When your spouse understands your dreams and encourages you to pursue your vision, shouldn’t you show gratitude to him?

When Your Spouse Understands Your Limitations And Supports You

Let’s suppose you get a promotion at your office and fortunately, you badge an onsite deputation opportunity.

You have a kid plus your in-laws are old enough to manage the house.

Being a rare opportunity, you don’t want to miss it; And so does your partner.

Though difficult, he assures to take care of everything at the home front for the time being and asks you to focus on your career. Isn’t that a huge gesture from his end?

Does it not mean you should be grateful to him?

When Your Spouse Bridges The Relationship Between You And Your In-Laws

It is not unconventional to have differences with your in-laws.

That said, when your spouse makes an effort to neutralize the coldness going on between you and your MIL, isn’t that a good act?

Does it not mean you should be thankful to your partner for it?

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When Your Spouse Supports You In Difficult Times

Suppose you feel depressed over the passing away of your grandfather who is your favorite person in the world.

Your partner does everything it takes to mollify you, becoming rock solid to support you.

Once normal, shouldn’t you express how grateful you are to him over the efforts he made to placate you in difficult times?

When Your Spouse Understands Your Requirement And Does It For You

Say your smartphone becomes impaired and you are just mulling over changing it.

Unexpectedly your partner surprises you with a brand new phone. Wouldn’t his gesture turn out to be amazeballs for you?

Does it not mean you should grab hold of him to express your thankfulness?

When Your Spouse Takes Care Of You – When Not Well & Even Otherwise

Let’s assume you are not keeping well.

Your spouse takes your responsibility completely – Right from taking you to the hospital to cooking for the family, he does everything besides his office work.

Shouldn’t you acknowledge his kind gestures once you are fine?

Is gratitude important in a relationship – 2 Common Signs Of Gratitude From Your Partner You Shouldn’t Miss!

The following are a few examples of your partner expressing his gratitude to you.

1. When Your Spouse Recognises Your Work And Shows Gratitude

Say you arrange a surprise birthday for your partner, planning hunting tasks for him to grab hold of the gifts you have bought for him lovingly.

Your partner is impressed with your gestures and says, “I am so lucky to have you as my partner. Thank you for all your efforts”

Do you not see it as a sign of gratitude?

2. When Your Spouse Suddenly Remembers To Show Gratitude To You

Say your partner returns from work late at night; And he finds nothing to eat.

Annoyed, he shouts at you for not saving anything for him to eat and orders food from outside.

Finally after satisfying his hunger pangs, he realizes how you cook for him every day and how harsh he had been with you for no fault of yours.

And he apologizes. Isn’t that indicative of his gratitude towards you?

Now tell me, Is gratitude important in a relationship or not?

Benefits of gratitude on relationships

How Does Gratitude Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner? How Could Gratitude Positively Influence A Relationship?

By showing gratitude,

1) You make your partner understand how much you value him
2) You drive your partner to be grateful
3) Your family’s health-index will improve drastically
4) Your bond grows stronger with your partner
5) You fix difficulties & differences in your relationship easily
6) When you practice gratitude piously, you are often reminded of your partner’s positive characteristics and good deeds. It means you wouldn’t face any sort of difficulty in forgiving OR apologising to your partner. Isn’t that awesome?
7) Practising gratitude in your everyday life removes your mind-blocks and complaining nature.
8) You grow more mature and peaceful in your relationship in the long run, provided your partner learns gratitude as well

Do you see here why is gratitude important in a relationship?

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How Practising Gratitude Makes You Mindful Of Your Relationship & Its Significance?

Gratitude shouldn’t vanish with a thank you note. Rather, it should be done heartfully that you never forget the good things done by your partner. 

In that case, during difficult phases, instead of picking fights with your partner, you would choose to focus on all the positive things he has done for you over the years; you tend to become more mindful of your relationship.

That way, you don’t give up on your partner easily, indicative of the robustness of the bond you share with the latter.

How a lack of gratitude kills relationships

Practicing gratitude in relationships is a less discussed OR rather an unnoticed subject as people are more inclined towards taking their partners for granted. What they should know is that gratitude, once incorporated mindfully, would work wonders to their relationships!

If you have any queries OR thoughts to share on this post, you may well post them in the comments section below. I would be glad to address them 🙂