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As a person, did you just wonder, “Why wives don’t like mama’s boy husbands?”

Generally for women, their equation with Mothers-in-law always remains a challenge. That said, if the latter unknowingly becomes the very cause of friction in their marriage life, why would women even appreciate it?

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why women don't like mother's boy husbands

Why Wives Don’t Like Mama’s Boy Husbands – 19 Shocking Truths

Here is a list of 19 Questions that will make you realize why wives don’t like mama’s boy husbands –

1. Would Any Woman Like It If Her Partner Keeps Focusing On His Mother All The Time? 

Could any woman stand her husband thinking about his mother all the time?

Could she take it if her spouse keeps worrying or caring ONLY for his mother always?

Why would a woman even appreciate it if her spouse does not give a damn about her?

Wouldn’t her spouse’s actions make her question her existence in his life?

2. Can Any Wife Stand It If Her partner Spends Time With His Mother All The Time?

What would be the condition of a woman whose spouse comes home late from work and spends his time with his mother?

What would happen to the woman’s expectations and longingness to spend time with her lovable husband?

Wouldn’t she feel broke and hapless when her partner doesn’t give enough importance to her?

That said, how would her spouse’s ignorant behaviour even result in building a positive relationship between them?

3. Would Any Modern Day Woman Appreciate It If Her Spouse Seeks His Mother’s Approval For Every Small Thing?

How would it feel for a woman who has left her family behind to spend her life with a man who still lives under the shadow of his mother?

Would it not widen the gap in their relationship considering that her partner is not independent and that he takes his mother’s word for everything even at this age?

Do you not think it will make her displeased?

4. Would Any Wife Like It If Her Partner Does Things For Her With His Mother’s Help?

Do you think a woman would like it if her partner always takes his mother’s help to do things for her?

In that case, Would it be wrong of her to expect her partner to do things by himself?

Of course, marriage being a special relationship between a husband and wife, there should be a better scope for development of personal exchanges between the duo, isn’t it?

5. How Would A Wife Feel If Her Partner Compares Her With His Mother All The Time?

Any woman for that matter cannot stand it if her originality is being questioned.

What if her husband often taunts her saying, “This is not how my mom prepares rasam (A South-Indian Delicacy). Hers is the best. You should learn from her”

Both are two distinct individuals, how could the husband even compare one with the other?

Learning is a different subject. The wife could get inputs from her MIL and work towards betterment but why the comparison?

The same aspect is discussed in an article in Symbis Assessment distinguishing the role of mothers and wives.

That said, her partner comparing her against his mother all the time would only frustrate her further and deter their relationship in the long term.

why wives dont like mama's boy husbands

6. Do You Not Think It Would Make a Woman Unhappy When Her Spouse Puts Her Down For His Mother?

Let’s say a woman faces differences with her mother-in-law. And she is no at fault.

In that case, what if the woman’s partner takes his mother’s side?

How could a wife even stand it when her husband is not supportive of her when she is being on the right side?

Do you now see why wives don’t like mama’s boy husbands?

7. Would Any Wife Tolerate It If Her Partner Gives Preference To His Mother Over Her?

Would any wife take it if her spouse gives priority to his mother over her?

How would she feel if her partner chooses to fulfill his mother’s request over hers?

Would it not hurt that human being who has left her family behind to be with her partner?

How would she even welcome her husband’s unmindful behaviour?

8. Would Any Woman Like It If Her Partner Shares His Personal Stuff With His Mother Instead Of Her?

How would a woman feel when her partner shares his personal problems or difficulties he might be undergoing at work with his mother instead of her?

How would she feel when she realises her presence in her partner’s life means nothing to him?

Would that not make her disheartened to the core?

9. Would Any Woman Encourage It If Her Partner Is Too Much Into His Mother?

Could you imagine the condition of a woman whose partner feels helpless in his mother’s absence?

Wouldn’t that make her lose hope on her husband?

In such a case, how could she even handle him appropriately without any despair?

Don’t you see here why wives don’t like mama’s boy husbands?

10. How Could A Wife Stand It If Her Partner Is Not Ready To Listen Her Heart Out?

Is it wrong if a wife vents out her feelings to her partner?

Would it be wrong of her if she expresses the differences she might be having with her mother-in-law with her husband?

Wouldn’t she feel bad if her partner turns her down and doesn’t listen to her?

What option does she have other than her partner to share her emotions with?

If he is not lending his ears, wouldn’t she grow frustrated in the long run?

Doesn’t that mean mama’s boy husbands should change after marriage?

11. How Would A Wife Take It If Her Spouse Ignores Her Suggestions?

Would any wife like it when her partner does not involve her in making decisions OR ignores her views and opinions?

Be it any problem or decision-making, if the husband does not involve the wife, how would things go well in their relationship?

And even worse, if the husband only takes his mother’s confidence and suggestions, would it not annoy the wife?

When such is the case , do you see why wives don’t like mama’s boy husbands?

Things that tell why wives don’t like mother’s boy husbands

12. Do You Think A Woman Would Like It If Her Partner Insists That She Should Take Her MIL’s Approval For Every Small Thing?

Wouldn’t any wife feel bad if her partner forces her to take permission from her mother in law before doing every small thing?

From joining an art class to visiting a grocery store, if a husband expects his wife to take his mother’s nod , wouldn’t that question the very existence of him?

Being an adult, shouldn’t a husbandman be equipped with enough confidence to function independently? Especially for small things like these?

What the husband does not realize is that it would snatch away the independence of his wife too. Isn’t that bad?

Now do you see why wives despise mama’s boy husbands?

13. How Would A Wife Like It When Her Partner Keeps Calling His Lovable Mother When He Is On A Vacation With The Former?

Wouldn’t a wife feel excited when she is on a vacation with her dear husband?

And to her dismay, say her partner keeps calling his mother every now and then.

Do you think any woman would approve of this? Especially when her man doesn’t acknowledge her presence?

That said, How would a wife like a husband who does not care about her?

14. Would Any Woman Appreciate It If Her MIL Is Her Spouse’s Most Favourite?

Every man would love his mother so much. That’s obvious. But wouldn’t his wife expect the same love for her?

When she gets to know that her partner places her below her MIL, wouldn’t she feel bad?

Would it be wrong of her if she expects her spouse to shower equal care and affection towards her?

When her expectation is after all fair but ignored, how would she like it at all?

15. Wouldn’t Any Wife Feel Bad When Her Partner Asks His Mother To Do Things For Him?

A man’s life is set to change after marriage. This is due to the introduction of his wife and he should for sure strive to acknowledge his new relationship.

That said, if a man asks his mother to cook, take care of his requirements even after his marriage, wouldn’t that enrage the wife?

Wouldn’t she feel bad about not gaining a place in her partner’s life?

That said, how would wives like their husbands who are blindly attached to their mothers? How would they deal with them?

16. Do You Not Think A Woman Would Feel Sad When Her Partner Always Go By His Mother’s Choice?

Say a husband always prefers and approves his mother’s picks and choices be it an outfit or glass.

In such a case, do you not think it would sadden the wife who makes efforts exclusively to shop things for her partner?

Wouldn’t she feel let down when her efforts go unnoticed? Or Would it be wrong of her to expect her spouse to align with her interests?

The problem is, When mama’s boy husbands don’t change themselves after marriage, it will take a hit on their and relationship in the long run.

17. Would It Be Wrong Of A Wife To Expect Her Spouse To Give Importance To Their Private Space?

Marriage should ensue happy and prosperous moments between a husband and wife.

That said, if a husband does not think it is important to dedicate some private time for his wife, how do you think a wife could digest it?

When their private and personal space is considered insignificant and not necessary by the husband, would it not strain their marriage in itself?

Instead if the husband keeps spending his time with his mother, how would the wife even like it?

18. Would Any Woman Encourage It If Her Spouse Keeps Talking About His Mother A Lot?

What would happen if a husband keeps having conversations with his wife that revolves more around his mother?

Do you not think it would piss off the wife?

19. How Would A Wife Feel When She Comes To Know That Her Spouse Trusts His Mother More?

Would any wife like it when her partner believes his mother more than her?

Wouldn’t she feel bad when her partner is influenced and manipulated by her overbearing mother in law yet he chooses to listen to his mother?

Wouldn’t she feel betrayed and start developing bitter relations with her husband? Would it not lead to tension in their marriage life? 

Men Should Learn To Balance Their Mothers & Wives Properly!

Men love their Mothers more and there is no wrong in that. But what when their love is overwhelming enough to spoil their relationship with their wives? Shouldn’t they realize that their Wives could have expectations too? Is it not important for them to draw a line between their mothers and wives?

I strongly feel that men should learn to balance the two important ladies of their life wisely for a healthy and positive living. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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