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Are you contemplating why mindfulness is important in couples? 

Every married couple’s journey progresses in a path that is so filled with hurdles in the form of differences, arguments, and challenges. Yet with all these short-comings, could couples, together, make an easy traverse without mindfulness in place? Come, let me tell you!

How mindfulness could save your relationship

Why Mindfulness Is Important In Couples – 7 Rock-Solid Reasons You Should Know For Sure!

Every relationship would have its own share of happiness, joy, petty scuffles, discussions, oppositions, despair, and countless other factors. And that is perfectly normal.

But in the long term, if a tinge of mindfulness is lacking in the midst of all this, the cruise of the relationship would encounter a myriad hiccups.

But what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to assess and handle situations effectively without wrecking and wrestling with one another ridiculously. 

How you choose to behave with your partner is very important for you and your relationship.Though daunting it might seem to be, practicing it will scoop away the roadblocks in your relationship easily.

Time to understand the importance of exercising mindfulness in relationships, my beloved reader. Go through the following reasons – You will realize why I vouch for it!

1. What Is A Relationship Without Peace – Keep Practicing Mindfulness, You Wouldn’t Have A Reason To Worry!

Every couple would have umpteen reasons to argue and fight with one another. This is of course, completely subject to the expectations, behaviour, and thought patterns of the parties involved.

In the case where the sensitivity of both the couple and the situations are higher, they would for sure result in diminishing the very foundation of a relationship – Peace. Is that even desirable?

Let me give you a few examples here to add clarity.

Example 1 – 

Wife – “You give all your attention only to your work. Where is the time for me amidst all this?”

Husband – “Without work, do you think we could run this family? Where do you go for money?”

Wife – “So, you don’t give a damn about our marriage?”

And the length of arguments would keep burgeoning. Contrarily here, a splash of mindfulness could save the couple from spoiling their harmony. How?

Maybe the wife could pay enough attention to her spouse’s difficulties; That is, getting into his shoes to achieve a clear picture.


The spouse could talk soothingly and convince his wife about his problems.

Example 2 –

Probably a husband is struck between the conflict mound existing between his mother and wife.

In such cases, he has to practice caution while talking to them and be aware of who he backs up; For even a word uttered instinctively against one could rattle the composure of the family straining both the relationship he shares with his mother and wife.

Fortunately, if he takes a subtle approach and deals with the situation wisely, he could restore the peace of the family.

After all, what is a family without tranquility?

Benefits of mindfulness in your relationships

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2. Why Mindfulness Is Important In Couples – You Will Learn To Keep Your Relationship Stable At Any Cost!

Mindfulness is an art you construct with time. And Adjustments play a huge role in it.

Let me cite my own example here.

My spouse was supposed to virtually join his new office due to covid-19, but without his personal laptop he had to rely on me for a few days.

Since I have my work to take care of, I had my own apprehensions and refused to offer him my laptop.

Helpless, he grew angry. But then we realized one another’s situation.

We made a pact to use my laptop during fixed hours in a day without spoiling the work of one another.

In this case, though we were adamant initially we took the plunge to make the situation favorable for both of us. Don’t you sense a splotch of mindfulness here?

Making Adjustments For Your Partner Becomes Natural 

Of course, I had to reduce my work timings. Though an adjustment, I went through it complaint-free!

There is another example I would love to quote here.

During one of the family occasions, my brother happened to scream at my sister-in-law for no reason in front of so many people; Probably he was suffering from work-related stress.

That moment, I saw my sister-in-law walking away from the place without uttering a word against him. 

Doesn’t that show her mindfulness here? How without aggravating the situation, she chose to stay silent?

Relationships succeed when the parties involved learn to make adjustments for one another. 

Now do you understand how mindfulness helps you make adjustments easily thereby safe-guarding your relationship?

How mindfulness is saving my relationship

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3. If You Are Mindful Enough, You Will Spare Your Children From Bad Parenting

“Like Parents, Like Children”, is a maxim you must be aware of for sure. Meaning, parents are the biggest role models for their children.

That said, when parents happen to fight in front of their children all the time, wouldn’t that impact the latter’s mental health?

Wouldn’t they, by default, be molding their children’s character in wrong ways?

However intense the situations are, shouldn’t parents learn to be mindful enough?

Example –

Wife – “I cannot take off today, I have team outing”

Husband – “I have my client meeting at the office today.  Who is supposed to take care of the kids then? Do you think your outing is more important than our children?”

Wife – “This was planned long ago and I cannot give this up at any cost!”

Husband – “If you cannot, you may please leave this house”

Consider all the drama unfolding between the husband and wife, duly witnessed by their children. 

Don’t you think here, both the husband and wife are only keen on fighting with one another? 

Where is their interest towards their own children amidst all the high voltage spectacle?

Instead of having an altercation, shouldn’t the duo, as grown-ups, be mature enough to take charge of the situation?

Do you understand now why mindfulness is important in couples?

How does mindfulness helps relationships

4. Mindfulness Quickly Resolves Any Sort Of Problem Between You & Your Partner

When mindfulness doesn’t exist in couples, problems keep persisting in their relationships.

Suppose, there is a situation like this, between a husband and wife –

Husband – “Is this how you let the stereos blare when I am having an important call with my manager?”

Wife – “I am sorry”

Husband – “Shouldn’t you have some sense? I am in the midst of a presentation. You have spoiled both my mood and work”

Wife – **Silent**

Husband leaves, banging the door shut!

A while later, the wife apologizes again to her partner and they reunite!

In this case, don’t you think the wife took the responsibility for her mistake? Instead of making the situation worse for her spouse, she chose to fizzle it out. Isn’t that indicative of her mindfulness?

Had it not been the case, it would have resulted in a war of words, unquestionably.

Now why mindfulness is important in couples – When couples practice mindfulness, they save themselves not just from spars but also from a billion scars.

5. Your Understanding Levels With Your Partner Will Drastically Improve If Mindfulness Is Practiced Sincerely

Essence of a relationship is crucially signified by the strength of its bond.

To strike a robust bond, “understanding one another”, is the most important factor.

Travails of a relationship could be easily conquered when its foundation proves to be indestructible.

Mindfulness Makes You Responsive, Not Reactive

When you practice mindfulness in your relationship, you would go through a number of realizations.

Meaning, in any kind of situation, you learn to wait, analyse, weigh, and then respond.

That way, you wouldn’t easily pick fights with your partner. Your perception towards him/her would entirely change. And you would be responsive enough instead of becoming reactive. An article from discusses this.

Should I be mindful in my relationship

Nurturing your relationship with mindfulness would improve the levels of understanding you share with your partner with time and pave the way for a better life with each other.  Isn’t that a marvellous aspect?

6. You Would Never Feel INSECURE In Your Relationship, When You Follow Mindfulness

Insecurity entangles every relationship that has a weak binding.

“What if my spouse leaves me, coming to know about this situation?”

“Would he not like me if I keep talking to him like this?”

These statements clearly show the feeling of insecurity in a relationship.

But you know what?

Those couples who practice mindfulness in their lives would be confident flag-bearers of their relationship however the situations are.

They would know how to take their relationship through any form of crisis and difficulties. They would know when exactly to talk and when not to. They would know how to make up with their partners.

Their conviction towards their association would keep adding layers of trust and binding to their relationship.

That said, where is the place for insecurity in such relationships?

Now do you see why mindfulness is important in couples?

7. External Intervention Would Have No Impact On Couples Who Are Mindful Enough

It is not uncommon to spot in-laws OR insensitive relatives OR other outsiders, inciting couples against one another.

In such cases, when the parties involved are mindful enough, they would know how to handle the situation better.

By being mindful enough, they would know what is right and what is wrong for their relationship.

Let me give you an example here for clarity –

Relative 1 – “Why does your spouse shout at you like this?”

Wife – “Poor fellow, probably he is struck with hunger pangs”

It is clear here that Relative 1 is keen on driving the wife against her spouse. 

The wife being mindful, gives an appropriate response that settles the situation easily. 

Now tell me, don’t you think when couples practice mindfulness, they shield their bond from external forces?

Why should couples practice mindfulness

When couples follow mindfulness religiously, no disruption would dare to break their relationship apart; In fact, mindfulness plays a key role in stimulating growth and adding beauty to relationships.

In a nutshell, Life would become a smooth ride, despite a bundle of hurdles in a mindful ground; Isn’t that something incredible?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!