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There are numerous nice things to say to your daughter in law to make her feel bonded and connected with you.

Though there would be a high prevalence of differences, making your daughter in law feeling inclusive through your words would definitely soften your relationship with her.

Would you like to know what they are?

16 nice things to say to your daughter in law

16 Nice things to say to your Daughter in Law that will Transform your Relationship

Here I have come up with a list of 16 Amazing things that you could tell your daughter in law and establish a good relationship with her.

1. “You Cook Really Nice Food for us, So Thank You”

Of Course, being an experienced Mother in Law, you would have a better hand at Cooking.

And that doesn’t mean that you could expect the same kind of deftness from your daughter in law as well.

Be kind enough to appreciate your daughter in law whenever she makes an effort to prepare a special meal for you.

I take my father for inspiration here. Every time that my Sister in Law or I cook something for him, he would be like, “Darling, the food was extraordinary! Would you believe it? I had two extra spoons”

Isn’t that Sweet of him?

Appreciation is something really crucial to keep your Daughter in Law motivated and happy. 

When her efforts are recognised, it would establish a stronger bond between you two.

2. “You Work So Hard Through Thick & Thin”

With most of the daughters in law juggling between Work and Home Chores, things are really hard on them and they make a lot of compromises along the process.

Considering the kind of hormonal imbalances they undergo, they sure require some sort of soothing to keep them going, isn’t it?

If you are not sure, you shall try spotting that frustration that shows in your Daughter in Law’s face at times. 

That is why it is important that you recognise whatever effort that she takes for your family.

Sometimes when I would be on my periods, cleaning the house, my mother in law would ask me, “Akila, can I do it? You must not be feeling well”

Isn’t that a beautiful gesture?

I bet it gave me such warmth and happiness. 

And I believe such a kind gesture would definitely have a positive impact on any daughter in law for that matter and creates a lasting impression on her heart.

Do you not see this as one of the nice things to say to your daughter in law?

3. “You Never Fail to Help With the Household Work; I’m Going to Support You Too from Now on.”

Definitely, you would find it difficult to handle all the responsibility of the house.

In that case, when your daughter in law volunteers to help you with cleaning or cooking or even help with the payment of electricity bills, wouldn’t that lessen your workload? 

For even a glass of hot water that I would serve my father in law, he would reciprocate back with a “thank you” which would instantly light up my face.

Trust me, when you show such warm gestures to your daughter in law, you would definitely contribute to building a strong relationship with her.

4. “Your Parents have Done a lot for You. You should Never Let them Down”

One of the major problems that pop up between the in laws and daughters in law is when there are UNNECESSARY DISCUSSIONS ABOUT THE DAUGHTER IN LAW’S FAMILY.

In order to avoid such instances, you should ensure to work out situations where you are in complete peace with your daughter in law’s family.

Even now, my mother in law and her relatives would point out, “Your father had done extraordinary arrangements for the wedding. Without his efforts, it wouldn’t have been as grand as it was.”

My father would also mention every once in a while to my sister in law, “Your parents had done a great job in your wedding despite their financial shortcomings. Nobody could point hands at them for any reason.”

Instead of finding faults, try bringing out the positives of your daughter in law’s family. I bet that would definitely make her happy and induce a sense of respect for you!

5. “You Never Fail to Take Care of Us, No Matter What! We are Forever Indebted to You”

When you are not keeping well, you would definitely require someone else’s help.

Under such situations when your daughter in law comes forward to help you, you should acknowledge and be grateful for her.

Take this case.

The other day, my mother in law had suddenly started experiencing hiccups.

Within seconds, I rushed to grab her a glass of water.

Being a timely gesture, she thanked me heartfully.

The point here is, you should feel that gratitude for your daughter in law’s help however small it is, for that will help you in building a cordial relationship with her.

16 nice things to say to your daughter in law

6. “I am Glad that you Helped me Out. Thank you So Much”

There would be times when you might actually be struggling to fix something.

There would also be times when you would be looking out to buy something.

When your daughter in law comes forward to sort such things out for you, you are supposed to acknowledge her.

I remember helping out my mother in law once with her phone settings. I am sure she was relieved and glad about that.

Such gestures of your daughter in law should be acknowledged by you for that would keep her motivated to do more things for you

7. “May God Bless you, My Dear”

Whether it is your daughter in law’s Birthday or Anniversary or probably she reaches heights professionally or anything for that matter, you should make that effort to bless her with all your heart.

“God Bless you” are three powerful words that could instill positivity and hope in people.

When you shower this upon your daughter in law, it would give her a ray of hope and happiness that would make her count you for all the highs and lows of her life.

Considering today’s scenario where there is a complete disengagement between the in-laws and the daughters in law, such graceful gestures by you would aid in forging a good relationship with your daughter in law.

8. “You Struggle so Hard to Support this Family. That Means a Lot” 

When your daughter in law supports you financially, it is for sure a sign of a strong bond between you both.

And this factor for sure should be acknowledged by you.

Even a simple smile or a small gesture of making a cup of coffee for her when she returns from work would ensure to reveal the kind of respect that you have built for her.

Trust me, it is the best way to build a positive and healthy family.

9. “I am Happy that you Treat all Our Relatives with Respect. They Must be Glad too”

In today’s world, finding respectful people in itself is remarkable.

Considering that aspect, when you notice your daughter in law being respectful of you and your relatives, you should be appreciative of it.

I have seen my mother quip quite a couple of times, “Subha is being very respectful of elders. Look how she is treating everyone with a smile and good manners. That’s how daughters in law should be”

Here, my mother was referring to one of our relatives and as a third person, she was feeling happy about that girl.

When my mother could feel that way for someone else’s daughter in law, how would Subha’s in-laws feel? 

Wouldn’t they feel overwhelmed too?

10. “How Sweet of You in Making our Day So Special. Thank You so Much” 

When you experience your daughter in law’s love in the form of surprises or gifts or special gestures during any special occasion like your birthday or anniversary, you should feel happy about it.

Such acts are supposed to be reciprocated and acknowledged and no phrase like “thank you” could be as encouraging, and emotionally driving for her.

Don’t you think it’s one of the nice things to say to your daughter in law?

11. “How are you Doing, my dear? Do You Feel Happy being with Us?”

As much as you would expect your daughter in law to take care of you, don’t you think you are responsible for her well-being too?

When you start treating your daughter in law like your own daughter, concern and care would automatically flow in thereby breaking any form of ice that would exist between you two.

Probably when she is not doing well, you could ask, “How are you doing, dear?”

This is such a simple gesture but Trust me it would reflect a lot of changes internally for her.

12. “Sorry about Disturbing your Work. I didn’t really Mean to” 

There shall be times when you might unknowingly cause some form of inconvenience to your daughter in law.

It could be something hampering her work or routine or task at hand.

Or it could be something that would have hurt her.

Don’t you think you have the responsibility to address and sort it out?

“Sorry” is a one strong word that could set things in your favor and I strongly believe that it should be used when there is a need.

13. “Nothing should come between you and your Dreams. We are Always there to Support You”

Not many in laws are supportive of their daughters in law in terms of their career or professional growth. But there are also people who are really encouraging. Do you think you are one?

Take the case of my father in law. Once we were having a discussion just pertaining to People’s interests and he just happened to say, “It is never too late. If you are interested in literature you could pursue it as well”

That statement really touched me internally that day and I felt such a good connection with him.

Remember, every supportive word uttered by you is a nice thing said to your daughter in law.

14. “Can I make your Favourite Dosas for Dinner?”

When you see your Daughter in Law as a mere caretaker of your family, you would not bother about her likes and dislikes.

Remember, you should let go of such attitudes and find out what your daughter in law likes.

Let me take my scenario here. Every time, my mother in law would ask, “Akila, shall I do paruppu rasam for you?” (Paruppu Rasam being my favorite)

She will take that extra care to even serve those tomatoes in the rasam, which is again my favorite.

Even little things like these can enhance your relationship with your daughter in law and make it more stable.

15. “I am Going to the Supermarket. Do you want me to Get Something for you?”

You don’t have to necessarily buy something for your daughter in law every now and then. But well! Asking will not hurt.

“I am going to the supermarket. Do you need anything?”

“I am going to the bazaar. Do you want anything?”

Such gestures would for sure bind your relationship with your daughter in law and make it more cordial.

16. “Please take some Rest. You are Already Working So Hard”

Is your daughter in law struggling hard for the well-being of your family?

Don’t you think she deserves some form of emotional support?

A small acknowledgement from you like this would prove effective – “You need some Rest, dear. You are slogging away literally for the wellness of this house”

Trust me, such gestures would definitely make her more loyal and dedicated towards your family.

amazing things that you could tell your daughter in law

Words hold a lot of meaning and pave way for a galore of good changes. When you as In-laws make it a habit to say nice things to your daughter in law, things at home will for sure change in a positive way thereby giving way for a good relationship between you both.