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There are many Overlooked problems of daughters in law in this society.

Sadly, most daughters-in-law go through a lot of issues internally everyday , which their families fail to notice –  What are they? 


indian daughter-in-law problems

18 Overlooked Problems Of Daughters in law You Must Be Aware Of!

Here is a list of 18 lesser-known problems that DILS encounter in their everyday lives –

1. In-Laws Don’t UNDERSTAND That Their DILS Are New To Their Traditions

By default, in-laws assume that their daughters-in-law are equipped with the knowledge of traditions and culture of their families – Is that even fair?

Shouldn’t they see that their daughters-in-law are just married and that they are new to their festivities and rituals?

Shouldn’t they realize that their DILS come from a different family who follow different traditions?

That said, why do they demean their DILS when they are not aware of their practices?

Is that even fair?

Do you not see this as one of the overlooked problems of daughters in law?

2. In-Laws Don’t See That Their DILS Are NEW To Their Family

For women, their marital homes aren’t the same as their parents’ home.

Be it those regular practices, or the space they are in, everything offer a completely different experience for the DILS. Isn’t it?

Let’s say a daughter-in-law is forced by her in-laws to fetch water from the well; when she isn’t used to such habits at her home.

Shouldn’t in-laws be mindful of their dil’s situation in such a case?

Shouldn’t they realize that their daughters-in-law come from a different background altogether?

That said, shouldn’t in-laws make their dil feel comfortable?

3. Most Parents-In-Laws Never CHECK On Their DILS’ Emotional Well-Being

Imagine the plight of DILS who leave behind their families to live with their spouse and in-laws.

Wouldn’t they undergo a lot of emotional turbulences?

Shouldn’t In-laws understand this and facilitate a friendly ambiance for their DILS?

Shouldn’t they enquire their DIL’s well-being every now and then?

Instead of letting them withdraw to their shells, shouldn’t in-laws brighten things up for them and make them feel at peace?

4. In-Laws NEVER Understand The Impact Their Unnecessary Jibes Have Over Their DILS – One of the Overlooked Problems of Daughters in law 

Most parents-in-law are not mindful of what they say to their daughters-in-law.

Let’s say a mother-in-law targets her newly married DIL like, “You know what? We got a better proposal for our son before yours. They called back to check on us a few days ago!”

How would the daughter-in-law feel in this case? Wouldn’t her MIL’s words shatter her?

Do you not think in-laws should be more responsible when they communicate to their dils? 

Had it been their daughter, would they have resorted to such unfair talks?

Why dils are not seen as human beings too?

5. Some In-Laws NEVER Worry About Their DILS And Their Basic Needs

When in-laws outrightly expect their DILS to take care of them and their needs, shouldn’t they also realize their responsibilities towards the latter?

Shouldn’t they, as responsible parents-in-law, take care of their DILS’ needs too?

Don’t you think by taking care of their DIL’s requirements, in-laws shall facilitate a secure and happy environment for them?

On the contrary, when in-laws neglect their DILS, they not only go against their morality but also push their DILS into isolation and home-sickness.

As parents-in-law, shouldn’t they realize when they are failing in their duties towards their DILS?

Why are they being unfair?

Are RESPONSIBILITIES just restricted to DILS?

I feel it is high time that in-laws take notice of such overlooked problems of daughters in law – Don’t you agree?

6. In-Laws OVER-BURDEN Their DILS With Work

Whether their DILS are working or not, most in-laws by default expect them to take care of all domestic responsibilities.

The problem here is, they do not see the struggle their DILS go through both physically and mentally to support their families.

Why? Shouldn’t the same sense of responsibility prevail in in-laws too towards their families?

Shouldn’t in-laws understand their dils and give them a helping hand?

Shouldn’t they sympathize with their daughters-in-law and stay HUMAN?

Shouldn’t they take notice of their DILS’ mental well-being too?

7. In-Laws Don’t Understand That Their DILS Could Feel HOME-SICK Too

It is not uncommon to see in-laws showing their despair when their daughters-in-law express their wish to visit their parents.

I don’t understand, what is wrong in it?

Wouldn’t DILS feel home-sick too? Wouldn’t they miss their parents too?

Why do parents-in-law not like it when their DILS go to their parents place?

Why do they challenge their DILS with undue restrictions and mindless comments?

Why? Would they not like it when their daughters visit them after their marriage?

Such instances make DILS sick and cause undue stress in them.

Shouldn’t overlooked problems of daughters-in-law like this need some refurbishment?

8. In-Laws Remain UNBOTHERED Of Their DILS’ Suggestions

Daughters-in-law could have their suggestions and view-points too. The problem is the in-laws’ lack of ability to understand this.

Let’s say a mother-in-law decides to go to her relatives’ place and asks her daughter-in-law to get ready without checking on her availability.

How would the daughter-in-law feel when she is having a different program on the same day?

That said, shouldn’t in-laws make efforts to hear their DILS out?

Shouldn’t they understand that they cannot feed their decisions on their daughters-in-law without listening to latter’s views?

9. In-Laws Don’t Understand The CONCEPT Of Their DILS’ Private Space

Is it wrong for daughters-in-law to dedicate some space and time for themselves?

How would they feel when their in-laws don’t respect that space and cramp their time with other tasks?

Let’s say a daughter-in-law is spending her time cleaning her shelves. Wouldn’t she feel bad when her mother-in-law intervenes her for some other work?

Shouldn’t in-laws understand that their DILS could have their personal space too? Shouldn’t they be respectful of the fact?

What do you think?

10. In-Laws FAIL To Understand The RIGHTS Of The DILS

What most in-laws fail to realize is that their DILS have equal rights and say over things in their families.

Just because they are DILS, do in-laws forget that they are a part of their family and wives to their son?

Shouldn’t they understand that their DILS are entitled to express their opinions on family matters and practice independence?

Why don’t in-laws let dils practice this space they deserve?

Shouldn’t in-laws stop creating restrictions for their DILS?

I feel this remains an unnoticed problem of all times for the DILS in this society. Shouldn’t this change for the better?

What are some of the problems faced by daughters in law

11. Overpowering In-Laws CONTROL Their Son Unbothered Of Their DILS’ Life

Instead of welcoming their DILS with an open mind and making them a part of their families, overpowering in-laws make it more difficult for the DILS by going against them.

Why is it that they try to influence their son to gain advantage over their DILS?

Shouldn’t they, as matured people, facilitate a good environment for both their Son and DILS to live their new lives happily with each other?

Why do most in-laws prefer to adopt CONTROL over INCLUSIVENESS over their DILS with the help of their son?

Why don’t they understand the consequences of their actions over their son’s marriage life in the long run?

Isn’t it high time for a change on this front?

12. In-Laws INTERFERE In Matters Concerning Their Son And DILS Mindlessly

Most parents in law fail to understand the private and personal space that exists between their son and DILS.

Overlooking this fact, in most cases, in-laws try to intervene in matters personal to the husband and wife duo.

Let’s say a DIL is having an argument with her spouse. In such a case, what would happen when her in-laws intervene in their discussion?

Would it be right of them to do so? Shouldn’t they know their boundaries?

Do you not think such behaviour of the in-laws could cause a lot of trouble for the DILS?

13. Some In-Laws IMPEDE The Private Life That Exists Between Their DILS And Their Son

Let’s say a mother-in-law enters her married son’s room without knocking. Is that even sensible?

Shouldn’t the MIL understand the privacy of her son and dil?

What if this becomes a regular affair – Would it not disrupt a marriage?

14. Most In-Laws Don’t See Their DILS’ NEED For Financial Independence

Many parents restrict their DILS from working. But what I don’t understand is, is it not for the DILS to make decisions on this front?

Why should they fall victim to their in-laws’ unintelligent demands?

Needless to say, in a country like ours, where Social Conditioning is rampant, the well-conditioned DILS are forced to abide by their in-laws’ words.

Is it not high time that in-laws realize the impact of their restrictions on their dils?

Shouldn’t they understand the need for their DILS’ financial independence?

Here, I would also like to appreciate those in-laws who understand their DILS’ needs for financial stability and freedom. Shouldn’t they be taken as an example in this case?

15. In-Laws ASSUME That Their DILS Are Their Default Domestic-Helpers

By default, most in-laws assume that their DILS should take care of all house-hold chores no matter what and take them for granted.

Is that how a healthy family works?

Is it not fundamental for all family members to contribute to home management?

And why don’t in-laws treat their DILS as equals and respect them?

Would these stereotypes ever change?

Lesser known problems faced by daughters in law

16. In-Laws FORCE Their Views On Their DILS Without Their Consent

Most of the time, daughters-in-law are not given an option to make a decision. Do you know why?

Parents-in-laws make their decisions and force them on their DILS without seeing the necessity to ask the latter.

By doing so, in-laws not only disrespect their DILS but also take them for granted.

Let’s say a daughter-in-law is forced to not visit her parents when she has actually planned and booked her tickets. Wouldn’t that upset her?

How long should DILS compromise for things they don’t have to?

17. In-Laws Do Not Understand The Responsibilities Of A DAUGHTER

As daughters, women are entitled to support their parents both physically and financially , isn’t it?

That said, why don’t in-laws understand their DILS are equally responsible towards their parents?

Why do they keep restricting their DILS from doing things for their parents?

I have seen in-laws who crib about their DILS giving their salary to their parents. What is wrong if they do so? When in-laws could expect their son to support them financially, what is wrong if their DIL’s parents expect the same of their daughters?

By posing challenges like these, in-laws remain a threat to the DILS-parents relationships. Shouldn’t this situation change for the better?

Unnoticed problems of daughters in law

18. In-Laws Don’t Make Efforts To TREAT Their DILS As Their Family

Most dils face umpteen inhibitions around their in-laws. Be it asking for an extra Dosa OR a cup of coffee, they don’t feel comfortable.

Does it not mean daughters-in-law do not feel INCLUSIVE in their marital homes?

Does it not mean in-laws should facilitate a comfortable environment for their DILS to shoo away their inhibitions and hesitations?

Shouldn’t in-laws make efforts to make their DILS feel at HOME?

On a broader perspective, When in-laws realize this fact, they could save their DILS from straining their mental health! 

Start Treating Your Daughters-in-law Like a Daughter – Don’t Let Them SUFFER SILENTLY!

Without any doubt it is for the husbands and in-laws to facilitate a comfortable ambience for their wives OR daughters-in-law.

They have left their parents behind to LIVE with YOU. Treat them KINDLY & RESPECTFULLY. Don’t Let Them Shed TEARS!


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