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Living in the moment isn’t bad, but if you ask me, “Should Couples avoid instant gratification”, my answer would be a big YES.

Let me detail why you as a couple should restrain from immediate gratification and how it benefits your relationship in the long run. Come, let’s get started!

Instant gratification in relationships


Why Should Couples Avoid Instant Gratification – 22 Hard-Hitting Truths You Will Instantly Connect With!

Just Recall, The Last Time When You Satiated Your Sweet Craving, Did You Feel Light?

Fine, you got it ordered because your sweet tooth started throwing tantrums.

But why did you cry later to your partner because you have put flab around your waist?

You Gave In To Your Tongue’s Demands, Fine. But, Did You Care For That  Poor Stomach That Got Into Pain Later?

No doubt ubereats, zomato , swiggy and so many other food delivery applications have made us SO lazy.

But should we all be that lazy to destroy our own body and its health? 

“It Is Indigestion. Stop Eating Junk”,Your Doctor Warns. Unwillingly You Pay His Fees. Why, Because Your Account Beeps Less Funds?

THEN, you did not care about your body when you paid for that delicious dinner from your favourite restaurant.

NOW, you don’t care for your body because you are more worried about your bank balance. 

In either case, you are ready to compromise on your health. Fine. At least from now, start caring more for your bank balance. Think deeply, before you swiggy the next time! 

When You Received Your Credit Card Bill Last Month, Did You Sense A Sudden Pang Inside?

This month’s credit card usage means you are already using your next month’s salary, correct?

So in reality, when you are using your credit card to delight your partner, you are actually spending on something you don’t really have money for. Correct?

Sadly, most of those requirements are insignificant and you end up fighting with your partner later over financial imbalance!

It Is Just The 10th Of The Month, But Your Bank Balance Hits You Hard. Rings A Bell?

Your partner reminds you about fuel refillment at home and you give an angry stare at him/her. Why, because you realise that you don’t have enough funds already.

So where did most of your salary go? To meet Credit card bills OR restaurant bills OR shopping bills?

Did You Ever Get Caught Unawares In A New Path, That You Instantly Realised You Made A Huge Mistake?

Dreams are dreamt only to be realised at some point of time in your life. But slowly and steadily.

What is the point of your disappointment now? You were not shrewd enough back then to heed your parents’ words OR even your partners’ for that matter.

No clear idea, no proper planning in place. But you took it off in a jiffy like an expert. And Debts also came in instantly! Who to blame?

Your Extravagant Car Is Almost A Year Old. You Are No Longer Crazy About It. But Does It Hurt Now To Pay Its Instalments?

While some aspirations hold value, some do not. 

Just like how you were once freaked out about your car, sadly now, aren’t you freaked out about your financial problems too?

How many times do you fight with your partner over this?

Tell Me, Have You At Least Once Justified Your Gadget Purchase By Using Them Till The Time They Are Worn Out?

Technology keeps advancing.  But does that mean you should replace your perfectly functioning 3-month-old smartphone for the latest iphone release?

Or should you be like , “Let me give this one to my partner and taste the latest apple pie, the brand new iphone 13” ?

How could you even dare to lose 1000 dollars to satiate an instant desire? 

How Many Of Those Stuff That You Bought Instantaneously Are Now Lying Unused In Your Closet?

Just take a look at your cupboard and your dressing draws. Do you see a lot of outfits, beauty products, headphones, mobile phones, skin care products are never even a part of your daily routine?

Wouldn’t that obviously put you off because you realise that money could have been used for a better purpose?

Do You Think Your Social Media Followers Are Your Genuine Well-Wishers?

You excitedly post a picture of you two being together on your instagram,  and look for a shower of likes and comments.

Sadly, you are instantly disappointed and invalidated because your followers don’t respond properly to it. Who are those people by the way? Your well-wishers?

When You Realise You Are Going To Be A Parent, You Should Sense Joy. But Do You Feel Something Else?

When you guys discover about your partner’s pregnancy, you should feel happy obviously. Correct?

In case you are not, you must have betted more on your sexual cravings!

The Person You Have An Affair With Is Not Going To Be Your Forever. Better Realise It Before Your Partner Finds Out!

Maybe you’re not happy with your partner. But did you try to fix your issues with him/her?

Certainly a fling might look like a great idea for satiating your sexual cravings at the moment. So what about your marriage? Have you lost it?

Do These OTT Subscriptions Ever Add Value To Your Life?

Movies, Series, and Soap operas are just a mode of entertainment. But the way these High quality master-minded shows get all of us instantly swayed is not a discovery.

Anyway, had we thought about giving the same time to our own dreams and goals, at least we will never know what depression is!

Instant gratification in relationships

Have You At Least Once Tried To Pay Attention To Why Your Partner Did Not Respond To Your Calls Without Cringing Instantly?

It hardly takes a minute to complain that he/she isn’t picking your call. 

But if you have already been there, where you were so jam-packed with work that you barely noticed your phone, you will know you need to apply the same theory to your partner’s situation too.

When Your Partner Denied You From Non-Essential Shopping, Did You Reason Out “WHY”?

Ok. It’s obvious you are dejected because you were not able to shop for the blue tee shirt you liked instantly.

But did you ponder how many blue tees your closet already has unused?

Your Partner Declined Your Day Trip Idea And You Were Sad. Natural For Humans. But Did You Ever Try To See Why He/She Denied It?

It is ok to have desires. But what about the practicality part? Do you ever think of it?

Planning a sudden trip would mean putting your responsibilities on hold out of the blue and facing unprecedented expenses. Did you ever think you are ready for it?

Instead Of Making Instant Complaints About Your Partner, Ever Considered Giving Him/Her A Bunch Of Compliments Instead?

Sometimes I wonder if a compliment/appreciation could cost a person a million dollars.

If only a person can start appreciating his/her partner then and there instead of raising issues , families would become more like a vibrant garden!


What Is The Point Of Having An Aspiration When You Don’t Care To Water It Together Regularly?

It is easier to have huge ambitions in mind than in reality which is why most of us are good dreamers but bad achievers.

Suppose you are a couple that dreams of giving away a portion of your earnings for charitable causes. 

But you also keep using those portions to feed your immediate desires. How will that help with your ambion? Just think!

Ok,  Your Partner Disappoints You All The Time. So, Is It Time To Call It Quits?

Maybe he/she doesn’t satisfy your desires/expectations. But do you think an instant partner replacement will work in your favour?

Ok the new person can meet one of these expectations, but what if he/she doesn’t meet another one of your other aspirations?

Expectations, aspirations, and dreams keep proliferating. Should that mean you should exit the relationship with your partner? No wonder we are staring at huge divorce rates across the world!

Why needing instant gratification is bad for all relationships

Do You Think Life And Relationships Are 2-Minute Maggi Noodles?

We are in a fast-paced world. So anything “instant” is not considered bad, rather it has become a need.

The instant maggi noodles which we once considered so handy and special,  got into a soup for so many unhealthy reasons a few years back. 

This is why all of us need to think twice before we decide to give life to our instant desires.

So Who Actually Benefits From Your Instant Desires?

The Swiggy because it bagged an order from you?

The doctor because he anyway charged for your ailing?

Your tongue because it got what it wanted?

The retail shop because it made sales for you?

Your stomach because it got an ulcer?

Your financial position because your account is debited continuously? 


OK I Agree That Life Is Short. You Should Enjoy It. But Should It Be Done At The Expense Of Your Own Body, Mind, And Soul? 

Looks like you are still not convinced. You still want your immediate urges satiated. FINE. 

But just do one thing. Ask what value does your immediate desire add to your life. You might start on a trial of finding your own answers just like I did.

Now My Husband And I Discourage One Another When Posed With Such Cravings. And It Works So Well For Us! Will You Try As Well?

Any life transforming move needs support. This is why you guys as a couple need to help one another out when posed with such situations.

I know it is not easy to give up on your temptations quickly, but one fine day when you actually get into that desire-delaying groove, you will realise how recharging it is! 

Your relationship, your health, your finances, and everything about your life improves. Just start slow, I can assure that you will get to a day where it actually becomes a habit!

With this, we are coming to the end of this blog. If you found this post on instant gratification insightful, kindly post your thoughts below. I am looking forward to hearing from you 🙂