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Choosing thoughtful anniversary gifts for your spouse is the most challenging task ever.

But you don’t have to figure out much when I am right here to give you all possible gift ideas to surprise your spouse this wedding anniversary. 

Best anniversary gifts for your wife

Here Are 31 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts For Your Spouse!

Come, let’s get started!

First Let’s Check Out These 18 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Husband!

A Journal For HIM is Equivalent to Your Heart!

A happy relationship is one that shares a good understanding of one another.

This is why you need to present a journal to your husband recording all your thoughts for him. Trust me, no other gift in this world could match the emotional quotient of this valuable book!

A Notebook & Pen For a Writer Husband

Chuck out the digital notepads, a notebook and pen is always special for everyone, and for writers, they are a treasure.

Don’t hesitate to present this pair to your hubby in case he is passionate about writing!

A Ticking Watch That Keeps Reminding You To HIM

I know this is such a classic gift suggestion.

But its significance is such that a part of you is always around him even when you are not physically close to one another. Isn’t that beautiful?

If a Laptop Is All That He Needs Now!

Of course , don’t consider this option if it doesn’t suit your budget. 

Work-from-home has become a norm these days and if your husband is badly looking for a laptop for official reasons, maybe you should consider getting it done for him.

How About Track pants,  Running shoes, and Socks If He Is A Fitness-Freak?

In case your hubby is one who focuses so much on his health and physical fitness, you should get this combo of running pants, shoes, and socks, that serves best for him.

Don’t worry if he already has them, let him save these for later!

Smart Watch is Another Suggestion For a Fitness Person

If your physically active husband doesn’t have that smart watch yet, get him one this anniversary.

He will find it useful for sure!

Maybe get him a Hair/Beard Trimmer 

Most men love exploring with their hair and beard themselves.

If your man is one, don’t hesitate about buying the best hair/beard trimmer set. 

It will definitely prove helpful when he forgets to visit the salon and faces a last minute hassle of getting prepared for an office meeting!

Get Him Access To Learning His Favourite Course

Is he aspiring to learn data science/cooking/writing/musical instruments OR anything else?

Then you need to get him enrolled for any learning of his choice now that post-covid, we are facing no shortage of online tutors/digital courses!

A Wallet Is A Necessity For Every Man

Did you just realise that your husband’s wallet is worn out/torn and needs replacement?

Here is an opportunity to get him the best wallet this marriage anniversary!

How About A Cooking Apron?

For a person who has a penchant for cooking , an apron would be the best gift.

If your husband belongs to this category, you need to add this to your gift list for this anniversary!

Another One For A Cooking Person

My husband loves cooking certain cuisines/food that he has an eye for knives and frying pans.

If you think your man has such a liking too, get him the cookware he longs for and delight him the most on your special day.

Leather belt , Formal shoes, Cuff Link If He Is A Meeting Person

For a business-running husband, meetings are a part of everyday life.

In case your man belongs to this category and you feel he doesn’t have a proper collection of waist belt, formal shoes, and cufflinks, place an order for them right now for this wedding anniversary!

Plan For A Reading Session Together 

For a bibliophile husband, books are always a treat.

This is why you need to present him with his most-favourite author books and do a reading session together. Tell me, is there an even better way to celebrate your anniversary?

Know here why reading together as a couple has immense benefits for their relationship!

Surprise HIM With An Adventure

If your husband loves trekking along the peaceful terrains OR visiting theme parks for adventurous rides OR skydiving, you need to arrange for a thrilling anniversary day this time.

Just ensure to get his schedule checked so your plan goes smoothly!

How About A Headphone?

For a husband who has to keep attending a lot of official calls, a good headphone is a necessity.

This anniversary , present him with the most stylish, effective , and amazing headphone. Trust me, it is a great gift choice!

Does He Need A Laptop bag?

Laptop bags suit the most for people who travel on an everyday basis.

If your man is one such person and doesn’t have a proper laptop bag, why not impress him with a new one this wedding day?

For A Traveller Husband, Backpack Is An Amazing Gift Choice 

Be it official trips OR personal trips, does your man pack his bags often?

If yes, why don’t you get him a proper, durable backpack that matches his requirement?

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Plan A Surprise Trip To His Long-Awaited Travel Destination

Arranging for a Romantic getaway is the best way to surprise and connect with your husband better.

Why don’t you try implementing it this anniversary and get your man swayed instantly?


Make Your Wife Smile With These 13 Anniversary Gift Ideas!

If She is A Chocolate Lover!

Chocolates never fail to impress those who relish them in all forms.

If that is the case with your wife too, why don’t you present her a boutique of chocolate cookies, bars, and muffins? If possible, bake a choco truffle cake too. She will cherish it like ever!

Surprise Visit To Her Favourite Restaurant

Has your wife been yearning to go to her favourite for a long time?

Now is the chance to impress her by driving to the very food stop this wedding anniversary! Trust me, she will be more than happy!

Books Tickets To A Fun/Music Event Your Wife Would Enjoy

Does she love attending live musical events Or other humorous speeches?

Here is your chance to win your wife’s heart by advance booking her favourite event. It’s a bonus if the guest is her favourite too!

She Will Never Say A NO To Spa /Massage

In case your wife has long been planning to go to a hair spa /body massage to unwind, when is the best day for it other than your anniversary?

Let her destress by making necessary arrangements prior, she will be overwhelmed by your love for her!

Jewellery With A Monogram

If your lady has a craze for jewellery, you could personalise a finger ring OR pendant jewellery in a way that symbolises your relationship.

This gift cannot go wrong because it will be a memorable gift ever!

Wellness Case For A Travel-Freak Wife

If your wife loves travelling and she doesn’t have a proper wellness kit that could hold all her daily essentials, now is the time to present her with it.

I am sure she will find it thoughtful of you!

Skincare/Makeup Products If She Uses Them

In case your lady is running out of her skincare essential OR makeup stuff, you could consider presenting them to her this time.

Anything she has a use for should be welcoming for her!

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How About A Bouquet of Roses This Anniversary?

Women are mostly fond of flowers.

So why wait for her to ask her bunch of roses? Get it and make your anniversary extra romantic and special!

If Gardening Is Her Hobby

If your wife has been sincerely gardening for a while now, you need to get her a bunch of saplings she would really appreciate.

Now that many are doing terrace gardening, this is an amazing way to both impress and motivate her vision!

If She Has Been Looking For A Cookware

Say your wife has picked up a recent interest in baking.

Then you need to get her those moulds and stuff that will help grow her interest. Also, she will be grateful to you for being so thoughtful!

If Learning Is Something She Never Gets Tired Of..

Virtual classes are galore these days which is why you need to get your wife enrolled for a couple of courses of her interest.

Say her interest is learning yoga, why not look for a good online yoga tutor? Trust me, She will definitely appreciate your efforts!

Start Teaming Up With HER For Activities

Wives never say no to spending time with their husbands.

So if you are proposing to help her with preparing dinner everyday, she will be delighted multifold!

OR if she has long been wanting to start walking regularly, surprise her with a pair of running shoes and say you both are going to do it together from then on!

Cook Her Favourite Dishes On This Special Day!

In case she is a foodie and you are a decent cook, keep pampering her through your special day with a variety of your special dishes.

This will not just get her tummy full but also her heart!


Now that we have come to the end of this blog, were you able to find the right gift for your spouse from this list? Let me know in the comments below!

In case you have additional suggestions to make to this gift list, do mention them too. I would be happy to hear from you!