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If you are wondering, “How can I surprise my wife on our anniversary”, don’t feel stumped yet.

In this post, I have come up with as many ways as possible to get your wife impressed on your special day. Read on to know more!

How to Plan the Best Surprise for Your Wife on Anniversary

How Can I Surprise My Wife On Our Anniversary – 26 Guaranteed Ways That Will Work Magic On HER!

Shall we check them out one by one?

Make A Collage Of Your Memories Together

Since your wedding anniversary is a reminder of the beautiful relationship you share with one another, you need to do something that will make your wife nostalgic.

How about taking printouts of your pictures together since the day you met each other?  Trust me, nothing could move your wife as emotionally as this. You could also use a scrapbook for this purpose!

Cook Your Best Dishes She Savours Everytime

No matter how many times my husband cooks his special ghee-infused tomato dosa (A South-Indian staple, a kind of Rice Pancake) for me, I never grow tired.

This is why you should cook that particular dish your wife celebrates every time you prepare it for her. It’s one of the best ways to get her surprised this anniversary and delighted too!

Watch Your Wedding Video/Album Together

Getting to see your wedding video at leisure especially on your anniversary day is an amazing way of surprising your wife.

Chit Chatting about the events that unfolded ages ago would be SO refreshing which is why I feel you should not miss this opportunity!

How About A Massage For Her?

No woman will ever say a no to a rejuvenating massage/spa.

Especially when it is you who will be doing it for her, just imagine how romantic it is going to get!

Take HER To Her Dream Destination

If your lady is someone who loves travelling, you should definitely zero in on that one destination that will make her fall head over heels in love with you once again.

Yes, just do it and see for yourself!

Take Your Wife For Shopping If That’s What She Loves

Most women never get tired of shopping. Is your wife a shopaholic too?

This means, you should arrange for a shopping day on your anniversary that will get her smiling all through the day!

Shower Her With The Bliss Of Her Favourite Books

If your wife is a bookworm, surprise her with the books she has been having in her bucket list for a long time.

Trust me, the scent of those new books will instantly impress her!

Did you know reading together with your partner has so many benefits?

Drive Her To Her Parents’

If your lady is someone who loves her parents so much, take her to their place.

I don’t have to tell you how much this could make her joyful!

Write Poems For HER 

You don’t have to be a Shakespeare to pen poems for your significant other.

Just do some random writing guided by your heart, you will definitely come up with a decent piece of poetry. Don’t doubt, she will love it!

Do you wish to present some poetry books to her – Check out this blog!

Start On An Activity Together On This Special Day

If you are a couple who loves dancing, you should sign up for dance classes together on this day.

It is complete fun and gives time for you to bond with one another. Of course, which wife doesn’t like spending time with her hubby man?

Start On A Healthy Habit Together This Anniversary

Most couples these days are following a healthy lifestyle. Amazing, isn’t it?

This is why you two should start on one like cycling/jogging/walking/sticking to a healthy diet OR any other thing you can possibly do to be in good shape in the long-run.

Also, your wife will for sure appreciate this move if you are doing it together as a team!

If you are interested, you can check out this article titled, “Marriage Teamwork – 6 Tips To Get You There” in I am sure you will find it insightful!

Make Her Study If She Has Long Been Wanting To Do It

Let’s say your wife is an entrepreneur and she wishes to do a course that aids her career growth.

Then when is the best day to surprise her with a course admission receipt rather than your anniversary?

Align With Your Wife’s Vision And Do Something About It!

If your wife is a person who aspires to work for charitable causes, start supporting her vision in every possible way you can.

This isn’t just a surprise but also a way of raising your relationship spirit, and letting her know that you are there for her in everything she does!

Take Her Away For A Movie Night

Does she prefer movie nights?

Then you should book tickets for her favourite film and steal her away for an amazing night together!

Drive Her To Her Most Favourite Restaurant

If your wife is a foodie, you should book a table in her most favourite restaurant.

Tada, that gets you two cosy on a romantic dinner!

Invite Her Best Friends For A Surprise Party

Mostly , wives prefer private time with their husbands on their anniversary. 

But on the contrary, if your lady loves connecting with her dear ones on her special day, you should get a party arranged involving all her close ones!

Take Charge Of Her Chores And Relieve Her For A Day

Once married, women are bound to their responsibilities and it is hard to get them off their routine. 

This is why you need to pamper your lady as much as possible and take up all her work on your shoulders this anniversary. Let her breathe, relax, and enjoy! 

Also, you never know how huge a favour you are doing for her!

Make Her Talk Her Heart Out 

Women love to be heard. Especially, when their husbands are their listeners, they just forget everything and open up themselves completely.

Why don’t you try it with your wife too this wedding anniversary? This also gives an opportunity for you to connect with her better!

Surprise Her With Flowers This Anniversary

Women definitely love flowers.

This is why you need to fill your home with so many flowers that makes your environment more vibrant and fragrant too!

How About Crafting A Bunch Of Gratitude Letters For HER?

Your lady will undoubtedly appreciate it if you are deciding to pass on your heart to her in written form.

Trust me, penning down heartfelt letters, expressing your gratitude for her presence in your life goes a long way in strengthening your relationship.

Read here to know why gratitude is important in a relationship!

Say YES To That One Thing She Has Been Dying To Hear From You!

Have you been stopping your wife from doing something she has been passionate about for a really long time?

Remember she is your better-half, so let your anniversary be the best day to let her live the life she dreams on her own terms. No patriarchy anymore , please!

Do you wish to gain a new perspective on marriage – Read this!

Adorn Your Room Beautifully 

If you could keep your wife away from home for sometime,  decorate your room as beautifully as possible!

This could be one heck of an idea for a romantic night together!

Sing, Dance, & Repeat

Get your mic, speakers , music list, and everything ready.

If you are a good singer, impress your wife with her best-loved songs followed by a killing dance together to her most treasured tunes. What better way to spend an anniversary night together?

Order Her Favourite Cake/Food

If your wife wishes to spend your anniversary within the confines of your home, then you should order food from her most preferred restaurant.

This might appear like a low-key celebration yet it could turn out to be your best date together!

Surprise Her With Loads Of Gifts

In case your wife is someone who loves being loaded with gifts, you should buy a couple of them (obviously based on her interests, requirements, and likes) and watch her unwrap them all with excitement.

Try this, I am sure she will like it!

Book An Appointment In Her Most Favourite Salon

Yes, most women love being pampered by their husbands with massage, pedicure, OR manicure bookings in their fav salon.

This is why you cannot miss trying this out!


So this is it for this blog. Tell me, how did you like these suggestions to surprise your wife on your marriage anniversary?

In case you have any other suggestions to add to the above list, please do so in the comments below. I will be glad to hear from you. Also, a very happy wedding anniversary to you from me!