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Can’t there be expectations from an Indian daughter in law too?

After all, a daughter in law is a human being with emotions. Why not make an effort to understand her expectations from her in-laws and the society as a whole? Scroll down to read if you would like to contribute your bit towards the well-being of the DILS.

expectations from an Indian daughter in law

29 Natural Expectations from an Indian Daughter In Law – Some Honest Confessions You Cannot Miss Knowing!

A society evolves when it starts empathising with its’ fellow beings. As the first step, Empathise with these women ( daughters-in-law ) who struggle to put up with the pointless stereotypes of society.

Why Treat A DIL Like A Mere House Help?

Every woman is an individual who is educationally and morally qualified to live independently in this society.

Why is it then that a DIL is treated as a mere person meant for doing menial jobs and not respected for the human she is?

Shouldn’t this patriarchal mindset come to an end?

Why Can’t In-Laws Accept Their DIL For What She Is?

Be it the way the daughter-in-law behaves OR dresses, unless and until they find it offensive, I don’t think the in-laws should make it a point of complaint.

As long as their daughter-in-law is respectful enough, where comes the need to condition her?

Where Is The Need To Compare The DIL To A Daughter?

No matter how much in-laws love their daughter, they should ensure not to compare their DIL with the latter.

Be it the way their DIL behaves OR cooks OR dresses, they should accept her the way she is.

Such differential perception could annoy the daughter-in-law easily and dampen the relationship even further – High time in-laws understand this and start taking their relationship seriously.

Why Does It Feel Unacceptable To Treat A DIL As One In The Family?

Is it wrong of a daughter-in-law to expect her in-laws to treat her like their own, even if not like a daughter?

As parents, Would in-laws be able to stand it if their own daughter is treated like someone else in her marital home?

For someone who has left her family to be with her spouse and in-laws, shouldn’t the latter understand their DIL’s position and acknowledge her with their love?

As a human being, do you not see this as one of the MOST Valuable and Genuine expectations from an Indian daughter in law?

Why Does It Feel Difficult For In-Laws To Respect & Encourage The DIL In All Her Pursuits?

With so many advancements and developments happening outside, it is no wonder that almost every woman out there is working and is yearning to lead a life with a vision.

High time In-laws rework their mindset and with all their heart stay supportive of their DIL’s vision and dreams. 

What Is Wrong In A DIL Being Expressive? Why Is She Not Included In Familial Discussions?

Every woman is an individual with her own viewpoints and opinions.

That said, isn’t it natural for a daughter-in-law to give out her suggestions concerning the family? Why is she denied of her individual freedom and kept off from familial discussions?

Her Life, Her Independence and Freedom, Why Is Her Marital Home & Society Intent On Snatching Her Rights Away?

From being locked up inside her home to marking her space in the outside world, a woman has outgrown herself over the years.

That said, should her growth face a regression in the form of her overpowering in-laws who take control of her freedom and independence?

Instead, why don’t in-laws make way for the DIL to function independently and confidently? 

Is It A Sin For The DIL To Enjoy Her Personal Space And Time?

Every woman has a private space and time which she never likes to be disrupted.

When such is the case, how could a daughter-in-law stand it when her in-laws do not respect her personal space and time? Is it not something basic?

Why Should In-Laws Force Their Opinions Upon Their DIL?

It is important for in-laws to understand that their DIL is not a person they can control as they like. A dil is an individual too, who can pursue her freedom, preferences, and choices.

High time In-laws understand this and try their maximum to not impose their decisions on their DIL.

Personal Means Personal. Why Dig and Dive Into Her Personal Affairs? 

Is it a good practice to dig into others personal life in general, No, Isn’t it?

So When there is absolutely no necessity, why do in-laws question their dil over their personal affairs? 


Her Conception Is Her Personal, Why Should In-Laws Embarrass Her Through Unreasonable Questioning?

When in-laws impose their opinions on their daughter in law over her conception, understand that it takes a major toll on her mental health.

It is not wrong of elders offering reasonable advice and suggestions to their children but what when they overdo things?

Baby planning is a subject pertaining to the husband and wife duo. No couple would like over-interference in such affairs by their families ; else, it might lead to huge conflicts.

The Pride They Wear As A MAN’S Parents, When Are They Going To Shed It?

No matter how much we grow in time, the habit of TAKING PRIDE BEING GROOM’S PARENTS never fades in India.

Why is it that a man’s parents are considered important? Why create a parental discrimination unnecessarily?

It Is A Parent’s Discretion Whether OR Not To Gift Their Daughter. Why Demand Things From Them Unreasonably?

In-laws should come to realise the struggles of their DIL’s parents too.

What they don’t realise is when they demand money, luxuries, and expensive gifts from their daughter in law’s parents, they do not just shatter latter’s peace but also their own respect.

Should The DIL Forget Being A Good Daughter To Her Parents?

What is wrong if a daughter-in-law supports her parents financially and buys them things they require?

Is it bad of her to be responsible towards her parents? If not, shouldn’t in-laws be supportive of her actions?

All that the Indian DILS wish is that their in-laws stop complaining when they assume responsibility for their own parents.

In-Laws Should Encourage Their DIL To Take Care Of Her Parents

As a daughter, a woman should be duty-bound towards her parents too.

That said, shouldn’t in-laws understand that their daughter-in-law has an equal responsibility towards her parents?

This article from talks about every married couple’s responsibility to take care of both side parents !

Here is a screenshot from the article for your quick reference –

What do indian daughters in law expect from their in-laws

Why Is It Difficult For In-Laws To Understand The Private Space Their DIL Shares With Their Son?

How would a daughter-in-law feel when her in-laws suddenly barge into the room while she is spending some private time with her partner? Isn’t that a discourteous act?

For sure, this is something crucial In-laws need to realise and it is called the husband and wife privacy!

Where Is The Need To Manipulate Their Son Against Their DIL?

A lot of problems ensue in families whereby in-laws influence their son against their daughter-in-law.

In the long run, shouldn’t they realise that their actions could hamper their family’s happiness and peace?

A genuine DIL would 100% expect her in-laws to maintain their demeanour in this regard!

Why Not Encourage Their Son’s Independence?

Once their son is married, parents should set their boundaries clearly with their son.

Instead if they try to overpower and control their son’s independence & his daily affairs, it could have a bad impact on relationships in the family. 

Why Unnecessarily Indulge In Their Financial Affairs Unless Required?

It is important for in-laws to draw the line when it comes to their Son and DIL’s finances.

As long as they are economical and prudent enough on their spending habits, why should in-laws involve themselves in it?

Why Is The DIL Not Treated On Par With The Son?

When most of the parents treat their married son like a kid, how in the world DO they expect their daughter-in-law to be responsible enough?

Shouldn’t they understand that their dil is also an evolving adult JUST like their son?

That said, why should they treat her like an outsider who is not complying with their typical-in-laws-expectations?

Why Do In-Laws Find It Difficult To Draw Their Boundaries With Their Son & DIL?

Would any woman appreciate it if her in-laws disrupt the personal space she shares with her spouse?

How would she stand it if her in-laws intervene unnecessarily in personal matters pertaining to her and her spouse?

Their Son Has Equal Responsibility Towards His In-Laws Too, Why Not Understand It?

Like how In-Laws expect their Daughter-in-law to take care of them, is it wrong if the DIL expects her spouse to take care of her parents too?

Why don’t In-Laws understand the significance of this in India? This is one of the major expectations I hear from my fellow women. 

Why Do In-Laws Believe Everyone Except Their DIL?

In India, it is TOO common to observe insensitive relatives triggering conflicts in almost every family using the name of the Daughter-in-law.

Sadly, in such cases, instead of taking a stand for their DIL, in-laws let their sense evaporate to such bad external influences; that too without realising the need to nurture a healthy family.

Why Put The DIL Down Before Others?

Differences in relationships are not uncommon and in-laws should accept the differences they share with their daughter in law.

They should also understand that mere cribbing and complaining about their DIL to outsiders would only worsen the situation further.

Whatever the problem is, they should make an effort to sort it out among themselves.

Is It Truly Difficult Being Friendly With The Daughter In Law?

Maintaining a Congenial relationship with the daughter-in-law is always desirable considering the wellness and happiness of the family.

If only parents open their eyes to this fact, would they change their approach towards their DIL and see a spike in their relationship quotient with their DIL.

Why Not Stay Appreciative Of Your DIL’s Efforts For You & Your Family?

When the Daughter-in-law makes an effort to cook and help you out with things, would it cost you much to acknowledge her work?

Any little gesture like “thank you” would work wonders and improve your relationship with her significantly.

Offer Genuine Advice & The Right Counsel When Required Instead Of Complaining

As Elders, In-Laws have every right and experience to show proper direction to their daughter-in-law.

Be it cooking OR finance OR anywhere they think she goes wrong, in-laws could enlighten her through their timely guidance.

When their apprehensions are relevant & genuine enough, why not offer guidance to her instead of complaining her every action?

Do you not think this is one of the genuine expectations from an Indian daughter in law?

UNDERSTAND & RESPECT Her Emotions And Difficulties

Every daughter-in-law faces her own set of challenges both on personal and professional front that induces a lot of emotions, fear, and inhibitions in her.

Before allowing such a deluge to take shape and hamper her sanity, Shouldn’t Indian in-laws should understand their daughter-in-law better?

Shouldn’t they see her as human being who deserves a HOME rid of hostility and clashes?

Forget Your Age And Train To Listen & Process Your DIL’s Ideas and Suggestions

A daughter-in-law is way younger and less experienced obviously. But should that mean she is always wrong and cannot pitch in her ideas wherever required?

I wish In-laws learn to set their ego aside and make an effort to keep their ears open when their daughter-in-law has something important to convey.

Take Care Of Your DIL

If a daughter-in-law could give her best to take care of everything and everyone at home, is it not in our values to reciprocate her kind and selfless service?

A simple smile OR thank you OR a tiny timely helpful gesture from the in-laws would strengthen their relationship like never before 🙂

And Please Make HER Feel At Home

Every daughter-in-law wishes for a marital home where they can be themselves with friendly parents-like in-laws around.

Patriarchy, societal stereotypes, ego and a number of other factors doesn’t allow it to surface, which is why we should start spreading a word or two about Creating Happy homes for the Daughters-in-law.




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