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How to deal with a MIL who hates you – I know that’s absolutely a complicated thing to handle.

But yes, it is not impossible and that is why I have written this blog to give you all possible ways to deal with your mother-in-law carefully and positively. Who knows, her hatred might even reduce to nothing if you follow these tips perfectly! There you go.

Are you a new daughter-in-law struggling to deal with a critical or hateful mother-in-law?

How To Deal With A MIL Who Hates You – Here Is The Complete Package Of What I Have Tried And Tested Personally, I Am Sure You Will Find This Useful Too!

I understand how annoying mothers in law could get with their hostile attitude towards the daughters in law.

Trust me, you are not alone in this and that is why I want to help you out of this situation unscathed. 

This blog post analyses and gives you all available ways to handle your MIL despite her despising attitude towards you – Come let’s check them out!

If You Wish To Save Yourself From Unnecessary Mental Tribulations Owing To The MIL Who Hates You, Here Are 5 Quick Remedies! 

Before trying to deal with your MIL, do you know why she hates you – Check out this blog that I have written exclusively for your understanding!

1. Stay Mindful Around Your MIL! 

A hateful MIL could annoy you with her ignorance and spiteful behaviour every now and then.

But remember at any cost you should never lose yourself / turn aggressive in front of her however worse things get. I understand you are a human being too, prone to psychological tribulations, but it is important to have some control over yourself.

You Cannot Allow Anyone Affect Your Mind, Especially Not Your MIL

Dear daughter-in-law, you should live your life to the fullest. So Never give anybody the space and right to influence your thoughts. 

Be In Control Of Your Thoughts And Actions Around Your MIL, I Know You Can

“We could have control only over ourselves, not others” – So You change yourself and your thoughts, the rest will fall into place automatically.

Remember: Staying mindful is the key to keeping yourself sane in such cases. 

Also, understand why mindfulness is important in couples here!

2. Have A Schedule For Yourself, And Keep Busy No Matter What When Your MIL Is Around

In case you are living together with your MIL, always ensure that you mind your work and don’t unnecessarily strike conversations with her.

If you are working, well and good, you will have ample reasons to stay out of her way.

Even otherwise, create work and keep yourself occupied as much as possible because the best kind of distractions will always save you from the bad kind.

3.  How To Deal With A MIL Who Hates You – Draw Your Boundaries Clear With Her

Conversations and discussions are inevitable in any family; that said, you cannot avoid or ignore your MIL completely.

That said, you should always know and be conscious of what you share with your mother in law.

Maintain your limits, have restrictions over what you share with her, because some discussions are better off without sharing.

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4. Learn to Smile at Rude and Unpleasant Behaviour Of Your MIL, It Is the Best Way To Retain Your Peace!

At times, it is best to smile off your MIL’s immature behaviour because you cannot keep building a grudge against someone you live with.

I know it’s not easy as it sounds, but yes it is not impossible to achieve – If you want to keep your sanity intact, this is the best way to resort.

5. Dear DIL, You Need to Make Your Happiness Your Priority!

Just because you want to make up with your MIL, don’t try to impress her for it will only end up snatching away the bliss from your life.

Instead start focusing on making your happiness your priority. What better way than reminding yourself of your Joyful existence?

“Life is Short. My life should always be full of love and joy. I will not let anyone destroy my happiness and peace” (Repeat this whenever you feel low, I am sure you will feel a lot better)

How to deal with an Indian mother in law who hates you

Now Let’s Try To Understand The Problem Deeper And Find Long-Term Solutions To Deal With Your MIL!

Hatred is contagious and could destroy peace in families. That is why you need to safeguard yourself from unsolicited aversion from/towards your MIL.

You can ask me how it is possible to not hate back a person who gives you nothing but bitterness. But yes, it is DOABLE – Come, let me tell you how!

Remember Your MIL Is A Human Being Too, Respect And Empathize With Her!

How to deal with a MIL who hates you?

Setting aside all your inhibitions about your MIL, understand that she is a human being too – Remember, only human beings have the capacity to respect and empathize with their fellow beings unlike various other creatures that constitute our planet.

Also, tell me, doesn’t your mother-in-law deserve enough respect for her age and experience?

How do I deal with my hateful MIL

How To Deal With A MIL Who Hates You – Forgive Your Mil’s Actions!

Who knows, maybe your MIL’s loathsome behaviour is just a reflection of her painful past?

Is it not true for all of us too, how our characters are defined by our challenging/ unpleasant past experiences?

You need to appreciate this fact as another fellow being and forgive your MIL to save yourself from inadvertent emotional outbursts and frustration. 

Also, forgiving keeps you clean in and out 🙂

Dealing with a MIL who hates me

Help Your MIL When There Is A Need, Because She Is Your Husband’s Mother And A Human Too!

Humanity is all about staying supportive and helping one another, isn’t it?

That said, your MIL cannot be exclusive of this list. That is why when your mother-in-law is in need of any assistance, you need to be genuine and give her a helping hand.

This definitely decides and defines your character in the best terms too 🙂

Are you a new daughter-in-law struggling to deal with a critical or hateful mother-in-law?

Do you wish to establish a good relationship with your MIL – Check out this blog!

Don’t Lose Your Heart, Here Are A Few Affirmations That Might Come Handy For You To Deal With A Hateful MIL!

“My MIL is my husband’s mom. Without her, I wouldn’t have got such a wonderful partner”

“My MIL is a victim of her awful past. Let me forgive her unintentional behavior”

“My MIL loves me too. Just that she is not ready to see it”

“I love every single soul on this planet including my MIL”

“My MIL is a kind soul”

Keep Holding LOVE and KINDNESS in Your Heart for Everyone, Including Your MIL!

I strongly believe LOVE is the best medicine that could solve any problem, and that is why you should keep showering love around, including for your MIL.

This universe works on the law of attraction; So give love, and get love – Trust me, it has worked wonders for me!

How to deal with an Indian mother in law who hates you

How To Deal With A MIL Who Hates You – Practice Breathing And Meditation Every Day!

Following pranayama and meditation practices regularly will always keep your temperament and mindset under check.

You never know when situations turn up to test you, but shouldn’t you always be prepared to handle them?

Not only do these techniques keep your susceptible mindset in control, they also drive you to take a positive outlook towards your MIL, and life as a whole.

How do I deal with my hateful MIL

Last Things Saved For Last, To Still Build Hope In Your MIL!

Believe And Have Faith That One Day Your MIL Will Start Liking You!

Without elders and their blessings, we can never achieve anything in our lives. 

Also, do you think it is not possible to get anyone reformed in this world?

That is why,  when you start believing in people and things, the universe surprises you with favourable changes. Awesome, isn’t it?

Dealing with a MIL who hates me

Lastly, Let Your Spouse Know About Your MIL!

To have a MIL who doesn’t like you is indeed cruel. But you don’t have to fight it all alone when you have a partner to lean on.

Let your better-half know about the struggles you are facing with a MIL who gives you nothing but hate. If he is a good partner, he will definitely empathise with you.

That would not just gain you his emotional support but also make him stand for you at distressing times!

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How To Deal With A MIL Who Hates You – In Case You Are Not Satisfied With My Counsel And Still Feel Hapless, Here Is A Final Solution I Have For You!

Despite trying all ends, if you are still not able to manage yourself due to your MIL’s tantrums, try to move out and be at a distance from her.

Of course move out only after making peace with her. For her thoughts or anything that reminds you about her shouldn’t get you annoyed.

Always remember your sanity is more important.

So empathise with her and exhale, you have a lot of things to concentrate on, don’t you?

My dear daughter-in-law, don’t feel let down if your MIL doesn’t understand you. You just keep giving your best, I am sure you will find your light someday soon 🙂

Do you have anything to share or ask me? Quickly post them in the comments section below, I’d be glad to help you!

Good day 🙂