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We could understand MILS better by drawing out different types of mothers in law based on their characteristics.

After all, Wouldn’t you be curious to know which type your mother-in-law is? 

27 Common Types Of Mothers In Law In Society Based On Their Qualities!

Mothers-in-law are often projected as villainous as much as daughters-in-law are sported as submissive. 

But the fact is, one could spot MILs of different colors ranging from being happy to bossy.

So after much analysis, based on an average MIL’s innumerable characteristics, I have come up with these 27 categories.  Remember, it is no wonder if your MIL belongs to more than one category!

The Perfect Mother in law

They are the ones who not just aspire for a perfect household but also strive hard to upkeep it.

By this I mean, the perfect MILS focus on clean and intact surroundings, timely management of domestic chores, and flawless financial management of the house.

So if you are a DIL who is unkempt and irresponsible, you would for sure face the wrath of a perfect MIL!

The Lazy MIL

A lot of MILs withdraw from their household responsibilities the moment they welcome their DILS.

In this case, the DILS have to bear the brunt of every overwhelming responsibility that the MIL offers. Isn’t that bad?

The Grousing MIL

Grousing MILS are typical MILS who keep finding faults with each and every activity of their DILS, without giving a thought.

I read this article from that discusses ways to handle a difficult mother-in-law which you might find useful.

Here is a screenshot for your reference –

Common types of the mothers in law

The Sensitive MIL

MILS who cannot stand simple funny remarks passed at them OR who get easily offended when their sons take a stand against them for their DILS, are ones belonging to the sensitive category.

It is very important to handle such MILS cautiously as they are prone to emotional-breakdown.

The Jealous MIL

Jealous MILS would never feel happy when their son takes extra care of their DILS. 

They could also never stand it when their DILS earn credits and appreciation for their work.

In turn, all that such MILS do is display their disapproval by passing undirected comments at their dils. 

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The Insecure MIL

Insecure MILS are often worried about losing control over the family and the relationship they share with their son.

Such thoughts are a result of various inhibitions they hold against their DILS.


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The Competitive MIL

If MILS pick a “tit-for-tat” approach towards their DILS, they are competitive by nature.

Such MILS will try to copy the work and behaviour of their DILS just to prove the point that they are no less than the latter. Aren’t they insensible?

The Arrogant MIL

When MILS reel under the feeling of superiority, walk and talk with pride about themselves, put their DILS down blatantly, they undeniably signify arrogance.

Such MILS are self-centered and too focussed about their dignity that they don’t care about the feelings of their DILS.

Aren’t they one of the annoying types of mothers in law?

The Nosy MIL

Those MILS who cross their boundaries and interfere in matters personal to their DILS and Son could be termed as Nosy MILS.

The problem with these old ladies is that they gradually breach their borders to only earn the wrath of their DILS and son!

The Hostile MIL

When MILS show their vexation by uncanny means like treading with anger, creating noise with utensils and other objects, they set a hostile space around them.

Such practices for sure would facilitate a negative ambiance for the DILS to deal with. High time DILS take charge of the situation because they have every right to lead a peaceful life.

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The Crafty MIL

When MILS execute their needs tactfully, we could call them crafty.

What is not achievable through normal means or talks is implemented through indirect ways by these MILS.

Probably they are those MILS who appear calm outside but get their wishes fulfilled without direct intervention.

The Oblique MIL

Have you ever noticed MILS taking a dig at their DILS underneath their smiles?

These are the lot who pass undirected comments teasingly at their DILS to vent out their frustration.

In case the DILS are not conscious, they don’t experience the feeble taunts of these MILS. But if at all they do, they would sure get irked by the disgraceful side of their MILS!

The Matured MIL – One Of The Rare Types Of Mothers In Law! 

However childish OR irresponsible OR churlish the DILS are, if the MILS are able to cope with them wisely, the latter make it to the list of matured MILS.

Matured MILS don’t hesitate to make their DILS understand their responsibilities and mistakes in a polite manner.

These are the women who never show their attitude OR lose their spark of character at the behest of their DILS’ discourteous behavior.

In fact, if DILS are blessed with such MILS, their families will forever float peacefully under the reign of the latter!

The Innocent MIL

If MILS are not able to put up with the hungama created by their DILS OR rather remain unaware of their DILS’ functioning, they symbolize innocence.

They stay silent all the time and never go against their DILS, because they do not understand their DILS’ intentions in the first place!

The Overpowering MIL

Overpowering MILS always make it a point to control their DILS.

From setting limitations to strapping their DILS’ independence, these MILS make marriage dreadful for the latter!

The Oblivious MIL

Unlike the innocent MILS, oblivious MILS stay aware of their DILS behavior and actions but choose to ignore them.

Such MILS aspire to lead a hassle-free life and stay disconnected with their DILS to the maximum.

The Susceptible MIL

When MILS are emotionally weak and tend to be easily exploited by people around them, they are called susceptible.

Such MILS are prone to being influenced by some insensitive relatives and friends who feed unnecessary ideas about their DILS thereby worsening the formers’ relationship with their DILS. 

The Obsolete MIL

If MILS are seen complaining about their DILS’ modern dressing style and different ways of handling their responsibilities, they are for sure out of date.

These women deny current trends, behaviour, and patterns strongly making it difficult for the DILS to live peacefully.

The Dwelling-On-The-Past MIL

MILS who keep regretting the way they had been treated as DILS during their times and feel unhappy about their DILS’ contrasting independent life, are mentally residing in their past.

Possibly some bad instances from their past have taken a toll on them so much that they cannot stand to see their DILS’ leading a happy life altogether!

The Happy MIL

It is rare to see Happy MILS who work tirelessly to keep their daughters-in-law comfortable and happy.

They don’t worry about anything in the presence of their DILS (neither jealous nor insecure) and are always feel delighted to treat their DILS to their best!

No doubt they are one of the sweetest types of mothers in law!

The Interfering MIL

When MILS make it a point to interfere in personal matters pertaining to their DILS and sons, they end up complicating things for the latter.

Such unnecessary intrusion could invite a galore of trouble & make life miserable for DILS!

The Sportive MIL

Unlike the sensitive MILS, sportive ones choose to remain unaffected by the behavior of their DILS.

However complex or offending the situations are, sportive MILS forgive their DILS quickly and move on. That way, they avoid beholding any form of grudge towards their DILS. Isn’t that awesome?

The Caring MIL – One Of The Good Types Of Mothers In Law!

Sometimes, it is possible to see MILS who cater to their DILS graciously and selflessly. 

Maybe they are those women who have never had daughters of their own. Trust me, they are the best ones, who take care of their DILS like their own daughters.

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The Dramatic MIL

Creating ruckus is what you call MILs who escalate ridiculous issues and make a mountain out of a molehill.

Such MILS make for better actors that they pose a major threat to their DILS’ marriage life!

The Expectations-Enriched MIL

MILS who quickly express their disapproval when their DILS don’t call them OR forget to wish them on their birthday, bear plenteous expectations from their DILS.

Such MILS turn out to be annoying in the longer run as they cannot even stand their DILS breaking their tiny expectations!

The Nagging MIL

When MILS make it a point to test their daughters-in-law’s temperament by saying and instructing the same thing over and over , they could be called nagging!

Such MILS fail to understand that their DILS are aware of things too and that spoon-feeding them again and again would only result in a crack in their relationship!

The Distrustful MIL

Some MILS never trust their DILS and take on every responsibility of their families upon themselves.

What they don’t realize is the pain they would be subjecting their DILS to, who are in no way at fault in this case!


Did you get a better idea of your MIL after reading this blog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.