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To feel happy genuinely for someone’s growth is the hardest thing to do in the world. I get you. That said, how to stop being jealous of your partner’s success?

How to appreciate and share joy in your partner’s growth? By the time you finish reading this blog, you will know all ways to handling your partner’s success. Come, let’s get started!

Handling your partner’s success


How To Stop Being Jealous Of Your Partner’s Success – 14 Effective Approaches!

Human thoughts are so hardwired to be self-focused, that we don’t feel happy for even our close-ones & their achievements. So, if you are not feeling glad for your partner’s professional growth, it is only natural and you are not alone in this.

Nevertheless, in this blog, I will teach you how to get yourself rid off all your negativity and why you should make your partner’s success a reason for your celebration. So here we go!

1. First, Take Inspiration From Your Partner 

Let’s say your partner shows you an email from his client appreciating his work.

Now consider you are someone who is in the same profession as him but you have not received any such appreciation emails. Wouldn’t that make you jealous, obviously?

So if I would have to tell you how to leverage this situation in your favour, draw loads of inspiration from your spouse. Make short-term goals to excel professionally and start working towards them. This would provide a headway for your career.

Even in the case where you are from a completely different field, you could use situations like these to boost your morale by working hard. It is all in the way you choose to perceive it!

2. Switch Thinking From “Jealous Of My Partner’s Success” To “My Partner’s Success Is Mine Too”

When you agreed to be in a solemn relationship with your partner, you must have vowed to be a part of both his good and bad, isn’t it?

That said, when your partner makes it big in his industry , shouldn’t you be sharing his success along? 

Let’s say your spouse is running a business and he has been recognised for the quality of customer service he is providing. As a partner, you should be feeling happy here obviously, not envious. 

Remember that you are the greater driving force behind your partner’s success, so don’t hesitate to share his happiness & also for being so supportive of him throughout.

Here is an affirmation, I had like to suggest you to impart a positive mindset towards your partner’s success –

“My Partner’s Success is My Success too”

Make it a point to practice this affirmation regularly whenever you get a feeling that “My partner is better than me at everything”. It will not just help you beat the negativity but also strengthens your relationship with him!


3. Tell Your Partner How Happy You Are For Him, His Gratitude Will Melt Your Jealousy

Consider your hubby is an actor and he is going to be honoured for the supportive role he played in his latest movie.

You are an actor too but you hardly are recognized for your work in the industry.

Facing a lot of peer pressure, you start despising your partner; you take criticisms and comparisons around to your heart, and leave your relationship at stake. But is it worth it? Giving away your solid bond to something that can actually break it? How could you even let external situations control your relationship?

In moments like these, it is natural for your partner to expect that you share his happiness along, isn’t it? And YOU have got to support him wholeheartedly.

Shout and tell him, “Darling, I am SO happy for you and your achievements. May you keep soaring high and keep making me SO Proud everyday”

This would for sure get him emotional and you could just make it out from the look of his eyes! Yes, that’s the amount of gratitude & love he has for you. So if you wish to experience this beautiful feeling, then I don’t think you should be feeling jealous of him, would you?


4. JUST Remind Yourself How Supportive You Are Of Your Partner Always!

When your partner sets milestones in his career after working so HARD towards it, shouldn’t you, as his better-half, be feeling proud of him?

He would have sought your help based on your professional experience;

he would have depended on you for a morale-boost;

he might have needed your moral support in difficult times;

he wouldn’t have given enough time for family, leaning on you for help. And he would have sought YOUR SUPPORT in any form.

So please start feeling entitled to a share in your partner’s success, instead of growing jealous of him!

5. Express Your Feelings To Your Partner Genuinely

If you are not able to be happy for your partner’s success, try not to hide it from him. Meaning, it is good to be open with your partner about your feelings but not too blunt enough to spoil your relationship, obviously!

You could tell your partner subtly, how you are feeling a little low, and how you are not able to prosper in your career despite working so hard. 

This will lead your partner to help you back with words of comfort, making you feel super-supported.

Also, when you are choosing to stay open about your emotions, you are in a way allowing your partner to understand you better. That way, you also don’t let your mind wander & save yourself from unnecessary thoughts!

6. Focus On Your Goal And Start Working Towards It

The best way to be free of the noise and distractions around is by trying to have a goal for yourself.

In case you are feeling unsettled because of your husband’s growth, now is the time to start focusing on your aspirations.

To help you understand your calling in life, I recommend this book titled, “Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life“. It is such a fabulous work that you direly need now.

Once you track your spark in life, you would never be affected by others’ victory. In fact, you will start feeling so happy for everyone including your partner and his accomplishments!

7. Never Feel Offended When People Put You Down And Your Partner On A Pedestal 

Most people suffer from FOPO (Fear of Other People’s Opinions)

What if people start comparing me to my spouse?

How would I handle their criticisms?

This, in fact is a form of self-destruction that is very dangerous.  Let me tell you, by giving importance to other people’s opinions, you are just compromising on your mental health.

If you think people are disturbing you with their mindless comparisons, better respond to them wisely that “My partner’s success is my success too”. How do you think they could even respond to this?

In a nutshell, Never let any form of comparison affect your life. Insensitivity exists everywhere, only if you keep paying attention to it, you will end up hurting everything in your life, including your profession and marriage life. 


8. Spend QUALITY Time With Your Partner 

Every relationship is bound by faith and love that could be built only with time. 

Spend as much time with your partner as possible; communicate with each other from the bottom of your hearts. This helps in strengthening your bond a lot.

And this means, you will no longer feel awkward/jealous about your partner’s success! Isn’t that awesome?

9. Don’t Confuse Your Relationship With Your Career

Let’s say you are someone who is not doing well in your career while your partner is pacing up his professional ladder.

While he keeps working so hard, you are increasingly feeling bad on his progress.

This could seriously take a toll on your marriage life as you unintentionally start misbehaving with your partner.

Be Mindful Whenever You Are Having A Difference Of Opinion With Your Husband, Don’t Allow Your Jealousy To Surface In The Course Of It!

“You are a great entrepreneur. Why would you even care about me?”

This statement paints a clear picture that one is envious of his/her partner, isn’t it? Sadly being unmindful like this is not good for relationships in any way.

This is why you guys should stop mixing up your professional and personal lives and start becoming more mindful while having discussions. It obviously takes some time to make it a practice, but trust me once done, it will improve your relationship in unbelievable ways!

I'm Jealous Of My Boyfriend's Success And It's Wrecking Our Relationship


10. Redirect All Your Negative Energy To Rigorous Exercises 

How to stop being jealous of your partner’s success?

Having resorted to so many solutions, if you are still not able to get rid of feeling jealous of your partner, then you have to try really harder.

Whenever you are feeling low, whenever you find yourself comparing yourself to your partner, distract your thoughts to physical practices.

Yes, getting into the habit of doing physical exercises, will provide you a whole lot of scope to unwind and spot peace.

The moment you sense envy, hit the gym OR get on to your sneakers for a sweat-out. Jogging, doing yoga, walking, all are modes available to get you out of your mental setback.

11. Life Is Not Just About Career, There Is More To It

If you are someone who thinks that your career is everything in life, then you have got to do a lot of mental rewiring.

Your spouse is an important part of your life, stay grateful for being blessed with such a lovable and successful person in your life.

When you start appreciating little things you have in life, you will automatically distance yourself from the mentally-infesting jealousy.

Also, I have drawn a blog-post on Is Gratitude Important in Relationships. Go through it; I am sure you will find it valuable.

12. Forgive Yourself For Not Being To Able To Excel In Your Career As Your Partner

Sometimes, acceptance and forgiveness in life are the two important factors that welcome peace in life. That is why, you have got to accept where you are, and forgive for not being meritorious like your spouse.

“It is okay if I am not able to match my partner’s competency. Maybe I could make it big in my career someday in my life” – Make this a part of your daily affirmation list, I am sure this will get you out of your jealousy-hangover. Also, it will give you enough enlightenment to make progress in life.

13. Respect The Person You Are Already

How to stop being jealous of your partner’s success?

Understand that you are a different individual altogether; that you have your own strengths and flaws. And the same applies to your partner as well. 

Then why do you even have to compare yourself with him?

Start valuing yourself first.Attach importance to all your positive characteristics and strengths. The moment you start respecting yourself, you will no longer be influenced and controlled by external forces.

14. Journal All Your Emotions Time And Again

One of the activities I resort to, whenever I am shrouded with negativity, is journalling. There is nothing like disclosing your heart to a paper for it will make you feel a lot lighter.

So whenever you feel your partner’s success is affecting you so much, pour it all out on your diary.

Trust me, journalling is the best negativity suck-out practice you could rely on forever!

How to stop being envious of my partner’s success



Feeling jealous of your spouse’s success is normal, but the very fact that you are striving to make peace with his growth is truly appreciable. SO Cheers!

Also, do share how this blog helped you in the comments below.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness in your relationship:)