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How to stop being jealous of your partner’s success?

How do you deal with jealousy of partners success? This blog gives you the required insights!

envious of your partner's success

How To Stop Being Jealous Of Your Partner’s Success – 14 Effective Approaches!

Read them for yourself 🙂

First, Take Inspiration From Your Partner 

If your partner fares well at his work and is rewarded accordingly, appreciate his growth; don’t wield a compare-and-feel-jealous attitude.

In fact you could leverage it to work harder and reach heights in your profession too. After all, it is all in the way you perceive it.

Practice This Affirmation, “My Partner’s Success Is Mine Too” Regularly to Not Be Envious of Your Partner’s Success

When you agreed to be in a solemn relationship with your partner, you must have vowed to be a part of both his good and bad, isn’t it?

That said, when your partner makes it big in his industry , shouldn’t you be sharing his success along? 

Let’s say your spouse is running a business and he has been recognised for the quality of customer service he is providing. As a partner, you should be feeling happy here obviously, not envious. 

In case you cannot help feeling jealous of his success, practice this one-liner, “My Partner’s Success is My Success too”

I am sure, you will feel the difference.


Tell Your Partner How Happy You Are For Him, His Gratitude Will Melt Your Jealousy

Consider your hubby is an actor and he is honoured for the supportive role he played in his latest movie.

You are an actor too but you hardly are recognized for your work in the industry.

Facing a lot of peer pressure, you start despising your partner. But is it fair to even let external situations spoil your relationship?Especially in moments like these, when all that a partner expects is your sharing his happiness along? 

This is why you have to make up your mind and tell him, “Darling, I am SO happy for you and your achievements. May you keep soaring high and keep making me Proud everyday”

From the very look of his eyes, you could make out how happy he is! Yes, that’s the amount of gratitude & love he has for you. If you do not want to miss experiencing this beautiful feeling, then I don’t think you should be feeling jealous of his professional growth.

Remember That You Have Been The Driving Force For His Success, Take Credit for It!

When your partner sets milestones in his career, shouldn’t you be feeling proud of your contribution that has led to his success?

You might have helped him in some form with your professional experience, by managing the family in his absence, by being his morale-booster, moral support, be it anything. Without YOUR SUPPORT his success is not possible.

So start feeling entitled to a share in your partner’s success, instead of growing jealous of him!

Share Your Feelings With HIM As Genuinely As Possible

If you are not able to be happy for your partner’s success, try not to hide it from him. Meaning, it is good to be open with your partner about your feelings but not too blunt enough to spoil your relationship.

You could tell your partner subtly, how you are feeling a little low, and how you are not able to prosper in your career despite working so hard. 

This will not only improve understanding in your relationship but also you make feel super-supported.

Set Goals & Start Working Towards Them

In case you are feeling unsettled because of your husband’s growth, now is the time to start focusing on your aspirations.

To help you understand your calling in life, I recommend this book titled, “Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life”. It is such a fabulous work that you direly need now.

Once you track your spark in life, you would never be affected by others’ victory. In fact, you will start feeling so happy for everyone including your partner and his accomplishments!

Never Feel Offended When People Put You Down While Your Partner, On A Pedestal 

Most people suffer from FOPO (Fear of Other People’s Opinions)

What if people start comparing me to my spouse? How do I handle their criticisms?

This, in fact is a form of self-destruction.  Let me tell you, by giving importance to other people’s opinions, you are compromising on your mental health and in this case, your relationship too. Better to keep yourself distracted from all the noise outside and turn all your focus towards you and your growth.

Spend QUALITY Time With Your Partner 

Work on strengthening your relationship by spending as much time with your partner as possible.

Communicate with each other from the bottom of your hearts. 

This will keep you away from being jealous of your partner’s success. Beautiful hack, ain’t it?

Never Mix Your Relationship With Your Career

Let’s say you are someone who is not doing well in your career while your partner is just the opposite, pacing up rapidly.

While he keeps working so hard, you increasingly feel unhappy about his progress. This could sadly lead to you passing mindless comments at your partner.

“You are a great entrepreneur. Why would you even care about me?”

To stop yourself from becoming so unmindful, understand that your professional and personal lives are different. After all, you fell in love with your partner for the person that he is, isn’t it?

how do you deal with jealousy of partners success


Kill Your Jealousy With Some Rigorous Workouts 

Whenever you are feeling low, whenever you find yourself comparing you to your partner, resort to physical activities.

Jogging, yoga, walking, any activity would do. After all it helps you unwind and make peace with your emotions!

Feel Grateful For Your Partner’s Presence in Your Life

Isn’t your partner an important part of your life? Does it not mean you should be an integral part of his life’s highs and lows?

That said, how could you easily let his career growth affect your relationship equation? If you understood my point and find it reasonable, acknowledge and feel grateful for being blessed with such a successful person in your life. Mind you, this approach-change is too effective!


Forgive Yourself For Not Being To Able To Excel In Your Career As Much As Your Partner

Acceptance and forgiveness are the two important qualities that should be practised to be at peace in a relationship.

“It is okay if I am not able to match my partner’s competency. Maybe I could make it big in my career someday in my life” – Make this a part of your daily affirmation, I am sure this will get you out of your jealousy-hangover. 

Respect Yourself For What You Are!

Why do you even have to compare yourself with your partner and feel jealous about his growth?

You are a unique individual with your own strengths and flaws, isn’t it? Acknowledge, value and build over them. Who knows? You might make it big in your field at some point in your life.

Journal Your Emotions Often

One of the activities I resort to, whenever I am shrouded with negativity, is journalling. There is nothing like disclosing your heart to a paper for it will make you feel a lot lighter.

So whenever you feel your partner’s success is affecting you so much, pour it all out on your diary.

Trust me, journalling is the best negativity suck-out practice you could rely on forever!

Handling your partner’s success



It is natural to feel jealous about your spouse’s professional success, but the very fact that you are working to fix your emotions in itself is truly appreciable. SO CHEERS to you!

If this blog helped you deal with your problem effectively, do post your thoughts in the comments below.