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Is it a good idea living with In laws?

What are the positives and negatives of living with the In-Laws? While together, would a sense of oneness prevail in the family? How does it work? 

Is it a Good Idea Living With In Laws – 35 Eye-Opening Revelations!

Is living with in laws a good idea? Let us brainstorm!

Can You “Be Yourself” Even With The In-Laws Around?

Do you think you could remain yourself before your in-laws?

Could you express yourself better to them without any inhibitions and fear?

If yes, being with the in-laws will not be a problem for you!

How Easy Is It For You To Voice Out Your Thoughts & Ideas Without Worrying What Your In-Laws Would Think?

Do you think you could voice out your opinions boldly without any inhibitions of your in-laws?

Does your in-laws ensure to make the environment conducive enough so you could offer your suggestions on decisions concerning the family?

If Yes, be glad to embrace your in-laws!

How Strong Are You To Handle Your In-Laws & their Patriarchal Mindset?

It is absolutely not good to compromise on your ideals & positivity when your in-laws’ negative mindset is taking a toll on you.

So always ensure to prioritise your mental health.

Meaning, you have got to rethink if it is really a good decision to live with your in-laws.

Is It Difficult To Even Step Out Of Your House Without Your In-Laws’ Approval?

You plan a friendly visit to your friend’s OR colleague’s place but they do not like it. How do you handle it?

Has it gone to the extent that you have to seek permission from your in-laws to even visit a supermarket?

All these play a key role when you are living with your in-laws!

They Don’t Like You Visiting Your Parents. How Do You Handle It Every time?

What of in-laws who show their dissent when you are visiting your parents?

Of Course, visiting your parents is your choice but how do you put up with your in-laws’ frustrating behaviour?

The fact is, you cannot keep fussing over such matters if you are living with the in-laws in the longer run!

Does Your In-Laws Interfere Too Much In Your Activities?

Could you manage your home without the involvement of your in-laws?

Or does your in-laws control you over things as small as purchasing a chair for your home?

Whatever is the case, brainstorm. If you could handle them easily, living with your in-laws will not be a problem to you!

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How Do You Handle The In-Laws Who Always Complain The Way You Cook?

In-laws who often judge and complaint turn out to be intolerable.

In the long run, if your MIL starts imposing her standards on you, will you be able to deal with her effectively? 

Remember, this could effect your life negatively and so you have got to handle it carefully if you are living with your in-laws.

Let’s Say Your In-Laws Do Not Like You Spending Money For Yourself. How Do You Handle It?

It is not uncommon to see in-laws grumbling about the way their daughters-in-law spend money.

Whether you buy your favorite pair of salwar suits OR yoga pants, how do you take your in-laws’s rantings?

If you could deal with them wisely, being with them will not affect you. 

You Do Things For Your Parents & Let’s Say, It Arouses Your In-Laws’ Dissent, How Do You Handle It?

When daughters-in-law support their parents financially OR get things for them, mostly they draw flak from their in-laws.

That said, if you are challenged with such issues, how do you handle them?

Even a small friction could create hefty differences with the in-laws. If you could deal with them confidently, living with your in-laws should not be a problem.

Could You Turn Off Your Nosy In-Laws Without Offending Them?

Let’s say your in-laws are too nosy on matters concerning your family and work.

Do you think you could handle them appropriately in such cases?

Whether you can or you cannot, it will have an impact over your life if you are living with your in-laws!

Are You Being An Assertive Daughter-in-law?

Do you sort out your differences with your in-laws through your assertiveness?

Do you think you could win over your controlling in-laws with your positive and confident personality?

If yes, you are good fit to live with your in-laws!

Could You Easily Make Your In-Laws Understand Your Stand on Things?

Do you think you could convince your in-laws with your viewpoints and decisions?

Could you do that without earning their wrath?

If yes, is it a good idea living with in laws? Indeed, if you could handle things wisely!

You Wish To Host Your Friends and Family. Will Your In-Laws Be Supportive?

Are your in-laws hospitable and respectable to your family OR friends?

Do they treat your guests as their own?

If Yes, you could live with your in-laws without any trouble!

Can You Function Independently Without Seeking Approval From Your In-Laws?

In-laws who are overbearing make things worse for the daughters-in-law. How do you manage to remain independent under such circumstances?

OR are you that approval seeking daughter-in-law who has forgotten to live her life?

Remember, how you handle them will impact your living with them in the long term!

Do You Get Some Time For Yourself?

Does your in-laws respect your alone-time?

Or do they keep nagging for your attention posing a threat to your private space and time?

This should be one of the deciding factors if you want to live with your in-laws!

Does Your In-Laws Encourage You To Pursue Your Goals?

If you are passionate/ an ambitious daughter-in-law, you definitely need your time out to work on your goals.

Would you in-laws support you to pursue your work under such circumstances?

If they don’t understand and keep burdening you all the time with their needs, you have got to think if your life is going in the right direction.

Are They Supportive Of Your Career?

Does your in-laws encourage you to work?

Do they wish to see your professional growth?

If yes, your in-laws are sensible enough and you don’t have to worry about living with them!

Does Your In-Laws Understand Your Work Limitations?

Does your in-laws acknowledge your work schedule and timings?

Do they accept it without creating any hassles?

If yes, you could lead problem-free life with your in-laws!

Are Your In-Laws Okay To Take Care of Your Children When You are Away On A Work Engagement?

Your children are not their responsibility. But are they kind enough to take care of their grandchildren when you are away with work?

Will they be glad enough to help you out in such cases?

If yes, staying with your in-laws could turn out to be really helpful to you!

living with the in-laws, what works, what doesn't

Planning Vacation With Your Partner Is Not A Sin. But Can You Do It Without Facing Any Opposition From Your In-Laws?

It is natural for a wife to desire to go on a holiday with the husband.

But will your in-laws acknowledge it without creating any hassles?

If yes, great. If not, is it a good idea living with the in laws in the long term?

Do You Get To Spend Enough Time With Your Husband?

Does your in-laws understand & facilitate an environment for you to relish some personal time with your spouse?

Does your in-laws understand their boundaries well?

If yes, living with your in-laws will not pose a threat to your marriage life!

Your Plans Go for a Toss Because Of Your In-Laws. Do You React OR Respond?

Let’s say your in-laws’ have some guests home which you are not aware of & you are forced to cancel your well planned weekend outing with your husband.

In such a case, how do you contain your disappointment?

This might appear insignificant, but such instances could have a huge impact on you while living with your in-laws in the long run!

How Do You Put Up With Those Insensitive Relatives Without Getting Annoyed?

When your in-laws live with you,  it becomes impossible to avoid bumping into relatives who behave insensitively.

Whether you like them OR not, would you be able to put up with them boldly?

If you could handle such situations easily, living with your in-laws will not be a problem for you!

Do You Handle It Better When Your In-Laws Interfere In Your Marriage?

If your in-laws are trying to intervene in your married life, will you be able to stand it?

How do you think you could handle them easily? Would your spouse help you out in such cases?

All these things play a role while living with your in-laws!

Do You Make Your Partner Understand Your Differences With His Parents?

Do you share the issues you are facing with your in-laws with your partner? 

Could you make him understand the situation and keep your relationship sailing in the times of storm?

Would your spouse remain supportive under such circumstances?

How Supportive Are You Of Your Spouse Who is Struck Between You and His Parents?

It is not uncommon to see husbands struck between their mothers and wives in the wake of differences between the two.

That said, will you be able to understand and stand supportive of your partner when he is struck between you and his mother?

Would you be able to give up on certain things for your partner just to keep your relationship and family at peace?

Do You Manage To Maintain Your Self-Respect and Dignity Around Your In-Laws?

Do you stand up for yourself when your in-laws’ try to bring you down?

Do you save your dignity and self-respect unaffected in the process?

If you do, living with your in-laws will not be a complex thing to handle in the long term! 

Can You Forgive Your In-Laws No Matter How Bad They Are?

Do you think you could forgive your in-laws’ mindless talks and actions?

Do you think you could accept them with all your heart despite their annoying setbacks?

If yes, you could handle things better with your in-laws!

Can You Care For Them Like You Do For Your Parents?

Do you think you could understand your in-laws and take care of their needs sincerely?

Will you be able to remain compassionate of them in the longer run?

If yes, give yourself a pat on your back. For being a lovable daughter-in-law

Can You Understand & Help Your In-Laws With Your Involvement In Familial Activities?

As a young woman, will you be open to accept responsibilities and reduce your in-laws work?

Will you be able to help them out with their tasks and sort things out for them without any complaints?

Will you be able to accept them with all your heart?

It Is Important To Remain Respectful Of Your In-Laws No Matter How They Treat You. Can You?

When situations are testing, it is important for you to maintain your temper.

Also, you should be in a position to hold onto your values and stay respectful of your in-laws.

Could you manage that in the long term? If yes, you are good to live with your in-laws!

is it a good idea living with your in-laws

So What Are The Benefits Of Living With The In-Laws? One Is You Could Share Between The Household Chores

Most daughters-in-law dread living in a joint family

But when it comes to living together, all the household work will be shared by everyone equally. Meaning, your are free from carrying too much on your shoulders.

In the contrary, if your in-laws make you feel overburdened, you have to rethink about living with them in the long term.

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With Them Around, You Get to See & Learn How They Manage The House

When you are starting out as a daughter-in-law, you might not be equipped enough to handle so many responsibilities.

That is when your in-laws could help you with their guidance & you even get to learn from the way they handle finance & domestic activities.

Don’t you think this would help preparing you and your husband for the responsibilities that lie ahead?

You Learn Your Family Traditions

Traditions are unique to every family. 

While together with the in-laws, you get to learn and understand the practices they follow. Also together you could handle festivities and family occasions in a better and effortless manner.

I feel this is hands down one of the best reasons why you should be living with your in-laws!

As Elders, Your In-Laws Could Guide & Support You Better 

We always resort to the elders when it comes to seeking guidance related to anything in life.

This owing to their experience which means you will get to traverse in the right path altogether.

Also not to forget their moral support when you badly need it. 


To conclude, living with the in-laws could be a blessing for some while frustrating for most of married women. No wonder, problems keep arising in some form or the other. But if you could handle them wisely, living in a joint family will not be that difficult.

If this blog solved your doubts & helped you gain a better perspective of a joint family culture, share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!